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About Our Garage Configurations

A single-car garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

1-Car Garages

Our one-car garages are like our sheds in design and construction. Most of our single-car garages are pre-built and are delivered to their final location as a fully-assembled unit.

A two-car garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

2-Car Garages

Two-car garages are available in a modular “double-wide” configuration (two halves joined on-site) or as a “prefab” garage constructed on-site from pre-built components.

A three-car garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

3-Car Garages

All our three-car garages are of the “prefab” type; walls, trusses, and other components are assembled on-site. Available styles include Workshop, MaxiBarn, and Saltbox.

A four-car garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

4-Car Garages

Four-car garages are constructed on-site using the “prefab” method and are available in the same styles as two- and three-car “prefab” garages. The minimum length is 48’.

About our Garage Styles

Workshop Garages

A Workshop garage for saleA three-car wooden garage for saleA wooden garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Our most popular garage, the Workshop features a traditional “gable” roof design. The Workshop style is available for one-car, double-wide, and “prefab” garage configurations.

MaxiBarn Garages

A MaxiBarn garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

The MaxiBarn garage uses the classic “barn-style” gambrel roof. The higher roof profile allows extra headroom and overhead storage. MaxiBarns come as single-car and “prefab” garages.

Saltbox Garages

A Saltbox garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

The “saltbox” roof adds some extra flair to these garages. The Saltbox style is available as a single-car garage (w/ door on the end) or a multiple-car “prefab” garage (w/ doors on the side).

Modern Garages

A modern garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

For a contemporary look, our Modern garages are the go-to. The “skillion” roof gives this garage a sleek, clean aesthetic. The Modern style is currently available for multiple-car “prefab” garages.

Custom Garages

A custom garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

In addition to standard garage styles, we occasionally build other custom designs by request. These include unique designs (like a hip roof) or garages modified from an existing model.

About Our Garage Types

A prefabricated fully-assembled garage being delivered on an oversize load truck

Assembled Garages

These garages are fully pre-built in our shop and delivered to the site in one piece. In most cases, our single-car garages (excluding the “Legacy” collection) feature this construction method.

A modular garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Modular Garages

“Modular” garages are mostly pre-built in our shop. They are typically delivered in two sections and joined on site. “Legacy” single-car garages and double-wide garages use this method.

A prefab garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Prefab Garages

We use “prefab” to refer to garages assembled on-site using prefabricated components, such as walls, trusses, dormers, etc. The majority of our multiple-car garages use this method of construction.

About our Garage Collections

Standard Garages

A Standard garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Standard” garages are our economy garage collection (for single-car and double-wide models). These garages feature a low-slope roof, no overhangs, and basic doors and windows.

Classic Garages

A classic garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Classic” garages balance simplicity and beauty. Larger windows, upgraded doors, and roof overhangs are included features. Single-car garages are available in the “Classic” style.

Premier Garages

A Premier garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Premier” garages are among our most elite single-car garages. These garages feature our largest windows plus transom windows, upgraded hardware, and a whole lot more.

Single-Story Garages

A single-story garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Single-story” garages are our most affordable multiple-car “prefab” garage collection. These garages typically feature a lower roof slope and have usable space only on ground level.

Attic Garages

An attic garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Attic” garages feature a truss design that allows for an overhead storage area through the center of the roof area. The “Attic” collection is available for multiple-car “prefab” garages.

Legacy Garages

A Legacy garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

“Legacy” garages are our two-story garage collection, with the most space of any garage design. The “Legacy” collection includes single-car garages and multiple-car “prefab” garages.

In-Stock Garages For Sale

Garages By Size

A small garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Small Garages

Up to 240 sq ft.

Small garages are great for protecting a single vehicle or a collection of small equipment.

Popular small garage sizes:

A medium garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Medium Garages

240-480 sq ft.

Medium garages work well for one car plus extra storage or for two very small vehicles.

Popular medium garage sizes:

A large garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Large Garages

480-1000 sq ft.

Large garages can comfortably house two to three vehicles, depending on the layout.

Popular large garage sizes:

Interior of an extra-large garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

X-Large Garages

1000+ sq ft.

X-large garages can store 3+ vehicles or combine uses like workspace or living space.

Popular X-large garage sizes:

Garage Prices

We sell our garages directly to our customers, eliminating the need for a dealer network and cutting out “middleman” markups. This direct sales model allows us to provide top-quality garages at the best possible prices. Below are the approximate price ranges for each of our garage models; click on any model to learn more about it and to see prices for all siding and size combinations.

Garage ModelGarage Price Range
Standard Workshop Single-Car Garage$5,699 – $34,409
Classic Workshop Single-Car Garage$6,898 – $41,334
Premier Workshop Single-Car Garage$8,717 – $41,911
Legacy 2-Story Workshop Single-Car Garage$17,125 – $39,507
Standard MaxiBarn Single-Car Garage$5,740 – $34,699
Premier Dutch Barn Single-Car Garage$9,622 – $38,958
Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Single-Car Garage$20,623 – $47,470
Standard Saltbox Single-Car Garage$8,668 – $17,831
Standard Workshop Double Wide Garage$15,702 – $16,871
Single-Story Workshop Two-Car Garage$18,762 – $66,953
Attic Workshop Two-Car Garage$26,515 – $89,679
Legacy 2-Story Workshop Two-Car Garage$33,418 – $15,502
Single-Story MaxiBarn Two-Car Garage$16,871 – $2,307
Attic MaxiBarn Two-Car Garage$31,964 – $110,468
Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Two-Car Garage$39,510 – $137,414
Single-Story Saltbox Two-Car Garage$23,079 – $80,881
Modern Two-Car Garage$36,101 – $102,021
Single-Story Workshop Three-Car Garage$19,396 – $67,587
Attic Workshop Three-Car Garage$27,149 – $90,313
Legacy 2-Story Workshop Three-Car Garage$34,283 – $15,502
Single-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage$16,871 – $2,307
Attic MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage$32,598 – $111,102
Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Three-Car Garage$40,375 – $138,279
Single-Story Saltbox Three-Car Garage$23,713 – $81,515
Modern Three-Car Garage$36,735 – $102,655
Single-Story Workshop Four-Car Garage$20,030 – $68,221
Attic Workshop Four-Car Garage$27,783 – $90,947
Legacy 2-Story Workshop Four-Car Garage$35,148 – $15,502
Single-Story MaxiBarn Four-Car Garage$16,871 – $2,307
Attic MaxiBarn Four-Car Garage$33,232 – $111,736
Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Four-Car Garage$41,240 – $139,144
Single-Story Saltbox Four-Car Garage$24,347 – $82,149
Modern Four-Car Garage$37,369 – $103,289

Garages by Material

A wooden garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Wooden Garages

Our wooden garages feature an engineered wood siding material known as SmartSide®. This highly durable garage siding gives advanced weather and impact protection, with the look of classic T1-11 paneling. Our wooden garage exteriors are covered by a 5/50-year warranty.

A vinyl garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Vinyl Garages

Our vinyl garages use a beautiful Double 4” Dutch lap vinyl siding with a classic weathered wood grain texture. Easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free, our vinyl garage exteriors are covered by a 50-year warranty. Plus, vinyl garages can be easily matched with home exteriors!

A clapboard garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Clapboard Garages

Our clapboard garages use an engineered wood clapboard from the SmartSide® collection. The beautiful aesthetic of this garage siding is matched only by its durability and weather resistance. Clapboard garage exteriors are among our finest and feature a 5/50-year warranty.

A board and batten garage for sale from Sheds Unlimited

Other Materials

Depending on the garage type you select, we may be able to offer an additional range of materials. Our “rain-screen” and fiber cement clapboard exteriors are popular for modern garages. Board-and-batten is another classic siding style chosen by many of our garage clients.

Where We Sell Garages

Our garages are available throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic USA. We offer garages for sale in PA, NJ, NY, CT, MD, DE, VA, WV, and beyond! From our manufacturing location in Morgantown, PA:

  • Single-car garages are available within a radius of approximately 300 miles.
  • Multiple-car garages are available within a radius of approximately 600 miles.

Use the map below to browse a few of our recently completed projects!

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