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12×24 Sheds: All the Ins and Outs

12x24 shed

Owning a larger scale shed can be very helpful for someone who desires space for storage or workspace. Deciding on the size for your future storage shed may be frustrating but we are here to help. If you are looking for a large space for storage with extra room to spare, then the 12×24 storage shed may be right for you.

Why Buy A 12×24 Shed?

Deciding on purchasing a large shed comes when space is limited. When you have a new idea in mind, a space to make it come true is needed. Whatever you need a large space for, whether it’d be a small space to work to a sports shed to basic storage, a 12×24 storage shed is sure to give you the space you desire. Below you can see the possible areas spaces that can be created with your own 12×24 shed.


If you are looking for small office space, then a 12×24 space would be very ideal. This size shed could provide plenty of room for your equipment, desks, technology, and some lounging space with room to spare. Get the office you have always dreamed of that is just steps outside your yard at your convenience with a 12×24 Office Shed! If you create an office space out of your shed, though, you may want to consider insulating your shed.

12x24 office shed


If you were looking to add a pool house to your already existing pool, a 12×24 shed may be a great option for you. This shed will provide enough space to store all of your pool equipment, supplies, and much more. Shop from many options of pool houses including the Classic Expressions, and the Cabana Pool Houses.

12x24 pool shed


In need of a large space to store your garden equipment and tools? Want to free up the garage space with a storage shed? The 12×24 shed provides more than enough room to store your general storage with additional space remaining. Why settle for unorganized clumps when you can have a large and organized storage space?

Keep in mind that if you are thinking of storing heavy storage items in your shed, you may want to add a shed ramp. If you would like to learn more about shed ramps, take a look at our “Shed Ramps: A Comprehensive Overview” article.

12x24 storage shed

12×24 Shed Styles

Deciding on the style of your 12×24 shed is the easier part of deciding which is right for you. Just by the looks of the shed, you can choose which would most likely help you and provide the space you are looking for. Sheds Unlimited provides 5 unique styles to choose from for a 12×24 shed.


A 12×24 workshop shed is a great option for anyone who would love a large space without breaking the bank. There are 4 styles within the Workshop Shed category which include the Standard Workshop, the Classic Workshop, the Premier Workshop, and even the Legacy 2 Story Workshop! These styles range in price and give you many options to pick which 12×24 shed is right for you.

12x24 workshop shed


If you are looking for storage space with a classic dutch look and plenty of overhead space, the 12×24 shed for sale may be the one for you. This amazing shed brings a unique look to any backyard and is also available in all 4 styles including the Standard MaxiBarn, the Classic Gambrel, the Premier Dutch Barn, and the Legacy 2 Story MaxiBarn.

12x24 maxibarn shed


In need of a shed large overhead entrance space? Then you may like the saltbox shed design. This 12×24 storage shed provides enough space to store your belongings and also give your backyard a unique “saltbox” look. This style shed is only available in 2 styles which include the Standard Saltbox, and the Classic Saltbox.

12x24 saltbox shed


In need of a basic barn-style shed? Then the Minibarn shed may be just for you. This affordable 12×24 shed is only available in Standard MiniBarn style yet provides a nice space to store your items. Begin living life with peace in mind knowing your future 12×24 storage shed for sale is being built by a trusted builder.

12x24 minibarn shed


If you are looking for something to add a modern look to your backyard then this storage shed is the one for you. The Modern shed comes in 2 unique and distinct styles which include the Studio 1 Modern Shed, and the Urban 360 Modern Shed. Whatever you decide to use the 12×24 modern shed, just know it is sure to have your neighbors looking!

12x24 modern shed

How Much Does A 12×24 Shed Cost?

The price of a 12×24 shed can vary depending on the style, material, and additional components used for your storage shed. For example, a standard wooden shed would be much cheaper than a vinyl shed with additional windows and doors.

Below you can see the cost difference between 4 styles of workshop sheds:


standard 12x24 shed

Wood: $6,797

Vinyl: $8,836


classic 12x24 shed

Wood: $8,062

Vinyl: $10,283


premier 12x24 shed

Wood: $10,199

Vinyl: $13,256


2 story 12x24 shed

Wood: $17,394

Vinyl: $21,219

How to Build A 12×24 Shed

Building a 12×24 shed sounds like an extremely difficult task, especially when attempting to do so by yourself. Now you can do it all with a click of a button using a 3D Shed Builder.


Building and designing a 12×24 storage shed has never been easier, with just a few clicks, you can have your shed built from the comfort of your home. You can also get an estimate on the delivery using your zip code for the exact building you just built!

how to build a 12x24 shed

Get Started On Your 12×24 Shed

Now is the time to get started on your 12×24 storage shed. Start by requesting a free quote or contact us by phone at (717) 442-3281 or email office@shedsunlimited.net. You can purchase a shed directly from us (the manufacturers) without having to go through a dealership. We hope to hear from you soon, at Sheds Unlimited our goal is to get you your Space For Life!

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