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Sports Sheds: 3 Incredible Use Cases

Are you currently on the hunt for a sports shed(s), perhaps specifically a sports equipment shed?

If so, keep on reading!

Sports sheds are an affordable solution for sports equipment storage for a variety of sports, a home gym, or a functional space, such as a concession stand or announcer’s booth, at the sports field.

In this blog, we’ll go over 3 incredible uses of a sports shed with links to sheds that could be the perfect match for those particular uses!

Let’s kick this off starting with sheds used for sports equipment storage!

exterior of a sports shed at a turf field

#1. Sheds for Sports Equipment Storage

Baseball Storage Shed

exterior of baseball storage shed by a baseball field

If you need a sports shed to store baseball equipment, a sports shed provides a perfect space to safely store your baseballs, bats, mitts, bases, and any other necessary equipment.

With added shelves, pegs, and hooks, all your team’s excess baseball equipment will have an organized space of its own.

Fishing Rod Storage Shed

Are you an avid fisher? Fishing is considered a recreational sport.

If you own more fishing rods than pairs of shoes, you take fishing very seriously and…a fishing rod storage shed offers the perfect space to store your “loves”!

Setting up hooks along the shed walls keeps your fishing rods safely off the ground and easy to access. Plus, any other fishing gear or supplies can be kept dry and safe under lock and key.

Soccer Storage Shed

exterior of a quality sports equipment shed by a turf field

Soccer balls tend to accumulate fast, especially if you are involved in coaching a school soccer team or a recreational soccer team.

Set a soccer storage shed near the field and all the soccer balls and other soccer-related gear and equipment can find a home after each training or game event.

Golf Storage Shed

A good set of irons will make or break your game! What better way to secure your game than to invest in a quality set of clubs?

While you enjoy each swing during the game, what happens the rest of the week can make all the difference!

A set of clubs thrown in your closet or scattered throughout a cluttered garage could cause damage to your clubs and dampen your motivation simultaneously. Why not keep your game sacred by saving a dedicated space for your golf game?

A golf sports shed could be just what you need to keep you on your “A” game!

Track-and-Field Storage Shed

While almost all sports have some kind of equipment, few sports can boast of equipment as long as pole vaulting poles, which range from 10 feet to over 17 feet long!

These specialized poles deserve careful treatment and storage along with all the rest of the miscellaneous track-and-field equipment. Be sure to calculate the appropriate size for your needs while ensuring that each lengthy pole can fit under the cover of your shed roof without damage.

Remember you can place them diagonally in the shed to increase shed efficiency.

Football Storage Shed

exterior of sports storage shed by football field

Sometimes the rough and tumble attitude of large football players is hard to contain. When they get that energy on the field it can be hard to hold them back!

If your players don’t have the time to hang their gear on hooks, why not customize bins for easy set-up and clean-up under the shelter of a sports storage shed? You also need a place for all those water jugs, right? You can be confident that a football storage shed would never run out of uses when conveniently located right next to all the sweat, blood, and tears!

#2. Sheds as Home Gyms

Can You Put a Home Gym in a Shed?

Absolutely! Sheds used as home gyms are becoming increasingly popular! What better place to contain your noise and sweat!? Plus, it is an affordable route to staying in shape at home!

The separated space afforded by a sports shed home gym allows you to exercise at any time of the day without disturbing your housemates (or, conversely, your family disturbing your workout routine). Plus, you do not have to waste time traveling to the gym after you returned home from a hard day’s work.

Sports sheds posed as home gyms are a popular and growing phenomenon! Check out this sweet shed gym setup.

exterior of sports shed used as a gym

Photo Credit: Garage Gym Reviews

How Do You Turn a Shed into a Gym?

Almost any shed can be converted into an excellent work-out space for your needs. The first step is to consider your workout intentions and the construction of your shed. Large gym equipment is heavy! If you plan to use heavyweight equipment you must ensure a solid floor for your shed.

If you are building a brand-new shed, concrete may be your best option for ensuring a sturdy foundation for your needs. If you are not using concrete, remember that a heavy-duty floor, or reinforced flooring, with narrow joist spacing, will provide the necessary support for all of your gym equipment needs.

In terms of other considerations, decide what additional comforts you want in your shed. If you want natural lighting, make sure you have one or more windows on the sides of your gym shed that face the sun.

If you want electricity for your Peloton, space heater, cooling fan, or AC, make sure you have secure electric wiring to your shed. Consider a ceiling fan for better cooling and air circulation during your sweaty workouts. Additionally, a water line could allow for rapid hydration throughout your workout routine.

Check out this blog on how to convert a shed into a gym for further tips.

exterior of sports shed used as a gym and sports equipment shed

Photo Credit: TUFF SHED

What is a Good Size Shed for a Home Gym?

As much as you need! Any size requirements depend on your intended workout routine. Popular home gym shed sizes are 8×10, 10×12, 12×16, and 12×20.

If you have lots of exercise equipment, you will need a large space to accommodate the equipment without feeling cramped for space when moving from one machine to the next.

On the other hand, if you prefer calisthenics with minimal equipment to make you stronger, don’t get a huge space that you will never need! To be more specific, an 8×10 shed could be perfect for an exercise mat and some barbells, while something larger like a 10×12 would be required if you add one or more exercise machines.

Again, popular home gym shed sizes are 8×10, 10×12, 12×16, and 12×20.

Here is a great shed option for a home gym.

#3. Sheds for Sports Fields

Prefab Shed as a Baseball Dugout

Play ball! Plus, create a space for the rest of the team to watch the game as well! A prefab shed as a baseball dugout creates the perfect big-league feel with the potential to add large windows on all sides for players to enjoy a great view all around. Do not worry about tripping on the game’s extra bats and gloves when they can be safely propped up or set in the dugout.

exterior of baseball storage shed used as a dugout

These dugouts are built on pressure-treated 6×6 skids and bolted to concrete. Rest assured, a prefab shed as a baseball dugout will last your team years of reliable use!

Get ready to face the new season with one good-looking baseball dugout!

Prefab Shed as a Concession Stand

Almost every sporting event is accompanied with food! What would a good baseball game be without a hot dog or cracker jacks?

A carefully-designed concession stand will keep your crowds satisfied while watching the game and may even provide extra income for the team as well!

exterior of sports shed used as a concession stand

Using a shed for a concession stand is a fast, easy, and affordable option to empower your catering needs during each game. Plus, most sheds can be customized to fit your exact concession needs.

Fill your empty field space with a perfect-sized concession stand and watch the team spirit soar at your games!

Prefab Shed as a Press Box/Announcers Booth

Keeping the announcer(s) separate from the crowds allows them to focus on the game, while the addition of large glass windows offers them an incredible vantage point to catch every second of the action. Also, the isolated space of the booth can insulate their microphone from the cheering crowds.

Plus, save big on choosing a prefab sports shed converted into a press box, versus a commercially produced press box. A prefab shed, converted into a press box, usually costs 1/3rd the amount of a commercially produced press box.

Consider the commanding and attractive look of a prefab shed for your next announcer’s booth.

Check out this press box built and delivered by Sheds Unlimited to Ashbrook Elementary School. When the Lumberton Youth Football Club was looking for a sports announcer’s booth, they came across Sheds Unlimited. They found the cost was substantially lower than what they could find elsewhere. Watch their story in this video.

Prefab Shed as a Club House Sports Building

How about a place for all the guys or girls to gather? A two-story prefab shed offers a great space for a sports club house!

Within the space of a Legacy Two-Story Shed you will have plenty of space for a changing room, game room, eating area, and more.

With a prefab shed as a club house sports building you and your team can enjoy the benefits of a shared space to celebrate, plan, eat, and relax.

A sports club house can be much more affordable than you might think! See for yourself!

exterior of shed that could be used as a sports shed


Hopefully, it is clear to see that prefab, custom sheds provide a versatile and affordable framework for solving your sporting and storage needs.

Good news! You can have your ideal Sports Field Building for a lower cost than expected!

Plus, staying organized with your equipment, fields, and public events will maximize your performance and allow you to enjoy your sport even more.

At Sheds Unlimited, our passion is in providing you with “space for life”. When it comes to sports, we understand what a huge role this plays in your life.

If you are in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA and ready to invest in a sports shed of your own or for your school or club, Sheds Unlimited is at your service.

Create the right space for your sports life by customizing your ideal Sheds Unlimited sporting shed today!

If you have any questions about the process of customizing your ideal shed to fulfill your sports needs, please contact us!

Otherwise, thanks for stopping by to view the different sports sheds!

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