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Party Garage in Brackney, PA 

A prefab garage in brackney, pa

Of course, we all crave and need a place to call home. But there are also times when we want to get away from our home, whether it be the clutter or simply the routine of daily life. Renee had a vision of creating a space where she could gather her friends and family to enjoy the beauty of nature around her lake property. It started with a simple storage barn, and then – in the words of Renee – ideas “went crazy.” 

What’s Better than a Party Barn?

Before the garage was built, Renee had a horse trailer which she had converted into a mobile bar. Initially, she thought they could store this trailer in an old, small barn on their property, but they decided to demolish the barn instead and start over from scratch.

We just kind of went crazy.

Then came the plans for their new garage. At first, they designed the garage so that they would be able to pull the trailer with the mobile bar in one way and then out the other, with garage doors on either side. Although the final design was impressive, they encountered an issue – they couldn’t drive the bar the whole way through. 

At this point, Renee decided to pivot. The garage morphed into a “flex space” where she and her family can unwind and host gatherings. With a bar on the lower level and plenty of seating, Renee is now able to entertain people in various events and parties. While the garage maintains a rustic feel, it doesn’t have any of the structural issues of their old barn. 

Upstairs is another open area with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom which provides a flexible space for entertaining. While it was originally going to be one spacious open room, it transformed into a small apartment with rooms for her family and friends. 

Even if there happens to be intense rain or inclement weather, her dinner guests can still enjoy the outdoors since the large glass doors keep the lake visible. 

A prefab garage in brackney, pa

Layout and Design 

Renee took charge of the layout design, meticulously planning the space almost entirely on her own. She knew that she wanted two bathrooms: one upstairs and one on the bottom floor. Throughout the entire process, Renee maintained her vision of optimizing an excellent view of the surrounding space. She ensured that the bar would face the glass garage windows. Recognizing the practical needs of hosting many parties, Renee added plenty of storage area for the items used to entertain and host parties. After all, what’s a garage without enough storage space? 

Since it gets cold in their area, Renee had the foresight to add a heated concrete floor to keep everyone cozy, comfortable, and always returning to the “party cabin.”

Continued Access to Nature 

Thanks to the garage, Renee and her family now have more opportunities to escape their suburban life twenty minutes away, and to find tranquility by the gentle ripples of the lake. A walk around the lake is a source of natural therapy, though now, her garage allows her to host and enjoy nature even when under a roof. No matter the season, she can now host guests and still feel close to the lake. 

The Details 

This whole process, from Renee first contacting her sales representative to the day the Shed’s Unlimited team completed their work and left her property, spanned just under a year. 

Before the team from Shed’s Unlimited arrived, Renee had the concrete pad poured in preparation. Once they were on-site, the garage installation didn’t take long at all. 

It was great…the initial structure went up in three days. It’s amazing…it was so quick.

Initially, Renee and her family were a little worried about having the big truck come down their small road. But when they arrived and pulled into the property with the garage kit, Renee was impressed. 

They really worked hard all day. From the moment they get up to the moment the sun goes down, they really were hard workers. It was very exciting

A prefab garage in brackney, pa

A Community Bond 

Throughout this entire project, a sense of community was established. Since this garage in Brackney, PA is located by the lake, many people walk by on a day-to-day basis. Now they weren’t just strolling past, but actively observing the whole project. 

People kept stopping…they kept talking to my contractors…[they] were very curious.

After the garage was added to the property, Renee had her own contractor finish the interior. 

By the end of the summer we were ready to go… party-ready.

A prefab garage in brackney, pa

Adapting to Challenges

Of course, not every aspect of the project went as planned. Since the garage was added during winter, the paint started to chip and peel in some places. However, this didn’t upset the overall outcome of this garage; the team came out and resolved the paint issues. 

There were really no other glitches…they were great.

Pro Advice 

Renee offers advice to anyone who is also considering designing and building a garage on their property. For starters, she states to “write out everything on paper.” Before jumping right into a huge, expensive project, make sure you do your homework ahead of time. 

Think out how to use the space ahead of time.

Renee’s Overall Experience with Shed’s Unlimited

They were very efficient and professional. Very adaptable to changes…just a pleasure to work with.

Eyes on the Future

As a visionary, Renee would love to add a deck to the top floor and a patio on the bottom, allowing for extra lounging space on the warmer days. Plus, of course, a place to gaze out at the lake under the comfort of the stars. 

A party barn has to be just that…a party. So what’s going to happen to those rakes, shovels, and other garden tools? Yes, they’re essential to life, but not so much for a good, quality party. Some day, Renee would love to build another structure on her property that could be converted into a storage area for all of the tools and other items. 

Also, there is room for a car in the garage. However, Renee would like to keep a clean and calm aesthetic, leading to many more hours spent with family and friends. Party season for all four seasons! 

Customize Your Dream Garage

After viewing this garage in Brackney, PA, are you now inspired to design your dream garage? With our 3D Builder, you will be able to create a garage that fully fits your desired intent. In addition, you can get a free quote to understand what your budget should be for this new, exciting project. At Shed’s Unlimited, we offer many different garage options: Workshop, Maxibarn, and more!

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