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Buying Sheds Direct: 5 Reasons You Should

Frustrating calls, unanswered questions, lack of communication—have you ever experienced these issues when purchasing from a dealership? Whether it’s a car dealership or a shed dealer, there can often be miscommunications and frustrations. The solution? Buy a shed directly from your manufacturer. Well, don’t stop reading now. Read on!

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1. Buying Sheds Direct Is More Cost-Efficient

Before we dive into this question, it’s important to realize that the following information may not be completely the same across the shed industry. Although it is difficult to pinpoint dollar amounts, it seems that buying sheds directly is, at minimum, similar to the price of a dealership or less. In the case of Sheds Unlimited, the real difference lies in the quality of the shed. When purchasing sheds from shed dealers, the build quality will generally be lower than Shed’s Unlimited quality. Plus, shed dealers often have an overall lack of customizations and included options.

If you think critically, it makes sense. A dealership will purchase the sheds or at least agree to market sheds for the parent shed company. Of course, the dealership has to make money as well. This may come in the form of commission per shed, for example. This means that the parent shed company receives less per shed due to the added expense of, following our previous analogy, commission to the dealership. In the end, the price of the sheds may rise due to the added expenses, which will, in turn, affect the buyer who will pay more for his/her shed.

On the other hand, shed direct prices are, at minimum, typically more cost-efficient than dealership prices. Although the price tag may be similar between dealership and manufacturer, Shed’s Unlimited, for example, creates a higher quality shed, which increases the value of your investment compared to most competitors or dealers.

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2. Buying Sheds Direct Allows You To Customize

This factor is critical in distinguishing between buying sheds direct from a manufacturer or from a dealer. A lot of times, customers (like you) want to be able to add their own personal touches to their shed. However, when purchasing through a dealer, that is not always possible. Most dealers allow for very little or even no customizability on their buildings, forcing you to buy a shed that may not quite be your style or not have all the shed features that you had wanted, such as an extra window, an additional cupola, or a dormer. However, buying a shed direct from the manufacturer allows for you to add the options, colors, and additional features that can make a shed your shed.

exterior of orange doored shed for sheds direct for sale article

Sheds Unlimited offers many different options and features that will dramatically affect how your shed looks, down to even adding shutters and flower boxes to your windows.

3D Shed Builder

exterior of 3d shed builder for purchasing sheds direct for sale

If you buy a shed direct from Shed’s Unlimited, you can customize your own shed in our 3D Shed Builder. From the shed style to the number of windows, you can take the freedom to design your own shed. What’s more is that you will be given a price estimate for your custom building.

3. Buying Sheds Direct Allows You To Meet The Builder

Imagine your friend is describing their friend’s house to you. As he/she describes the house to you, you can almost picture the house, with the expensive chandeliers, spacious living room, and sunlit balcony. But now, imagine that you actually went to this friend-of-a-friend’s house and that person gave you an entire walk-through of their house explaining each room along the way. Because you have now been at the house, you can now truly picture the house and practically plan how to eventually build a similar mansion for you and your family.

exterior of shed with happy customer for amish sheds direct for sale article

There’s often a similar difference between interacting with a shed dealer and a shed manufacturer.

Going to the shed manufacturer will give you information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. They are the people that created your shed and most likely have years, if not decades, of experience in the shed industry. From their experience, they can explain the different facets and details of the shed that you’re interested in and walk with you through the customization process, explaining the shed details along the way.

To sum it up, although a dealer may be able to explain the basics of a shed to you, going to the manufacturer itself is often the best route for a shed purchase. In the case of Shed’s Unlimited, the reason is that they are the designer, seller, and builder of the shed. Over the decades, we’ve had thousands of customers, which provides us with valuable experience, personality, and hospitality as a team. This leads us to our next point.

4. Buying Sheds Direct Gives You The Most Accurate Info/Customer Experience

Oftentimes, purchasing sheds direct allows you to receive the most accurate info and most likely have a better customer experience. Of course, your local shed dealer will most likely be able to answer your shed concerns and questions. However, if you ask the questions to your shed manufacturer, you’re more likely to receive a more accurate and detailed answer, since their job and life consists of building sheds.

interior of office with sales rep for amish sheds direct for sale article

As we mentioned, the manufacturer often has a lot of experience in the industry. An experienced sales rep can often ease any tensions or concerns between manufacturer and seller. In the case of Sheds Unlimited, we would love to answer your questions and concerns. Just contact us! We have 30+ years of experience designing, selling, and building Amish sheds directly, allowing us to talk to ya’ll with confidence and friendliness. If you’re interested in the history of our company, feel free to read about how we got started.

Here’s A Quick Example

This customer story illustrates why purchasing sheds directly from the manufacturer, such as Shed’s Unlimited, for example, is beneficial.

Meet Frank. He’s a happy customer who purchased a two-story garage from Shed’s Unlimited.

exterior of two story customer shed for sheds direct prices article

Once Frank decided that he would purchase a shed direct from Sheds Unlimited, he gave them a call and spoke with a sales representative, who helped him with his questions. Frank describes his experience with Sheds Unlimited’s customer service as excellent and says, “He was extremely helpful in quoting several designs based on my site footprint.”

Although this is just a short summary of Frank’s entire shed story, hopefully, this gives you an idea of how buying a shed direct can drastically improve clear communication between the customer and manufacturer.

5. Buying Sheds Direct Improves Warranty Claims

Another angle that shows the benefits of purchasing sheds direct is that it simplifies the entire process of warranty claims. You can read a quick definition of what a warranty claim is here. A shed will typically have some sort of warranty that is granted from the shed manufacturer. If the shed is then distributed to a dealership, the shed now has yet another middleman to go through before the warranty can be claimed.

For instance, you purchase a shed. However, a year later, some of the truss web has rotted. So, you call the shed dealership that your shed was purchased from only to have them direct you to the manufacturer.

In brief, if you have purchased a shed direct from the manufacturer, it’s much easier and simpler to file a warranty claim. Shed’s Unlimited offers a great shed and garage warranty program for all the buildings that we construct.

exterior of grey and white shed for amish sheds direct for sale

In Short…

Buying sheds direct from the manufacturer is an overall better choice. For one, sheds direct prices will typically have a higher ROI and possibly even be more cost-effective.

One place you could purchase Amish sheds directly is Sheds Unlimited. We build quality buildings so that you can buy our sheds directly from us with confidence and happiness! We would love to explain to you first-hand what we offer, including our different shed styles, customization options, and more!

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