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Adam’s Hobby Garage in Fitchburg, MA 

prefab garage for sale in fitchburg, ma

Adam knows what he wants in life. And part of that includes his hobbies…motorcycles, cars, computers, and tools. But unfortunately, a lack of space stood in the way of fully pursuing his passions. Determined to find a solution to this problem, he started on a quest to find the perfect garage, one that would be large enough to accommodate each hobby niche. 

Car and Motorcycle Mechanic 

Adam’s original two-car garage proved inadequate for his collection of six cars and five motorcycles. Of course, these prized possessions couldn’t park under the stars and hold their value. And since Adam collects vehicles that require restoration, he needed ample space to spread out and work his mechanical magic. 

He knew it was time to finally build a garage with enough space for his hobbies. 

Today, his new 28×38 Legacy 2-Story Workshop 2-Car garage not only provides an area with a lift for his mechanical pursuits, but a top floor where he stores his workbench. The spacious, well-lit area also caters to his creative interests in computers and gives him a physical zone to concentrate fully on any project at hand. And looking ahead, Adam has plans to transform this added space into a cozy lounge and living area where he can chill with folks.

Location, Location, Location

The garage was built as close to Adam’s house as possible, roughly 15-20 feet away. While some people may feel that garages are boring and necessary structures, Adam continues to see limitless potential in this two-story structure. His vision goes far beyond mere utility. 

Eventually, he dreams of creating a second floor on his existing house and then connecting the two through a catwalk. Rain or shine, he can then stroll from his bedroom to his prized motorcycles. No umbrellas needed. 

The Search for a Quality Garage

Of course, it’s amazing that Adam found a garage to meet his needs. But the process did prove to be daunting and discouraging at times.

Finding the right people to do the job [was the greatest challenge]. I was hitting roadblocks everywhere.

A neighbor offered to help Adam with his garage, but the price was too steep. While he did check out local contractors and other leads, he found that no one was up to the task he had before him. 

Finally, he stumbled upon Shed’s Unlimited. 

It was the most affordable option…easy to work with in terms of customizations and getting exactly what you want.

When it comes to a large, life-altering purchase such as a garage, you have to know what you want and why you want it so that you don’t waste your time and money. For Adam, he knew that his property and specific needs meant that he should go for a deep (not overly wide) garage with a two foot knee wall and ten foot ceiling. He was able to finish out the design process with the experts at Shed’s Unlimited. 

I was surprised how smoothly things went. I recommend your company all the time.

Installation Process

The overall timeline from the moment that Adam contacted Shed’s Unlimited with a request for a garage to the day that the garage was built on his property was just under six months in total. 

In February, Adam was able to work with the experts to begin finalizing his customizations. Then in April, his contractors began to break the ground in preparation for the foundation of the garage. Fast forward to July, and his 28×38 Legacy Workshop was officially built. 

I actually timed them and it was 30 continuous work hours from start to finish. Everything arrived perfectly and went up perfectly. It was great.

Pro Advice

Don’t be scared. If you put your head to it, you can figure anything out. If you have any questions, reach out to the experts.

And really, Adam lives by these words. After Shed’s Unlimited installed his garage, he finished out the electric and sheet rock. These were both first-time experiences, but he embraced the challenge. 

prefab garage for sale in fitchburg, ma

Towards the Future

While Adam’s garage blends in with the aesthetic of his home and property, it has dramatically changed the way he lives his daily life. Now, he has a place to tinker with his computers and work on his prized motorcycles and cars. His projects no longer have to be a source of contention – lack of space, constant trip hazards, and continuous clutter- but are in a location where work is both seamless and easy to accomplish. 

But he has big plans for the future of his garage. 

Because of the thirty foot shed dormer on the back of the garage, Adam envisions adding a deck on the second story. Ideally, he sees this as a place with elegant French doors, offering a view to the backyard. Of course, this would be an ideal spot to sip cold drinks on muggy summer evenings or curl up with a hot beverage on crisp, autumn mornings. But once again, Adam has his mind on his hobbies – his prized cars and motorcycles. Having a second story deck will also provide extra space and protection for additional vehicles in the future. 

What else will Adam do with his space? Only time can tell for sure, but rumor has it that dreams of a second garage are brewing in his mind. 

What Garage Do You Want? 

Do you, like Adam, find yourself with hobbies and pursuits that require extra space? Here at Shed’s Unlimited we make the process of finding your dream building seamless through our 3D Builder. Or, if you’d like a free quote, the process is seamless. Whatever you need, we wish you all the best! 

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