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A Portable Concession Stand Shed

concession stand for sports booth ny
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Buy portable Concession Stands for your community or school sports fields, fair or small business. Our portable Concession Stands come with a swing-up door, a serving counter, and a design to quickly stow everything away at the end of the day. Take the pain out of designing your own portable concession stand and contact our team to customize your building to any number of applications.

36×78 fiberglass concession door

(2) Windows w/ screens & shutters


3ft Single Door

6/12 roof pitch w/18″-30″ front overhang

12438 backyard serving shed
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Standard Style

  • 88″-high front wall w/18″ overhang
  • 65″-high back wall w/4″ overhang
  • 18×27 windows w/slat shutters
  • 3ft pedestrian door

Affordability is key in our Standard Concession Stand. It includes a concession door and countertop that folds out in a minute. This concession stand is based on our Standard Saltbox Shed design and is the best solution if you are looking for a cheap concession stand to get started with.

You can add more windows, a larger serving counter, and much more with our custom options. You can also choose paint or vinyl colors to make your concession stand as attractive as possible. 

Sample Prices:

concession stand for sports booth ny 1
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Classic Style

  • 96″-high front wall w/30″ overhang
  • 82″-high back wall w/4″ overhang
  • 24×36 windows w/Z shutters
  • 3ft pedestrian door w/heavy-duty hinges

The Classic Concession Stand combines all the features of our Standard Concession Stand with a wider front overhang and wider concession stand gable overhangs. This portable concession stand is based on the Classic Workshop Shed.

This portable concession stand is perfect for a sports field, auction concession stand, roadside concession stand, produce market, or more!

Sample Prices:


What Does A Concession Stand Look Like Inside?

All of our buildings come unfinished inside…a blank slate to be used as-is or finished just how you like.

Concession Stand Inspiration Gallery

Here are some shed ideas to get your design wheels turning. And remember, once you register, you can save any of these photos to your “My Saved Photos” account. Then you can come back and view your own personalized gallery, share them with friends, etc.

portable concession stand pa
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12438 concession stand home
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backyard concession stand ny nj
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concession stand for sports booth ny 1
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sheds cutaway specs 1
  • 5/8 inch flooring
  • Standard: 18in overhang on the front; 4in overhang on the back
    Classic: 30in overhang on the front; 4in overhang on the back
  • 6/12 Roof Pitch
  • 30-year Architectural shingles
  • Base: Pressure-treated 4×4 skids
  • Floor Joists: Pressure-treated 2x4s, 16 inches on-center
  • Rafters/Trusses: 2×4 trusses, 16 inches on-center

Height to Roof Peak:

Standard Concession Stand:
6′ Wide – 8′ high
8′ Wide – 9’6″ high
10′ Wide – 10′ 2″ high
12″ Wide – 11′ high

Classic Concession Stand:
8′ Wide – 10’8″ high
10′ Wide – 11′ 2″ high
12″ Wide – 11’9″ high

concession shed doors

With Wood or Clapboard Siding:

Standard Wooden 3ft single door

Classic Wooden 3ft single door with heavy-duty hinges

concession vinyl shed doors

With Vinyl Siding:

Fiberglass 3ft single door

Fiberglass 3ft single door with 9 lite glass and heavy-duty hinges

window with trim2 1

2 – 18×27 windows with screens and shutters

2 – 24×36 windows with screens and shutters

concession stand prefab shed pa

36″x78″ fiberglass concession door w/gas lift-assist cylinders

72″ Formica countertop

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