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She Shed Ideas: 27 Gorgeous Getaways

pams backyard she shed
Photo: Pam’s Backyard She Shed

She sheds are becoming increasingly popular in the past few years, and for good reasons! They are places where you can separate your work or hobbies from your home and have a place to go when you need a break. One of the best things about a she shed is that you can make it entirely your own. They can often be customizable both inside and outside. You can bring your original ideas and designs to your she shed and make it into your dream office, workshop, reading shed, potting shed, etc. The list could go on and on with the possibilities of a she shed! This she shed above can also serve as a guest house shed!

We have curated 27 examples of she shed ideas to give you ideas on how to decorate or build a she shed that will be perfect for you!

1.   Cozy Hideout

cozy hideout she shed
Photo: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme

This classy shed’s unique features make it stand out. Its lovely black wall makes the wicker accents pop! The french doors are a great idea to pull in the fresh air and natural sunlight. And a dog is an excellent addition to any she shed!

2.   Gazebo-Esque She Shed

gazebo esque she shed
Photo: Pinterest

This gazebo-shaped she shed is about as unique as you can get. You and your friends can hang out in this shed with its many seating options. The many windows and double doors create a breezy environment to sit in and enjoy the surrounding garden.

3.   Artist’s Workshop

artist's workshop she shed
Photo: Hearstapps

Are you looking for a space to increase your creativity? This place looks perfect! The exposed beams, the simple decor, and the floor you won’t have to worry about splattering paint are all great ideas for an artist’s she shed! Also, here’s an article to help transform your she shed into an art studio!

4.   Cottage She Shed

cottage she shed
Photo: Pinterest

If your shed is on the small side, the idea to add on a porch is an excellent way to expand it. Add a chair out there, and you can sit out there to relax when life gets a bit too hectic. The green plants also add to the overall feeling of tranquility.

5.   Winter Getaway Shed

winter getaway she shed
Photo: The Spruce

When winter hits, the best place to be is in a cozy corner watching the snowfall. The windows on this she shed make that possible. Piling blankets and pillows on a couch or bed is a fantastic idea to create a cozy atmosphere in your she shed. It may get a little chilly in your Winter getaway she shed, so maybe consider looking into shed insulation.

6.   Magical Forest She Shed

magical forest she shed
Photo: The Spruce

The large french doors on this she shed are sure to let in a lot of natural light. They also give you a great view of the surrounding forest! Adding a stone path leading up to the shed is a great idea to welcome guests into this magical she shed.

7.   Breezy Garden She Shed

breezy garden she shed
Photo: HGTV

The light and airy feeling of this she shed invites you to spend the afternoon relaxing in it. Adding curtains to the entrance is a great idea to give you the option of privacy while still letting the breeze in. Dutch doors are also an attractive feature that adds a splash of originality to the shed.

8. Potting She Shed

potting she shed
Photo: Pinterest

This saltbox-style shed makes for a lovely potting shed. Its cute rustic vibe makes it the perfect place to take care of your plants. Surrounded by flowers, it could even be used as a space to unwind and read or journal. You also won’t wanna miss these potting sheds!

9.   Forest Cottage She Shed

forest cottage she shed
Photo: Pinterest

This she shed would be perfect if you have woods behind your house. The windows provide natural lighting and a way to watch for wildlife. The eyebrow dormer addition finishes off the look of this rustic she shed.

10. Cozy Tiny She Shed

cozy tiny she shed
Photo: Pinterest

Although small, this she shed has much character and usefulness. The two chairs are perfect for conversations with a friend or to go to for a personal retreat. If you are strategic about your storage, you can keep your gardening tools in there while keeping the space uncluttered and cute.

11. Two-Story She Shed

two story she shed
Photo: Pinterest

If you don’t have the room to expand outwards, go up! This lovely two-story she shed has a bird’s eye view of the world, plus there is room under it! You could use that extra space for flower boxes, a children’s play area, or storage.

12. Sun-filled She Shed

sun filled she shed
Photo: Pinterest

If you love a sun-filled room, adding a sunroom to your she shed might be the thing for you. This stunning shed has a modern look while maintaining a classic vibe. Adding flower boxes and bushes around your shed are also great ideas to make your shed beautiful.

13. Creator’s Corner

creators corner she shed
Photo: Pinterest

Are you thinking of using your she shed as a home office? This little space is a welcoming place to spend your day. Adding French doors allows you to open them up, creating more space. Even when closed, the windows and skylight will let in plenty of sunlight. Adding mirrors to your office she shed is a genius idea to create the illusion of it being larger than it is.

14. Vintage-Styled she shed

vintage styled she shed
Photo: Pinterest

This shed might give you some ideas if you love the vintage style. The beautiful blue walls pair well with the dark wood. The rustic interior adds so much character to this she shed, and decorating with antiques adds to the classic look.

15. Bright Art Studio Shed

bright art studio she shed
Photo: Lowe’s

Here is another artist’s she shed for you! This one is popping with color. Adding French doors and skylights are great ideas to flood the room with natural light. The wall panels are a great place to hang your painting supplies.

16. Reading Nook Shed

reading nook she shed
Photo: Source

The coziness of this she shed cannot be overstated. Its dark green exterior makes the white interior and the colorful decorations pop even more. Adding a couch loaded with pillows is a perfect idea to turn your shed into a reading nook or somewhere quiet to grab a few minutes of rest.

17. Tiny Sewing Shed

tiny sewing she shed
Photo: APrettyFix

Your she shed size is not as important as what you do with the space. White walls are a great idea to leave the room feeling clean and airy. This tiny she shed is a beautiful example of using all of a shed’s interior space and yet maintaining an uncluttered feel.

18. Rounded Roof She Shed

rounded roof she shed
Photo: Red Sky Shepherd Huts

The glow of fairy lights and warmth of the blanket and rug makes one want to curl up and hibernate the winter away in this she shed. The rounded roof is a delightful feature of this shed that produces the room’s soft and welcoming vibe.

19. Elegant She Shed

elegant she shed
Photo: Pinterest

This shed will give you some victorian she shed interior decorating ideas. The overall blue theme creates a soft and inviting feel. The velvet curtains and floral wallpaper add to the victorian look.

20. Cozy Winter Retreat

cozy winter retreat she shed
Photo: Pinterest

The soft details invite one to hibernate the winter away in this she shed. Rugs on the floor, blankets in the corner, and candles all around create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

21. Backyard Office Shed

backyard office she shed
Photo: Lauren McBride

This shed went through a transformation from a forgotten, run-down shack into this beautiful bright, crisp office space. The tall ceilings open up the place and create a spacious workspace. The hanging light is a great idea to add a unique feature to the she shed. If you like the backyard office shed, you have to check these out!

22. Maker’s She Shed

maker's she shed
Photo: Paper Dolls Handmade

If you want to create beautiful things, it is best to create them in a beautiful space. This she shed has a fantastic atmosphere in which to work. Putting in an oversized desk is a brilliant idea. There is plenty of room to spread out as you work, and you also have space to store your supplies. An area like this is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

23. A Lofty She Shed

a lofty she shed
Photo: Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography

This spacious she shed has so many great features in it. The ingenious storage shelves in this she shed are both practical and pretty. The loft is another brilliant idea as it almost doubles the useable space. Whether it is used for an office space or a crafting shed, this she shed would be a beautiful place to work in.

24.  Beautiful Colorful Space

beautiful colorful space she shed
Photo: Adam Albright

The boho vibe of this she shed makes it a lovely place to play music or hang out. The vaulted ceilings help make the room feel airy and spacious. While the black and white flooring is unconventional, it makes this she shed unforgettable.

25. A Hint of Southwest She Shed

a hint of southwest she shed
Photo: HGTV

The black ceiling in this she shed is a bold choice, but it pairs well with the southwestern style. This she shed is the perfect place to enjoy a good record while chatting with a friend.

26. Garden She Shed

garden she shed
Photo: Buzzfeed

If you want a beautiful garden she shed, this is a great one to get ideas from. Add a skylight to get as much sunlight as possible. The forest feel of this she shed makes this shed charming and fresh.

27. Tea Party She Shed

tea party she shed
Photo: GirlWhoTravelsTheWorld

We will end our collection of she shed ideas with this brilliant turquoise shed. The color creates a bright and cheery atmosphere making it perfect for entertaining guests with a tea party or relaxing and enjoying your garden. Its many windows add to the charm and make the interior bright. Perfect for a workspace or a potting shed!

If you want your own she shed, check out Sheds Unlimited’s She Shed collection! If you want more ideas for backyard sheds check out our article about shed bars ideas.

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