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How Much Does a Two-Car Garage Cost?

how much does a two car garage cost 1

Today we want to answer the question:

How much does a two-car garage cost?

To answer simply, Sheds Unlimited currently has two-car garages that cost anywhere from $15,862 to $137,574 at their starting prices. Those buildings range from simple 20×20 modular doublewide garages to huge 32×60 detached garages with full second stories and luxury exterior materials.

Obviously, prices will vary widely based on your exact needs. To get a better idea of what two-car garage options are available and which may be the best fit for you, read on!

Is Your Storage Breaking at the Seams?

Have you ever been astonished by what a few people can accumulate over time? It seems the longer you live in one location the more spaces can become cluttered!

clean out the garage pa 0

Stuff is great to have when you need it, but wherever will you put it when you aren’t using it? A two-car garage could be your answer and you can have a garage for a very affordable price.

What Does a Two-Car Garage Cost?

That depends where you ask. At Sheds Unlimited, the cost for a 20×24 two-car garage starts at $17,409!

modular car garage cost

That includes a floor, two garage doors, an entrance door, and two windows. The 24×30 two-car garage pictured here is a modular garage that can be delivered in two sections and quickly installed. You might even call it an instant garage! If you would like to learn more about these modular garages, our “Double Wide Sheds: Storage Sheds 2X Larger” article is a great resource.

What Does a Custom Two-Car Garage Cost?

Custom two-car garages (or three-car garages as seen here) are another story…

cost of custom two car garage

The cost for a custom two-car garage starts around $18,922, but can go as high as $137,574 or beyond depending on the size and what features are included. (Garages on the higher end of that price range would come standard with a high-end siding, a full second floor, and over 3500 sq. ft. of usable space.) Of course, this can vary widely by region as well as the options you decide on.

The cost of a two-car garage may be the reason you’ve never seriously considered one. Who wants to part with hard-earned money unless it’s necessary? But remember, a two-car garage does not have to cost an arm and a leg! There is a wide range of choices for your two-car garage buildings. Best to begin by setting a budget, and then finding a garage to fit that budget. 

Attached or Detached: What is the Cost Difference?

The cost for an attached garage will likely be much more than a detached garage. If you take this route, make sure you can find the siding and trim color to match your home.

prefab garage cost

Unless, of course, you want to redo the entire exterior of your house while redoing the garage. But again, more cost. Just make sure you don’t overdo the garage and make it look like you added a house to the garage like in the photo!

The Cost of a Detached Two-Car Garage

Let’s set aside the thought of an attached two-car garage and take a look at the cost of different detached two-car garages. We start here with our Single-Story Workshop Two-Car Garage that includes two garage doors, two windows, and an entrance door. This garage cost includes setting it up on a concrete pad within 20 miles of our location. Our Single-Story Workshop Two-Car Garages start at $18,922.

cost of simple two car garage

Cost of a Very Basic Modular Two-Car Garage

This 24×32 modular two-car garage starts at only $22,218 (with wood siding)! At 768 square feet, this garage has more than enough space for two vehicles. To add another 300+ square feet, you could go with a 30×36 modular two-car garage, which currently starts at $33,861. Just think of all you could store inside! Check out our modular garage price list.

cost of modular 2 car garage 0

Workshop Two-Car Prefab Garage

Here is a 20×28 Workshop Style Two Car Garage that starts at just under $22,311. Again, you will see some additional options on this building such as the front short roof over the garage doors. This building was set up on a concrete pad in PA.

A 28×50 with an impressive 1,400 square feet of space could be yours for about $41,313! See the price list for wood standard workshop garages here.

cost of a one story two car garage

Cost of this 20×24 Two-Car Garage

Here we have a two-car garage that costs a bit more. With this garage, we started out with a basic garage at a cost of $20,618.

We added optional battens on the siding, special garage doors, standing seam roofing, and much more. There are many custom features on this building!

how much does a two car garage cost 1

Standard Saltbox Two-Car Prefab Garage

Want a unique two-car garage with its own character? This 20×30 Saltbox Two Car Garage starts at a cost of around $28,644.

See more prices for this two-car “saltbox” garage style.  

saltbox two car garage cost

Attic Two-Car Garage

If you think none of the above options give you enough storage space, maybe you need to consider an Attic Car Garage option. With this 28×32 Prefab Car Garage, we finally start reaching our $46,047 mark. This Attic Garage has a full-sized stairway to reach the attic and make it easy to store that stuff we talked about earlier.

two car garage cost with dormers

Check out our photo gallery for some of our previous work in this line. You can design your very own to suit your needs.

Cost for a Two-Story Two Car Garage

Now we’re talking even higher… in both dollars and height! This is our Legacy Two Story Garage that gives you a full subfloor on the second floor.

A great choice when you need a garage with living space or a man cave.

This special-order garage starts around $61,798 for a 24×36 with vinyl siding but runs a bit higher with the options shown. But this is an amazing garage for all your storage needs (or living)!

cost of a two car garage pa

So, How Much Does a Two Car Garage Cost?

At the end of the day, that is for you to decide based on your needs. Figure out what you need in a garage and we’ll be happy to help you answer that question by providing a free custom garage price quote. You might be surprised what you can get for the budget you set! 

Feel free to browse our customer reviews. Check out our stories. Then contact us. We would be happy to create more Space for Life… for YOU!

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