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Double Wide Sheds: Storage Sheds 2x Larger

exterior of brown and white double wide shed

Are you wishing to learn more about double wide sheds?

Perhaps you are currently on the hunt for one, yet there remain unanswered questions as to the benefits of choosing this type of structure, which double wide shed size is right for you, or even how this type of shed is built, its available materials, etc.

If so, the goal of this article is to answer all the important questions surrounding double wide shed storage buildings.

Let’s get started!

First, What ARe Double Wide Sheds?

exterior of white double wide shed for sale

A double wide shed is a pre-built structure designed with a wooden floor (optional) and with almost twice as much space(width) as the largest single wide shed.

This type of shed is built inside a controlled environment such as a manufacturing shop, and then delivered in two sections and fully assembled on-site. 

why Double wide Sheds? – What They OFfer You

Double wide sheds offer you the following 4 standout benefits.

1. More Space!

interior of double wide shed with space for sale

Enjoy twice the amount of shed space to turn into a workshop, equipment, household storage, effective vehicle protection, or your own personal workout shed!

2. Affordability

The double-wide shed offers you the most affordable way to get a 20×20+ storage building or garage. The reason for this is its ability to be constructed in a controlled environment and then quickly assembled onsite.

3. Fast And Timely Construction

Enjoy your new double-wide shed sooner than you might have imagined! Thanks to its prior assembly, the actual onsite construction process is super-fast. Usually, a double-wide shed is delivered in two halves; it is then put together and fully installed onsite in under one day.

4. Flexibility Of Use

interior of double wide shed living room

Double wide sheds offer plenty of excellent space that can be used for multiple uses. While these storage sheds provide plenty of room for equipment storage, household storage, etc., they also offer the opportunity for a spacious workshop, home gym, or even a two-car garage.

The following are some of the most popular double-wide shed sizes and their square footage.

Plus, check out the available videos for sizes 20×20 and 24×24 to get a visual idea of how much space that size offers.

20×20 – 400 square feet

The 20×20 shed is the smallest size of doublewide shed that we offer. However, 400 square feet is plenty of space to add your lawn equipment or whatever other items that you want to be stored. The 20×20 doublewide shed begins at about $15,862. As we mentioned before, check out this video to get a visual idea of what a 20×20 doublewide shed looks like.

20×26 – 520 square feet

The only difference between the 20×26 shed and the 20×20 shed is the amount of space. Of course, the 20×26 doublewide shed has about 520 square feet of space, which is 120 square feet more than the 20×20 doublewide shed. The 20×26 doublewide shed runs at about $18,053.

24×24 – 576 square feet

Boasting 576 square feet of storage space, the 24×24 doublewide shed can also be designed and customized in our 3D Shed Builder. Of course, it’s not just the 24×24 doublewide shed that can be customized; feel free to customize any of the sizes of our doublewide sheds. Running at around $19,391, the 24×24 shed is not much more expensive than the 20×26 shed while also providing an additional 56 square feet of space. Although featuring a 24×25 shed rather than a 24×24 shed, this video gives an idea of what a 24×24 doublewide shed looks like.

28×28 – 784 square feet

Although not our largest doublewide shed size, the 28×28 shed offers an amazing 784 square feet of space. Plus, you can personalize your 28×28 doublewide shed by throwing it into our 3D Shed Builder and customizing it to your taste. The cost for a 28×28 doublewide shed starts at around $25,869.

Sizing Tips:

Proper sizing of your double-wide shed is crucial, especially if you have specific space needs.

It is always helpful to write a list of what you want to store inside your double-wide shed, choose your ideal shed dimensions, and then stake out the square feet with a tape measure.

These actions help determine whether everything you want will indeed fit inside your desired double-wide shed size.

How Double Wide Sheds Are Built – Its Build Process & Material Options

Take a moment to check out the general steps of building a double wide shed. Most of the following steps are done at the shop before delivery. However, there are some finishing touches that take place on-site. Plus, get an idea of the material options available as well as helpful tips and resources.

exterior of delivery truck and half of double wide storage buildings for sale

Keep in mind that these structures are built in two halves.

Step 1: Foundation Preparation

Before the double-wide shed is delivered, the chosen shed site location needs to be properly leveled and prepared.

If you are choosing to go with a wooden floor inside your double-wide shed, then a highly recommended foundation option would be a well-prepared gravel pad.

If you are hoping to use your double-wide shed as a garage or a heavy-duty workshop, then you might want to consider a concrete foundation.

Check out this incredibly insightful article on Gravel versus Concrete – Which Shed Base is Best for You?

If you are a DIYer and want to install the gravel pad yourself, check out this super informative step-by-step guide on the process.

Or you can reach out to site prep companies, like Site Preparations, and get their professional assistance in installing a concrete or gravel foundation for your double-wide shed.

Step 2: Floor Structure

The second step to building a double-wide shed is the floor structure. Most double-wide sheds are built with reinforced wood flooring.

interior of double wide storage buildings floor structure

However, the flooring is optional and sometimes people choose to forgo wooden flooring and opt to use their concrete foundation instead.   If you are leaning towards using your shed’s concrete foundation as its main floor, make sure to communicate with your double-wide shed builder to see if that is an option with their company.

Step 3: Walls And Framing

The wood or metal framing of the double-wide shed comes next followed by the raising and attachment of its walls. Generally, the interior walls are made of durable wood or metal sheeting.

interior of framing of double wide storage buildings for sale

So, it’s up to you whether you want metal or wood framing; you’ll also be able to decide between wood walls or metal sheeting. However, these factors may depend based on the shed company you choose and personal preference.

Here are some articles that are helpful in determining whether to go with a metal or wood-framed double-wide shed.

Step 4: Roofing & Its Material Options

Once the flooring, framing, and walls are securely attached (keep in mind that your double-wide shed is being built in two sections), the next step is the installation of the rafters, trusses, and sheathing.

exterior of double wide storage buildings roofing

Once the sheathing is carefully set in place, the final step to complete the roof is the addition of durable and attractive roofing material.

Here are some popular roofing materials:

Most shed building companies offer 3-4 roofing material options such as the 3 options above.

However, if you are planning on building a double-wide shed yourself, take a moment to consider all your roofing options by reading the informative article below.

Step 5: Adding Part Of The Siding – Siding Material Options

The last step of the construction process at the shop before delivery is tacking some of the sidings onto the shed. Since the double-wide shed is still in two halves at this point, only part of the siding will be added.

Once the double-wide shed is delivered and assembled on-site, the rest of the siding will be completed.

Take a look at these popular siding materials for a double-wide shed:

  • Painted wood
  • Vinyl
  • Clapboard (not as common of an option for most double-wide shed builders)

For a full review of your available exterior shed materials check out, the Top 5 Shed Exterior Wall Materials.  

Step 6: Delivery And Onsite Finishing

exterior of big delivery truck and half of double wide shed

Once the site for your double-wide shed is prepped with the desired foundation and ready to go, the last steps are delivery and onsite installation.

A truck and trailer will bring the two constructed halves of your shed to the prepared location; then, the two halves of the shed are carefully joined, and the exterior siding is completed.

exterior of double wide shed being put together
exterior of double wide shed with worker putting on siding

As mentioned earlier, the final assembly of a double-wide shed is incredibly fast and for some double-wide sheds the assembly process takes less than 5 hours.

Once the double-wide shed is completed, you would never be able to guess it was delivered in two halves.

Check out this video of a double-wide garage being delivered and installed to get an idea of what that day could look like for you.

Note: While you probably searched “double-wide shed” not “double-wide garage,” the following structure is a double-wide shed, that, due to its size, usually falls in the garage category for most shed companies.


If you feel confident that a double-wide shed fits within your budget and your needs for extra space and storage, simply google local shed builders near you. If you are uncertain whether your local shed builders sell double-wide sheds, give them a call.

exterior of double wide shed near forest for sale

If you are in the northeastern part of the country, a local shed builder, like Sheds Unlimited, can assist you in finding the right double-wide shed for your specific situation.

To find out more about our Double Wide Storage Buildings, click the button below. Or, if you would like to request a quote, click here.

Are you an ATV owner? If so, “ATV Sheds And Garages” is a great resource to learn more about which shed or garage is best for your needs. We also have plenty of customer stories about people that have purchased our sheds in the past.

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