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17 Amazing Shed Uses with Dozens of Examples

storage sheds by the amish pa nj ny 2019 0

You’ve seen them in lots of backyards–those small wooden storage sheds that look like barns, or even just small lean-tos. But if you don’t have a riding mower or a lot of garden tools, you don’t really need an outdoor storage shed, right?


These little STORAGE SHEDS are versatile–and your imagination is the only limit on ways they can be designed to suit your needs.

Joni over at Lay Baby Lay created a playhouse for her daughters with a shed in her backyard. “It’s part restaurant/theater/kitchen / whatever they decide to dream up,” she writes. 

Needless to say, her daughters love it.

It’s part restaurant / theater / kitchen / whatever they decide to dream up

Chris Ria partnered with Sheds Unlimited to build his very own design studio in this backyard two story shed. It takes the small storage shed idea to a whole new level. Now he has a space to work on his branding and exhibit design projects in comfort.

As you can see, it fits beautifully in the surrounding landscape.

Colleen over at Life on Kaydeross Creek describes her innovative approach to enjoying the long, cold days of a northwest winter: a hot cocoa bar in an outdoor storage shed! She and her family break their cabin fever with steaming mugs in this retreat.

office studio

What are you waiting for? Scroll on…and on…and on… to find the storage shed–excuse me, the structure of your next dream–that you need in your backyard! Make 2020 the year you make space for what you want in your life.

Table of Contents

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12x36 Workshop (A Frame) w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Premier Garden Shed

Base Price: $13679

16x44 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $22184

16x40 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $20527

16x36 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $18870

16x34 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $18047

16x32 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $17211

16x28 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $15557

16x22 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $13076

14x48 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $14614

14x44 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $13564

14x40 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $12513

14x34 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $10940

14x32 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $10418

14x28 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $9369

14x22 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $7800

12x48 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $11829

12x44 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $10963

12x34 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $8802

12x32 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $8367

10x26 Workshop w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $5747

16x48 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $25267

16x44 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $23540

16x40 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $21805

16x36 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $20071

16x34 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $19203

16x32 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $18340

16x30 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $17472

16x28 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $16605

16x26 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $15737

16x24 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $14868

16x22 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $14005

14x48 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $16267

14x44 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $15090

14x40 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $13919

14x36 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $12745

14x34 Saltbox w Smart Panel T111 Siding

Building Type: Standard Shed

Base Price: $12156

Build space for your own business… In an Outdoor Storage Shed

Home Office in an Outdoor Storage Shed

Maybe your employer allows you to work part-time or full-time from home. Or maybe you are your own employer. Either way, this stylish office space in a storage shed placed in your backyard is the perfect place to work in quiet and privacy, away from the noise and mess in your house. If an office space is what you will use your shed for, then you might want to consider insulating your shed.

If you need to meet with clients or coworkers, this portable modern office can offer you a beautiful, private space for all your discussions. 

Add four-season poly furniture to the deck to enjoy your beautiful view during work or meeting with clients in the outdoors.

Blogger’s Writing Space in a Backyard Storage Shed

Tuck this tiny office-in-a-storage-shed beside your garage for a bright and cheery haven. If you’ve become a blogger, perhaps this storage shed office is just right for you. It’s small enough to fit in a corner of your yard, but large enough for a great workspace and storage cabinet! 

a shed that could be converted into an office studio

Turn a Storage Shed into a High Tech Design Studio

Chris Ria works in branding and exhibit design, and he wanted a functional, custom-design studio. Fortunately, he realized Sheds Unlimited doesn’t just produce storage sheds–they work with each client to build the space they need for life. 

They put together this fabulous two-story studio and office, with a lovely outside entrance. Now Chris produces inspired work in his own storage shed studio.

storage shed office space 0

Office in a Storage Shed for Two or More

Going in for a partnership? This luxurious office has space for two to work in comfort. Whether you do design or bookkeeping, consulting or freelancing, consider choosing a modern storage shed like this one for inspiration and comfort.

Three People in a 60 Square ft Storage Shed!

If you have a small space, consider how Chris at E-Impact Marketing launched a marketing business in a storage shed that was a mere 60 square feet! At one time, he says they had three people working inside that tiny space!

Daycare Center Mud Pie Kitchen in a Backyard Shed

Love kids? Have kids of your own? Why not open a daycare? Adding this darling mud-pie kitchen to your backyard can entertain the wee terrors. They can scoop and paddle in dirt to their hearts’ content.

Massage Therapy Office in a Backyard Shed

If you’re a massage therapist tired of sharing space in a salon or spa, consider owning your own space in a backyard storage shed. This storage shed could become an oasis of relaxation for your clients, and add profit to your career!

Barbershop in a Garage (Or Storage Shed)

Aaron Rand transformed his garage into a barbershop–but you could do the same with one of our modern storage sheds or Premier Garden Sheds! If you enjoy styling hair, let this inspire you to start your own barbering business today.

Studio for Music Lessons… in a Storage Shed

While Gabrielle Blair at Design Mom put together this room for her children to practice their instruments, we think this idea could be perfect for a music studio, set up in one of our prefabricated storage sheds.

If you play an instrument, why not give lessons? You can earn extra cash while sharing what you love.

Pet Grooming Parlor in a Storage Shed

Roseanne Hubbard of Razzle Dazzle Dog Grooming had small storage shed custom-designed for her beloved doggie clients’ beauty needs. If you share her love of dogs, we can help you customize outdoor storage shed to start your own pet grooming business!

Roseanne says

We are equipped to meet the needs of any size dog, regardless of any issues they may have.

Start a Bakery in a Small Storage Building

Joyce Quarnstrom and her husband, Gordon Vande Voorde, opened a bakery in their backyard after Joyce retired from her nursing career. They turn out traditional Scandinavian treats, which they sell at a farmers’ market and to various restaurants.

Do you have a knack for baking? A BACKYARD STORAGE SHED could become your commercial kitchen. Let us help you design yours today!

“This probably was built as a carriage house,” Vande Voorde said. He and his wife used it for storage before they gutted and renovated the building, turning it into a licensed commercial kitchen for their bakery.

A Sewing Business in a Storage Shed

Jane Dagmi writes that “Mary Jane simply wanted a bright and inspired place to create. The talented seamstress, who fabricates one-of-a-kind pillows, lampshades, and other soft goods from mostly antique European textiles, was tired of working in a dark, cold basement.

She looked into renting a space in town, but the cost was prohibitive. She entertained building an addition onto her home, but decided against the cost.

Then one day Mary Jane looked at her sturdy and useful Amish garden shed and had an epiphany (BobVilla).”

Swoon Sewing Patterns in a Two Story Shed

Alicia says “I’m a graphic designer by trade and fell in love with sewing many years ago. I think it was a natural path for me to mesh the two and start drafting my own sewing patterns.” She creates simple sewing patterns for bags. She needed a place to create, dream and work from home.

When she made a deal with her husband to move from the house if he helped create a space for her work, Sheds Unlimited was the place to go. They bought a two-story shed and tells the story here of how she turned that space into a beautiful workspace. 

Don’t miss the story here…

art studio in a storage shed pa 1

If you’re a Creator, Designer, Artist, or Writer, How about a Shed Design Space

Tiny Art Studio in a Tiny Shed

A minimalist art studio is full of light and color–just the inspiration you need for your work! We can provide this modern shed; you bring the racks and paints. If you’ve been putting off your creative muse, this will give you the space to listen and find your creativity again!

Pottery Studio in a Portable Storage Shed

Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio produces fine porcelain ceramics in her backyard. Her work is widely acclaimed. She says,

“It is, undoubtedly, the hardest that I have ever worked but it’s hard to explain the power of seeing something you love grow. Of course, I love my days out in the studio with my hands in clay and having the power to realize new designs, but being able to put my work out into the world and have people respond to it is incredibly gratifying.”

I love my days out in the studio with my hands in clay and having the power to realize new designs, but being able to put my work out into the world and have people respond to it is incredibly gratifying.

Band Recording Studio in a Backyard Shed

Whether you’re involved in a band or enjoying recording other bands’ music, this recording studio in a storage shed is for you. It has plenty of space for your equipment and for instruments. Get ready to share beautiful music with the world!

Large Art Studio

Margaret discovered her passion for painting late in life. As she developed her skills, she began to outgrow the space in her house and wished for another place where she had plenty of space for her art. With this two-story shed, she has space for her own work–and for the students in the weekly class, she’s started. Margaret loves her studio–it means she can develop her own skills and share the joy she’s found in art!

art studio storage shed
storage shed studio for art

Writer’s Studio in a Backyard Storage Shed

Many writers find their creative juices flow in solitude and quiet. If you need a hideaway in which to write, this a backyard portable building turned writing studio provides privacy and peace.

writing on a laptop in a shed

Musician’s Recording Studio in a Shed

No quiet place in your home for recording? We have the answer. Soundproof this backyard storage shed and bring in your recording equipment and music. It’s all you need to begin producing music albums or videos.​

The Sheds Unlimited Modern Sheds make a great space for recording, artistry and much more!

Ditch the basement. Your treadmill will love These Storage Shed Gyms

Storage Shed, Meet Your Gym

Looking for space to spread out your lifting equipment? This outdoor storage shed is efficient and practical. Better yet, there’s no need to drive to a gym to get your workout in; you can step out your back door and be there immediately.

Open Outdoor Gym in a Shed

If you love the outdoors, add this fancy storage shed gym to your backyard. Breathe fresh air as you pound out your miles, then cool off immediately as you step outside to catch a breeze!

Minimalist Exercise Room in an Outdoor Storage Shed

Maybe you don’t need a lot of space–you just want a place to put your stationary bike or treadmill where you actually want to use them. Sick of your garage or basement? A small storage shed is an affordable alternative. Your heart will thank you. 

Modern Backyard Gym in a Shed

Are you a busy professional? A backyard gym in a shed is open anytime–day or night! Whether you like a predawn or a midnight workout, this brightly-lit, modern space will energize and refresh you. 

Backyard Retreat Gym in a Shed

White and bright, this calming space is the perfect place for you to run out your stress. (Forgive us. We won’t ever rhyme that often again.) Seriously, having an inviting place to exercise can push you off the couch and onto the weight bench.

Poolside Gym

If you swim laps during your workout, building a gym in a storage shed beside your pool is a genius idea. After pumping iron, slip into the pool to cool off while getting your aerobics in.

she shed

It’s time for a She Shed–A Haven from Your Hectic Life

It’s a Shed–It’s a Cabin!

Sandy Foster at My Streamside Studio created a beautiful she shed that is truly a haven. She writes, “Someone asked how to ‘get the look’. The short answer: buy handmade, buy salvage.” As you can see, her lovely Catskills cabin has become her creative refuge. 

Sewing and Weaving Shed

We’ve got good news! Men used to have the corner on the backyard tinkering, but no more. She sheds are here for women who need a creative break. Artemis Russell at Junkaholique posted about her new backyard storage shed turn sewing space, writing, “So now I can get on and weave and sew to my heart’s delight! {I might squeeze in a few well-deserved naps in here too}.”

So now I can get on and weave and sew to my heart’s delight! {I might squeeze in a few well-deserved naps in here too}

Craft Shack in a Storage Shed

Kelli at Craft Shack Chronicles details how she and her family converted an ordinary storage shed into her own crafting space. “I don’t know many crafty people who wouldn’t love to have a craft room of their own,” she says.  “It wasn’t something we had room for either. Then … I started to day dream about converting the shed out back into my own craft room space.” And they did! Let us help you create that space, too! For an example of this, view the Craft Shack Chronicles.

Meeting Space in a Storage Shed

Need a cute clubhouse or hangout spot? Look no further. Backyard storage shed like this one, filled with a long corner couch, is just the place for you and your girlfriends’ next book club or chill time.

Reading Space

Are you an introvert? A tiny nook in a storage shed might be just right for you. Line the bookshelves with your favorite books, and spend quiet evenings or weekends reading away.

A She Shed for Writing Cookbooks

Richard Busch converted this she shed into a “she shed” for his wife, Olwen, to use as a place to work on her cookbooks. He says “In order to make it livable year-round, I insulated it, finished it with white bead board, hooked up power, and installed an overhead fan and an air conditioner. Now that the weather has gotten cold a small space heater keeps it snug.

We’ve named it Ollie’s Den. Her girlfriends are jealous!” This shed is built on our line of Classic A-Sheds.

she shed amish outdoor storage sheds
cookbook writing in a storage shed

A She Shed Office Space

Katrina Blair designed this serene office for her work on her design and DIY blog, formerly Chic Little House, now renamed with her own name. “When first envisioning my shed transformation, I knew I wanted the space to be my creative hub & the HQ of Chic Little House.” We think she succeeded. When you want to put up your own, let us know! View this example through House Beautiful.

man cave storage sheds in pa 0

Your Man Cave is Waiting

Hunting Storage in a Shed

When you’ve run out of space in your basement for gun lockers and hunting gear, it’s time to find another place. Why not put up a man cave devoted to hunting storage? It’d be great for cleaning guns and swapping stories–your buddies will enjoy it too!​

Motorcycle Room in a Backyard Storage Sheds

Don’t have a lot of space for a man cave? No problem. A motorcycle room is space-efficient, doubling as a place to store a bike and tinker with it in your spare time.​

Man Cave Office in a Backyard Shed

We get it–it’s hard to concentrate on doing any work while the family’s around. Your man cave in a shed could be an office like this one, featuring a bathroom, an upstairs loft (for all your nap needs), and a couch corner. Your productivity will soar in this private workspace!

Hangout House in a Shed

Do you have a group of guys that love spending time together? This modern shed is the place you need. Whether you’re shooting the breeze, eating, or working after the guys are gone, you can do it in comfort and privacy.

man cave office shed nj
modern man cave
cabin storage shed ideas

Want a cabin? Try Turning a Storage Shed into a Refuge in the Wild

Hunting Cabin in a Storage Shed

For an extended hunt, a lodge is just what you need each night for a hot shower and a warm meal after crawling around in a blind or sitting in a tree stand. This two-story shed looks like it belongs in the woods, ready to welcome you to rest. 

Portable Fishing Lodge in a Shed on Wheels

If you’re an avid fisherman, this lodge on wheels can go with you wherever the big ones are biting. You can pull in and camp, then spend your time baiting your hook and waiting for fish rather than pitching tents or trekking back and forth to a lodge miles away. See photos through Houzz.

House on Wheels

If you like camping at many different spots, this cabin can be put onto wheels and pulled with a truck. Pull in at a campsite that grabs your attention–no need to set up camp. Everything is already arranged inside!​ See more examples through SQUOB.

Luxury Cabin Shed in Premier Garden Shed

luxury cabin shed is our version of “glamping,” the current trend toward glamorous camping. You can enjoy a lovely kitchen, bathroom, and seating area during the day, then climb up and fall asleep in the loft at night. No more tossing and turning uncomfortably on rocks and sticks under a thin tent floor!​

Two-story Summer Cabins in a Two Story Shed

If you like extended vacations, a larger portable cabin is a wise investment. Being cooped up in a small shack is a great way to give everyone cabin fever. Our two-story summer cabin has plenty of space to spread out when you’ve had enough family time.​

luxury cabin shed for sale 0

Backyard Cabin Room by Sheds Unlimited

Maybe you don’t want to go far to relax outdoors. Moving a small outdoor cabin onto the back section of your land is a great way to create a quiet retreat nearby. Use it for an overnight getaway, or an afternoon of quiet birdwatching.​ 

Canoe Storage Shed

Tired of dealing with muddy, soaked canoes? Keep your canoes or kayaks always ready for adventure in this small shed. They’ll stay clean and dry and be easily accessible when you need them. 

Choose from our Standard Workshop Sheds or Classic A-Frame Sheds 

Boat Storage Shed or Boat Garage

When you dreamed and saved for weekends at the lake, fishing or water skiing on your boat, did you also consider the importance of a place to store it?

A storage shed or prefab garage can keep your craft in mint condition, protecting from temperature changes as well as weather. Select and customize a shed that fits your boat.

boat shed garage ny
potting sheds greenhouses 0

Make a Home for Your Plants, and Everything you Need for Them

Make a Home for Your Plants, and Everything you Need for Them

Judy at The Old Blue Bucket uses her backyard shed for tending her plants and for relaxing! “I not only use it for gardening but also as a place to do projects, read books, listen to music, etc…” she says. “My husband and I each have our own special creative spaces ~ I have my potting shed and he has his workshop!”

See photos through The Old Blue Bucket.

Storage Shed Grows a Greenhouse on the Side

We love this stylish outdoor garden shed and greenhouse combination. It’s useful year-round, offering storage all the time, and space to grow plants during the winter.​ Photo credit: Greenhouse Megastore 

Portable Greenhouse 

With a nifty ceiling vent to cool you and your plants, this handy greenhouse lets in maximum light to help your plants thrive.​

Gardening Potting Shed in the Backyard

Love sunlight?

Love gardening?

You’ll love this shed.

Skylights and plenty of large windows create a light-filled space for you to tend your plants in comfort. This one is built from our Premier Garden Storage Sheds. We’d love to help you customize yours today. See this blog about the garden potting shed.

backyard potting sheds for sale

8. Turn your Backyard Storage Shed into an Entertainment Space

Hot Cocoa Bar in a Storage Shed

Colleen at Life on Kaydeross Creek writes about how she and her family brave the northeast winters. They built a small storage shed by their creek, where they could build fires and stay warm. “From there, we set it up with all of the things that make hot cocoa yummy. Marshmallows, peppermint, peanut butter chips and caramel to name a few.”

Does Colleen’s creativity inspire you? Try creating an entertainment bar of your own! And see photos on Life on Kaydeross Creek.

Game Room in a Storage Shed

Sonya writes about her storage shed makeover on her blog, At Home with the Barkers. She calls it her “real life mess turned dream shed,” with space for her and her family to play games, watch TV, hang out, and eat.  Sonya says her whole family loves it!

Outdoor Serving Space

Want to entertain in your backyard? Offer your guests a refreshing drink or snacks at this casual-chic outdoor counter. With comfortable seats, your company will chat the night away.

Outdoor Kitchen in and Around the Shed

For more extensive entertaining, consider adding this grill just outside your backyard shed. Then finish out your shed on the inside and add a small kitchen with a refrigerator and some cabinet space.

With this in place, Whether you’re searing steaks or roasting kabobs, this backyard kitchen in and around the shed will give you the space you need to serve your guests. 

Better yet, go full speed ahead and add this Tiny House/Cabin to the backyard!

9. Your Kids Imaginations will Soar with a Playhouse in a Shed

Playhouse O’ Dreams

Joni at Lay Baby Lay created a magical playhouse for her daughters. Inside, they can play in a small kitchen, or sit in the swing Joni hung up. Outside, they can have porch parties with the adorable table and chairs from IKEA and Etsy, respectively. Clearly, the girls are enchanted! 

Garden Playhouse in a Backyard Storage Shed

Amber wrote about her playhouse makeover on Project Nursery. She says, “We took a ho-hum garden shed and turned it into a vintage-inspired playhouse, complete with hand-painted floors, faux fireplace, and chalkboard!” Her kids love this playhouse, tucked away in their garden.

We took a ho-hum garden shed and turned it into a vintage-inspired playhouse, complete with hand-painted floors, a faux fireplace, and chalkboard!

Playhouse on the Top, Storage on the Bottom

During a vacation, Eric at Vacation Corner enlisted his dad to help him build a BACKYARD STORAGE SHED with space for him and his kids. The kids can climb up to their playhouse with a ladder, while his tools are immediately accessible through a sliding door. (See photos here.)

So there it is, he writes.

It was fun and exhausting and I feel like I’ve done something with my time. For my next vacation, however, I’m going somewhere and doing nothing.

Playhouse for Boys

Are playhouses just for girls? We don’t think so either. This playhouse has all sorts of nifty features your little boy will enjoy–a loft leading onto a balcony, a garage with a workbench–even a small kitchen. Surprise your son or grandson with this playhouse–they’ll be thrilled!

Barn Playhouse in a Storage Shed

Whether you and your kids live on a farm or love the farm, you can indulge your dreams here in an adorable miniature barn. The slide from the loft is a fun touch, and kids will enjoy the quick exit. We can customize our garden storage sheds to make your barn dream come true or you can buy the playhouse plans from Paul’s Playhouses here

Sandbox Playhouse

Give your kids a bit of shade as they play in the sand. They can also scramble up the climbing wall and scribble on the chalkboard to their hearts’ content. Meanwhile, you can relax in a lawn chair nearby, knowing the kids are safe and entertained!

An Elevated Playhouse Shed in the Trees!

Imagine this! A playhouse built on a platform in the trees! Imagine the fun your children (and maybe the adults in the family) would have in such a place. This building is a Sheds Unlimited production and was built on this platform for a customer in the New English states. See the Premier Garden Sheds from which this building was built. 

13054 buy shed for tree house ct
treehouse storage shed
storage shed for poolside

Make Space to Entertain Beside your Pool. Plus, Space to Store Floaties and Chemicals

Modern Pool House from Sheds Unlimited

Looking for a place to stuff all the pool toys, stack lounging chairs, and hang up towels? Our modern pool house has all the space you need. Plus, add a shower to one side for cleanup before or after swimming. See the Modern Studio 1 from Sheds Unlimited. 

buy poolside shed pa nj ny
modern finished poolhouse shed

Classic Pool House and Storage Building

If you enjoy the traditional style, this pool house with white shutters and pillars would be perfect to place beside your pool. It’s as functional as it is attractive, with plenty of storage for all your pool supplies.

poolside storage shed
classic backyard storage shed poolhouse

Cabana Pool House Shed

This beautiful cabana poolhouse includes a screened-in porch when you need a break from the sun. It works equally well for storage or entertaining–or both!

poolhouse cabana sheds
pool cabana storage shed poolside

Outdoor Kitchen Beside Your Storage Shed

Do you and your family practically live outdoors during the summertime? An outdoor kitchen makes it easy and fun to whip up a light summer meal. Get out of your stuffy kitchen inside and soak up the long summer days!

Outdoor Shower Next to the Outdoor Storage Shed

With an outdoor shower, you won’t need to hassle with wet, muddy floors anymore. Your family and friends can shower and dress outside–no need to track up the house. See photos through This Old House.

Poolside Changing Space and Storage

You’ll have double the space with these connected pool houses! One side can be devoted to your shower room and changing area; the other can hold all your pool cleaning supplies and toys.

Plus, they’ll add style and class to your pool!

See more of the Modern Studio Sheds.

buy modern sheds
storage shed apartment spaces

Add an Apartment or Guesthouse to your Backyard

Granny Pod in a Storage Shed?

The cure to loneliness as a retired senior? Try living in your children’s backyard! This family in Seattle loves their arrangement. Meredith and Elyse love their small cottage in the backyard–especially since it has no mortgage and minimal upkeep. Their children enjoy having them close by. Indoors, the building is a cozy home, with warm accent lighting. Why not trying following their lead with an outdoor-storage-shed-turned-apartment?

Mini Guesthouse in a Backyard Shed

Take a small Garden Storage Shed, add a porch and you’ll have a lovely backyard guesthouse! Your guests will feel right at home with this adorable small house. The porch is lovely for a chat, catching up on life while watching the world go by. Check out our article on guest house sheds here!

backyard custom sheds buildings lancaster pa

Modern Apartment in a Backyard Shed

This gorgeous modern building redraws the storage shed model entirely. Welcome your company to a spacious, light-filled apartment, with all the amenities ready for them.​ Add a bathroom to one corner of the space, a kitchen to the other, and a bedroom to a third. If you rarely have guests, perhaps your adult children could live in here–their own small apartment. They’d love to upgrade from the basement!

Bring the farm Home, Even in a Small Space

Old MacDonald Had a Barn

We admit, that’s not this shed’s name. It’s a Custom Horse Barn, but if you are like Farmer McDonald and want a sheep here and a chicken there, who’s to stop you? This barn can give them a warm home, with space to store hay and feed.

Equine Shelter

Is that name official enough for you? This small enclosure is just right for a pasture; horses can come in for a bit of, well, shelter, and feed.

See our Equine Shelters here

horse barn with hay storage
equine shelters storage sheds

Pony Barn in a Portable Shed

Your kids are right; it’s time to bring the ponies home. They can feed and sleep on one side, and you can store saddles, hay, and other supplies in the enclosed room on the other.

Buy this pony run-in shed from Sheds Unlimited. 

pony shed shelter pa nj ny

Chicken Coop in a Storage Shed

Maybe the kids want chicks–or maybe you love fresh eggs from your favorite cluckers. Either way, a storage shed with two sides screened in could be their favorite roost. David and Caroline Slyke repurposed their shed into this charming city coop. ​

Chicken Coop with an Outdoor Run

Tracy at Simple Living Country Gal writes about how she and her husband remade their son’s pig house into a chicken coop with a screened-in area for them to scratch and peck. “Raising chickens is an addiction,” she says. “Sure you start out with two or three, but then before you know it you have a whole flock running around your yard.” 

Goat Shack in a Portable Shed

These lively critters don’t need much space to sleep, but they do need a place to run!

Add a high fence to your storage shed to contain their high jumps, and you can enjoy their playful antics all day long. 

sports field storage buildings

Play Sports? Belong to a Club? Need a church? We’ve got Space for you!

Sporty Dugout

A storage shed as a sports field dugout? Yup. This works great for players to stash their equipment here during the games. Let us customize a shed for your team or field!

sports field storage sheds
sports dugout shed

Announcer’s Booth and Concession Stand

This two-story building will put your announcers up where they can see and call the game accurately. Plus, the concession stand can operate out of the first floor to keep players and spectators fueled for the game!​

announcers booth concession stand nj
storage shed sports field building

Announcer’s booth with Field Storage

Here’s another great option for an announcers’ booth. Besides the roomy second floor for their setup, the bottom floor offers storage space for equipment and whatever else teams need for practice and play.

Press Box in a Two Story Shed – Take Your Sports Field to the Next Level

Here’s another great option for an announcers’ booth. Besides the roomy second floor for their setup, the bottom floor offers storage space for equipment and whatever else teams need for practice and play. See the Press Box Shed at Sheds Unlimited. 

two story press box for baseball
annoucers booth storage sports field

Concession Stand

If you need a freestanding concession stand, this little building is perfect. The wide window opens in front for taking orders, and there’s enough space inside to set up a kitchen right on the field. Tell your fans to come and get hot, fresh food!​

shed concession stand for sale

Sports Field Storage Shed Building

Add this modern storage shed to your sports field for all your team’s gear, equipment, or personal items. Customize with your team colors and you’re all set!

This building is situated in Philadelphia on the Drexel Hill University Sports Field. It was a special edition of a Modern Sports Storage Shed by Sheds Unlimited. 

See the Sports Field Buildings from Sheds Unlimited.

university sportsfield storage shed

Church Building in a Prefabricated Shed Garage

Building a church is usually out of the question for a small congregation–unless you innovate like these clever groups. They customized one of our prefab garages for their assembly, putting in bathrooms, a small auditorium, upstairs classrooms, and a prayer room. If you’re on a tight budget, this is an affordable option!​

prefab church building md
small church building in garage
fix it sheds garages

Stop Crowding the Garage and Spread out in a Workshop

Modular Garage Turned Workshop

If you need more space for your hobby workshop, consider this modular two-car garage. You could use the whole space, or park your vehicle on one side and set up your tools on the other. Either way, the garage doors will give you easy access to moving projects in or out.

portable storage shed garage pa

Motorcycle Workshop in a Storage Shed

Love your bike? Sick of fixing it in a too-cramped space? Get a backyard storage shed that’s big enough to park and work inside.

There’s no need to crowd your garage when you can move your motorcycle and tools to their own place.​

Antique Car Restoration Shop in a Storage Building

Bill loved working on antique cars, but he needed more space for his tools–and his vintage autos. We designed this garage for him. He added this lift to easily work underneath his cars, and he now enjoys tinkering in this clean, bright shop.​ 

See the Attic Three Car Garages

garage building antique cars
antique car garage storage shed

A Metal shop, a Wood Shop, and an Auto Shop

Wood Magazine covers Jack Olsen’s remodeling a small garage into a shop with space for his hobbies–welding, working on cars, and woodworking. Clearly, he succeeded in fitting a lot in a small space. Jealous? Let us build you a storage shed for your hobby shop!​

Woodworking Shop in a Storage Shed

Matthew Teague created an incredibly space-efficient woodworking shop in a one-car garage. He wrote about the process in a post on Start Woodworking. “Tales of bad shops are a woodworker’s war stories,” he says.  “After living in five houses in seven years, I have plenty of them to tell… I think I’ve turned the 160-sq.-ft. garage into a smoothly running shop; it’s just the kind of place where I want to spend a Saturday or unwind after a day at the office.”  If you’re ready for more space too, let us know! We can outfit you with your own backyard storage shed.​

storage sheds ny

You’ve got the stuff. We’ve got Storage!

Garden Storage Shed

It’s the classic use for a storage shed–a place to hang up all the tools and park the mower. Just be sure you’ve got one large enough for all your garden equipment. It helps to have organizers keep stuff from piling up on the floor. If you need to upgrade your current backyard shed, we can help. See examples through Better Homes and Gardens.

Tool Storage Sheds

Another classic use for a storage shed–tool storage. Here again, it’s important not to skimp on space and organizing racks. Finding tools quickly makes every home improvement project easier and more satisfying. View examples through Martha Stewart’s website.

Minimalist Storage in a Lean-To Shed

Maybe you need tiny storage space for your pocket-size backyard. Maybe you need to keep your pump inside. Maybe you want to keep your large trash cans hidden. In any case, this small lean-to storage shed works perfectly for any of these, and more.

lean to storage sheds

Patio Furniture Storage Shed in a Hip Roof Shed

You love your patio and the furniture you bought for it–but when winter comes, you’ll need a place to keep it safe from the elements. This stylish hip-roof cottage shed adds a lovely touch to your backyard and offers a surprising amount of storage.​

storage shed for patio furniture

Lawn and Garden Storage

Your riding mower takes up a lot of space, but that won’t be a problem with this Maxibarn Storage Shed. Stow all your tools in the back and park your mower in the front–you can easily drive it out when you need to mow, or if you need to access tools.

wooden storage sheds for sale md

Firewood Storage Sheds

If you burn wood to heat your home, getting enough wood for the winter can be a challenge. Keeping it dry is just as important, though, so that it burns easily even on the coldest nights. A shed will protect your kindling from rain and snow–ensuring your hard work doesn’t go to waste!​ View pictures through Fine Home Building!

car parking sheds

Park it Inside. Seriously. Whatever You’ve Got

ATV Garage Storage Shed

If you’re tired of moving tools or a mower to get to your ATV, Extreme How-To offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a drive-through shed that opens from either side. No time for a project like that? Let us help. We can easily customize a shed for your ATV. Find photo inspiration here.

Bike Shed Storage Shed

 Extreme How-To

Are you an avid biker? It’s time to get your own bike garage. Let this one inspire you to outfit it with an overhead loft for camping or sports gear, a workbench for repairs, shelves for shoes and clothes, and wall racks for your bikes. No more struggling to fix your bike or find a place for your stuff–the hardworking shed gives you the space you need.​

Single-Car Garage

If you have a small property, this one-car garage can fit nicely in a corner of your yard and hold your car, ATV, a working space and more. Add lofts and this garage will give you more space up above.

We can customize the exterior to match your home and yard.

one car garage shed

2-Car Garage – Prefab Garage with Plenty of Space

This beautiful 2-car garage has space for extra storage or a small living space. If you want space to host guests or adult children, this attractive garage is a terrific option.

Note the three dormers in the roof area. They are built around an attic space with a full-sized stairway leading to it. You could really create a living space up there!

two car garage for sale

3-Car Detached Garage: Luxury Garage with Plenty of Space

Don’t skimp on space.

This detached three-car garage has space for your family’s vehicles, as well as a large second floor to store everything else you need to keep in your garage.

three car garage for sale

Three Bay Garage Shed for Tractors or Trucks

This roomy three bay garage shed has space for your tractor, truck, or golf cart. Keep them out of the weather, ready to use on your farm or small acreage.

With a Sheds Unlimited three bay garage, there are options for entrance doors, higher walls, an attic space like shown above and much more!

three car garage

Make a Palace for your Pets. You know they’ll love it!

Bunny Barn in a Storage Shed

Sure, you can indulge the kids–or yourself–with this screened-in shed for your fluffy bunny friends. They’ll be safe and secure at night, and during the day they can hop around in your backyard. Your kids will love watching them–and probably will get a few free biology lessons!​

Aviary Shed

If you enjoy the rarer art of bird-keeping, consider using an outdoor storage shed as an aviary. The screened-in sides will let in light and air, while protecting your birds. Enjoy hours of watching and listening to these lovely creatures!

Farm Dog House

You’ve got a farm dog: we can make you a farm dog house. No more sleeping in the barn with the other animals–now your dog can luxuriate in his own barn.​ See more pictures through ODDEE.

A Storage Shed and Dog Kennel Combo

When you need a storage shed and space for dogs, try a shed/dog kennel combination. You can customize the building for the size you need and have plenty of space for dog and garden tool storage. View photos through the The Dog Kennel Collection.

Dog Kennel for Your Dog Rescue Center

A Storage Shed can be customized for 1001 uses! Here you see a fancy dog kennel in a storage shed that can be used for your dog rescue center. You can finish the inside with plumbing, a dog bath and much more. For photo inspiration, visit The Dog Kennel Collection.

Wow! We made it! dozens of Creative Uses for Storage Sheds and Garages!

If you count carefully, we actually have around 103 items on the list! We just could not stop as there are so many lovely ways to use a shed or garage. 

What story will you add to this list? We’d love to help you create a unique space where you can dream, create and do more with your life. 

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