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An Affordable Horse Run-In Shed

equine run in shelter 1
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You don’t have to trade beauty for functionality with this horse run-in shed! This beautiful and durable horse shed protects your animals from the wind, rain, and sun. At the same time, the large opening at the front of the horse run-in shed gives your horses the freedom to choose to enter and exit as they wish.

Large opening on the front

4′ pressure-treated plywood kickboards

Single Door

(optional upgrade)

6/12 roof pitch w/18″ front overhang

equine shelter with tack room nj
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Standard Style

The Standard Equine Shelter, based on our Standard Saltbox Shed, offers you our basic economic design for a horse run-in shed. The Standard Style includes 18” front and 4” back overhangs to protect your horses from sun and rain. If you decide to add windows to the Standard Style horse shed, they will come with slat shutters.

The Standard Style includes:

  • Front and back overhangs
  • Slat shutters (if windows are added)
Sample Prices:

A wooden horse run in shed made in Pennsylvania
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Classic Style

The Classic Equine Shelter is based on our Classic Saltbox Shed. It is similar to the Standard Equine Shelter but protects your animals with a bit more style and height. The Classic Style also includes wider overhangs on the front, back, and sides for added protection for your animals. If you choose to customize this horse shed with windows for ventilation and beautification, they will come with Z shutters. 

The Cassic Style Includes:

  • Front, back, and side overhangs
  • Z shutters (if windows are added)
Sample Prices:

About the Equine Shelter

The Equine Shelter provides a durable yet beautiful outbuilding to protect your animals. You no longer have to worry about bringing your animals in from the cold or heat; instead, they can choose for themselves. The large opening on the front of the shed allows your horse to enter and exit the shelter as they wish. 

The Standard and Classic Equine Shelter styles both offer a sturdy 4’ pressure-treated plywood kickboard to the bottom half of the horse run-in shelter. The kickboard protects the horse shed and your horse from stray kicks. This horse run-in shed had a 6/12 roof pitch with an 18” overhang on the front and a 4” overhand on the back. The Classic Style includes an 8” overhang on the sides. 

We offer a variety of customizations for the Equine Shelter, such as added feed rooms, doors, and windows. We also offer many color options for the trim and siding. Contact us to help build a horse run-in shed that perfectly matches your property. 

All our Equine Shelters are built in southeastern Pennsylvania. We offer horse sheds for sale in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, and the surrounding area.

If you are looking for other unique structures, check out our beautiful Expressions Poolhouse or our idyllic Potting Shed.


What Does An Equine shelter Look Like Inside?

All our buildings come unfinished inside, allowing you to customize them to your specifications. We can easily add customizations to your horse shed, such as windows for ventilation, a single door for easy access, or a weathervane for decoration. We can also add a feed or tack room to the horse run-in shed to make it even more useful to you.

Equine Shelter Inspiration Gallery

Here are some examples of horse sheds to inspire your design. Hover over any image of a horse shed and click the “heart” icon to save it to your personal “My Saved Photos” gallery. You can log in here to view your gallery at any time.

equine run in shelter 2
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equine shelter with tack room nj
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buy a run in shed new jersey
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10x16 run in sheds 1
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Architectural Specifications

A cutaway diagram of a Classic Workshop Shed from Sheds Unlimited
  1. Skids: No skids – pressure-treated 4×6 perimeter
  2. Joists: No joists – open floor
  3. Boxing: No boxing – open floor
  4. Flooring: No flooring – open floor
  5. Doors: Large front opening; other doors available
  6. Hinges: Included if doors added
  7. Windows: No windows
  8. Shutters: No shutters
  9. Corner Trim: Included in color of choice
  10. Studs: 2x4s, 16″ on-center
  11. Top Plate: Double 2x4s
  12. Fascia: Included in color of choice
  13. Drip Edge: Included
  14. Rafters/Trusses: 2x4s, 16″ on-center
  15. Roof Sheathing: 7/16″ OSB
  16. Roof Underlayment: Synthetic
  17. Roof Material: 30-yr architectural shingles
  18. Roof Pitch: 6/12; 18″ front overhang, 4″ back overhang, (“Classic” only) 8″ gable overhangs
  • 8′ Run-In – 10′ high (Standard); 10’6″ high (Classic)
  • 10′ Run-In – 10’8″ high (Standard); 10’9″ high (Classic)
  • 12′ Run-In – 11’3″ high

Standard Features

equine shelter kick board shed pa


Pressure-treated plywood kickboards on the bottom 4′

run in for equine farm shelters


A large opening on the front

roofing workshop shed


30 year architectural shingles

Colors & Options

Frequently Asked Questions

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