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12x30 Shed: Space For What You Need

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12x30 shed barn

Looking for a large shed is simple. There are many options you can choose from, including sizes, styles, etc. Today we will be introducing you to the 12x30 shed. The 12x30 shed is a large shed with more than enough space. This is not your “typical” shed, this shed provides you with a lifetime amount of storage space at the convenience of your backyard.

See our 12x30 shed options below and find which is right for you:

12x30 Shed For Sale

12x30 shed with porch

12x30 Workshop Shed

The workshop shed is the most traditional looking shed in terms of the A-Framed roof. The A-Frame shed on the left includes a porch which is an additional option that may be selected with a 12x30 shed. If you need a large storage space that is going to compliment your home nicely, the 12x30 workshop shed is definitely an option to look at.

12x30 shed barn

12x30 MaxiBarn Shed

The MaxiBarn shed is also another great option in terms of storage sheds because of the additional space it provides above. Create a loft space above for all your easy to find storage items and save the space for heavier items (mowers, parts, equipment, etc.) The 12x30 MaxiBarn shed is a top option if storage space is what you desire for your shed.

vinyl 12x30 shed

12x30 Saltbox Shed

If you are looking to have a large and unique storage building in your backyard than the Saltbox sheds is something you may want to consider. Create a space just footsteps outside your home for storage and other uses as well. 12x30 saltbox sheds provide ample room with a unique design the is comes with.

3 Size Options For Your 12x30 Shed

Each of these except the saltbox sheds 12x30 sheds may also be upgraded for even more space including a loft and even a 2-story building! 

See these amazing features that you can add to your future 12x30 shed.

12x30 shed options

Upgraded Classic Option

The standard and classic optional upgrades make a huge difference on the exterior of the storage sheds. The roofs have a larger overhang and there are more options for doors and windows. The interior of the shed also has improved ventilation for better air circulation. 

The classic upgraded option is an overall better look in and out. This upgradable option is available in all three style options including the Workshop, MaxiBarn, and the Saltbox.

If you are looking for something more than just an upgraded look, than you may consider the Premier option which is only available for Workshop and MaxiBarn sheds.

Premier Loft Option

12x30 shed loft

The premier option on a shed enables you to have a loft option in your shed giving you more space overhead. Having a loft in your 12x30 shed allows you to store the lighter units above giving you more space down below for the heavier items. 

The organization is also a ton easier when a loft is available. You can organize based on how you want things placed above. Higher value items may be stored above just in case rodents and other pests avoid the more valuable items.

A loft is not a bad option when additional storage space is what you need, now let’s look at the final possible option you can have on your 12x30 shed to maximize storage space.

2 story 12x30 shed

Second Floor Option

Adding a second-floor option to your space automatically doubles the original space without taking up more square footage. This can be a great idea if you are looking for the most room possible in a 12x30 shed. 

You can use the second-floor for different uses including an art studio as a previous customer had done before. The opportunities for a second-floor shed are endless with a 12x30 shed.

12x30 Shed Prices

Shed prices can vary depending on the size, style, options and colors, etc. At Sheds Unlimited, we build custom storage sheds so it is difficult to put a fixed price on a single shed. However, we do offer a “starting at” price which gives people a better understanding of the price.

Note: all prices below are for wood siding.

12x30 shed with a frame
  • 12x30 Standard Workshop: $5,790
  • 12x30 Classic Workshop: $6,958
  • 12x30 Premier Workshop: $10,103
  • 12x30 2 Story Workshop: $16,529
12x30 shed barn
  • 12x30 Standard MaxiBarn: $6,385
  • 12x30 Classic MaxiBarn: $8,285
  • 12x30 Premier MaxiBarn: $10,912
  • 12x30 2 Story MaxiBarn: $20,180
12x30 shed lean to
  • 12x30 Standard Saltbox: $6,385
  • 12x30 Classic Saltbox: $7,865

Another option to find a 12x30 shed price is by building it out on our 3D Shed Builder.

12x30 shed 3d build

3D Shed Builder

The 3D shed builder is a program that allows you to custom build your own custom 12x30 shed. After fully customizing the interior and exterior of your shed, you will get an estimated price for your shed which you can decide to move forward with the purchase of your 12x30 shed.

If you are looking for a less expensive option that requires you to build the shed yourself, a 12x30 shed kit is what you may be looking for.

12x30 shed kit

12x30 Shed Kits

A DIY shed kit is a bundle of all the parts that are needed to assemble a shed. Purchasing a 12x30 shed kit can save you some money from labor however we highly recommend you use the experienced shed building team who has been doing it for years.

A 12x30 shed is a big investment, you want to make sure you have trained and experienced builders putting it together to maximize the life of the shed.

Whichever 12x30 shed price option you choose, we can assure you that you will be receiving the highest quality of material.

Get Started on Your 12x30 Shed

Now that you know about the different types of 12x30 sheds, the different prices between the styles, and the additional options that come with the 12x30 shed, it is time to get started on yours. Request a free quote now and begin step one of your journey to a new 12x30 shed.

Have any questions? Contact us today at (717) 442-3281 with any questions you may have. At Sheds Unlimited, we strive to provide you with the best service and quality for all your storage shed or prefab garage needs.

Sheds Unlimited Customer Reviews...

Over 500 Reviews

Average Rating

Awesome company - so easy to work with in ordering my new shed. The shed was built with quality and durability. It should last me a long, long time! I would definiterly recommend Sheds Unlimited and would gladly do business with them in the future if the need arises. A special shoutout to their delivery - seemless!

James LaGarde from Laurel, DE

Great company, price was great, designed to spec, delivered and installed within an our. Highly Recommended!

Chris Manning from Frederick MD

I was very pleased with my 18x12 shed that I had purchased. The only issue I saw was some of the studs were knotty and looked chewed.The overall structure of the shed itself was great. My co-workers and friends loved the style and color. I would recommend Shed Unlimited to anyone who is looking for looking for a shed to buy.

Randy G from Colonia NJ

Hello Delmar;

Several reasons for this message.
First of all I must say that the entire process of doing business with you and everyone in your company that I have dealt with has surpassed my satisfaction and expectations.
From our first meeting at your office to the many many many phone calls i made to you with questions and/or changes you were always willing to take the time to answer my questions and provide the information that i needed and explained why i could or could not or should or should not do certain things. You always took the time to make sure I understood why or why not.
My site prep and your busy schedule took us to a later date than anticipated but James King along with good weather made it all happen on December 18th.
I told James several times there was no way they could get the truck/trailer to the job site ---but--- 7 a.m. the truck and trailer and three man crew are all on the site which I still don't know how they accomplished.
Speaking of the crew and the construction, myself and the entire neighborhood were beyond impressed. Three young men that are obviously very well beyond their years in knowledge and professionalism. I can't say enough good things about them. To watch them work is a treat. It's like they can read each others minds. They each know what to do, when to do it, and rarely even need to speak to each other. They just work and work and waste no time. They were kind and courteous as well. I was impressed as you can tell, and many neighbors were as well. Please pass on my best wishes to Chris who suffered the fall. Here is an example of what kind of employee he is------as I am driving him to the hospital after his fall we are having a conversation about work and he says "I love my job and this kind of work".
As you can tell I am beyond satisfied but I do have one issue with the building. There is one substantial leak in the roof. It is in the area of the dormer and enters the building in a joint between two sheets of osb very near the dormer. It drips from the roof down to the concrete floor as it is above the open area of the attic floor. I will be doing finish work to the attic area soon and obviously the leak must be repaired prior to that however I do not expect anyone to repair a roof in bad weather but please keep this in mind and handle as soon as safely possible. I was aware of the leak prior to your cashing my final check but felt no need to stop pay and hold back any portion until leak is repaired as I certainly trust you will handle it as soon as safely possible.
Thanks again for everything !

Bill Zaremba from Sugar Notch, PA

I am extremely please with my 8X18 mini barn shed. The quality is superior to local shed companies and for a much better price. The two gentleman that delivered my shed went above and beyond to make sure the shed was perfect. They touched up the paint and cleaned any dirt from delivery.

Chris C. from East Moriches, NY

Ordering was easy. Delivery was easy. Great experience. Thanks!

marty from Pearl River, NY

I visited Sheds Unlimited when taking my family to Hershey Park to see the type of garage I wanted in person. I was very satisfied with how it was constructed. All my friends didn't think a 12 X 20 garage was going to be able to be delivered to Staten Island in one piece. After the truck arrived at the corner they had the garage at the end of my driveway very quick and did an excellent job doing it. I highly recommend them for your structure.

Roger Sander from Staten Island, NY

We purchased a 24 x 34 legacy 3 car garage.  To say anything other than the experience being spectacular would be a lie.  From our first meeting with Mark through the final design meeting with Kyle the professionalism of the staff at Sheds Unlimited is unapparelled. Just when I didn’t think the experience could get any better, installation day started at 6:30 am on a cold rainy Thursday in October. The 3-man crew from Sheds Unlimited worked tirelessly throughout the day overcoming several small challenges including having a new set of steps made and delivered the same day.  By the end of day one the garage was under roof including the tar paper.  Day two started again at 6:30 am and by 2:00 pm the garage was completed, yard cleaned up.  I have recommended Sheds to several of my buddies to have their garages built as well.  In this day of no customer service I say hats off to the entire team at Sheds Unlimited. I have included the URL to an 11-minute time-lapse video of the garage being built.

Wes P from Sykesville MD

I had a customer who asked me to find him a shed that would replace his old pool shed. Working with Sheds Unlimited was a wonderful experience. It started with a very helpful website that allowed me to find just the product I needed, along with all the options that made sense for my project. The location in which the shed was to be installed required the shed to be built on-site. The crew of two arrived at 6:30 in the morning! and were hammering their first nails at 7:30. These guys work hard, are very conscientious, and did a terrific job. They were done by 10:30 and the site was clean when they left. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a shed or garage!

Matt Capitolo from Elkins Park, PA

There is good service and there is GREAT service. Good business and GREAT business. After lots of painful research and onsite shed company visits, I stumbled across Sheds Unlimited. Boy did I/we luck-out because they are GREAT/GREAT! From David G. in the sales to Austin B. in the delivery, everyone was fantastic to work with. We live 100s of miles away and we never felt nervous giving the money down to get the project started. Brand new home, and the beautifully crafted Dutch Barn is PERFECT. the colors and style match impeccably. I will buy from them again when needed and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them without ANY reservations!

Rich Rivera from North borough MA