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Shed Photography Studios: 9 Great Examples

a shed as a photography studio

Do you love seeing the world from different angles and perspectives? Better yet, do you love capturing a story by “freezing time”?

Whether you love photography for the chemistry of light and shadows, or your power as a photographer to create “immortality” with the snap of a button, one thing is certain…

All photographers share an unquenchable curiosity that drives them to pursue, capture and expand photographic limits.

What better way to strengthen and empower your own photography skills and business than to invest in your very own shed photography studio!?

If you are currently considering investing in a shed photography studio, you are not the only one and you are on the right track! Turning a shed into a photography studio is a genius idea!

Allow the following 9 shed photography studios to inspire you to keep moving toward your dream of photo studio shed ownership!

#1. Kamia McWilliams

Kamia McWilliams converted a dingy shed into a gorgeous, well-lit shed photography studio.

After hearing about other photographers who created studios out of she sheds, Kamia was sold on the idea. After painting the interior of the shed and laying the flooring, she hired an electrician to set up the lighting.

Additionally, Kamia hired someone to finish out the ceiling and walls. By using an AC in the heat and a heater in the cold, Kamia’s studio stays at comfortable temperatures. Most of the investment was in the shed itself, but she also invested in flooring, temperature control units, décor, etc. However, the overall price cost for her shed photography studio was fairly affordable. If you’re interested, go read her full story!

#2. Karen Roberts Photography

With over 20 years of photography experience, Karen’s photography studio has been transformed into a stunning, photogenic haven!

From her meticulous garden, pool, and cabana area to her gorgeous, all-white she shed photography studio with lots of natural light pouring through its clear roof, there is a whole buffet of incredible scenes awaiting capture!

Yes, Karen’s stunning Gable or A-Frame style she shed photography studio is a real hit and provides a charming backdrop for self-portraits or family photos.

With its clear roof providing plenty of natural lighting, whatever season comes around whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter, this lovely shed photography studio offers a beautiful spot to capture still life shots.

Check out a similar shed to the one that Karen uses, the Premier Workshop Shed.

Learn more about Karen and her photography, and view her shed photography studio here.

#3. Bianca Merrell Photography

Bianca’s “goal with each and every session is to document authentic and raw moments that are unique and most importantly is a true reflection of you and your family.”

Part of the key to Bianca accomplishing her photography goals is owning her very own photography studio shed.  Bianca captures stunning, raw, and authentic photographs of families, couples, and their children and absolutely loves what she does!

Bianca’s studio is a barn-style shed that offers a super spacious place to set up for different scenes. The barn-style shed also provides increased headspace. Overall, the barn-style shed offers the most interior space of all shed styles.

View a similar shed to what Bianca uses, the Premier Dutch Barn Shed.

Check out Bianca’s stunning photography and her shed photography studio here

#4. Annalise Photography

If you are a dog lover and/or love photographing canines, Annalise’s shed photography studio is going to melt and inspire your heart!

Anne specializes in capturing dogs of kinds and in all kinds of poses. Originally, Anne had been renting a larger studio, but then wished to downsize and focus more exclusively on photographing dogs.

With this goal in mind, Anne began to search for studio alternatives that could be on her property. Renovating her garage was not an option and after reaching out to some photographer friends and hearing their recommendations, she began to investigate a shed photography studio.

In the end, Anne invested in a garden studio, and she has never looked back!

View a similar shed to what Anne uses, the Studio 1 Modern Shed.

Watch Anne in action (photographing some darling dogs) and view her shed photography studio at the same time!

#5. Studio Jaschinski/Olaf Christopher Beckmann

Fact. You do not need a huge space to create a photographic masterpiece!

You simply need enough dedicated space to fulfill your needs as a photographer.

Olaf Christopher Beckmann found his sweet, creative space within a Modern Shed.

Olaf is completely satisfied and sums up his feelings about his Modern Photography Shed Studio with these words.

“It is a really fun combination of practicality and aesthetics. I mean it is part of the whole modernist thing. It is welcoming. It is fun. It is whimsical and it looks cool!”

Olaf’s incredible gift of capturing and printing black and white still life and nature scenes finally found a creative and dedicated space. A space away from his home yet still within walking distance.

Check out a similar shed to Olaf’s Modern Shed, the Urban 360 Modern Shed.

Hear the whole story from Olaf and view his amazing modern shed photography studio and setup.

#6. Benj Haisch

How would you like to commute 35 feet to your job every day? 

This is exactly what Benj does every morning! A few brisk steps outdoors and bam, he is at his workplace. Right in the comfort of his own backyard!

Benj specializes in wedding photography, educational stuff, and YouTube videos, and he does so within the space of a 200-square-foot shed photography studio!

His shed photography setup is epic and inspirational! View it all here in this following video as Benj gives a detailed tour of his photography shed.

Check out a similar shed to Benj’s photography shed, the Studio 1 Modern Shed.

#7. Lia Griffith

If you have ever worked out of your home or off your dining room table, you will most certainly be able to relate to Lia’s home business experience!

Lia’s DIY and photography business had grown to a point where it was bursting at the seams! The space within her home was no longer able to contain her DIY projects nor her dining room table the amount of photography being produced.

It was time.

Time for a new space. Lia found this new space when she invested in a shed photography studio of her very own!

Lia’s shed photography studio shed, which resembles a Modern Shed, has allowed her and her team of 8 to be more efficient than ever before.

Lia says it perfectly.

“For the first couple years my photography studio was my dining room table with a homemade backdrop, so finally having a space that doesn’t have to be dismantled every night makes us much more efficient at our job!”

Read Lia’s whole story here as well as see pictures of her beautiful shed photography studio!

Disclaimer: you will be charmed!

View a similar shed photography studio to Lia’s, the Studio 1 Modern Shed.

#8. Madi Wolfe Photography

“If you love your job, you never work a day in your life! “Are you familiar with this quote?

Meet Madi. A fellow lover of photography.

Madi loved photography so much that when life finally offered her a fork in the road…either keep running the rat race of balancing both her day job and her side photography business or quit her day job and focus only on her photography business, Madi chose to channel all her energy into her first love, photography.

Now she spends every day doing what she loves! Capturing photos of newborns and families.

Madi’s studio is a darling Gable-style shed with a porch. Her shed photography studio offers the perfect, warm, and safe space to capture photos of precious little new lives.

Check out some of Madi’s amazing photography shots as well as her stunning Gable style shed photography studio here.

View a similar shed to Madi’s shed photography studio, the Premier Workshop Shed.

#9. Made on 23rd

Do you want to see some snapshots of the shed to photography studio transformation?

If so, check out Made on 23rd!

Made on 23rd owns a Gable style shed photography studio. Check out Made on 23rd to see the process of turning a shed into a photography studio!

View the whole story, along with detailed pictures of the shed photography studio transformation here

All you need is a shed of your very own and you can transform its interior in just the way you like it!

Check out a shed similar to Made on 23rd’s shed, the Premier Workshop Shed.

Your Very Own Shed Photography Studio Awaits!

Hopefully, the above 8 gorgeous shed photography studios (along with their incredible photographers) have further inspired your own pursuit of a photography shed of your own!

Are you ready to make the exciting and empowering investment into a shed photography studio!?

If so and you happen to live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States including states like CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, and WV, check our family-run shed business, Sheds Unlimited.

We offer sheds that can be easily transformed into your ideal shed photography studio! Plus, you can customize your ideal shed style online with our 3D Builder. It is a pretty sweet tool!

exterior of shed photo studio for sale

Otherwise, best wishes on securing a productive and empowering space to fully unleash your love of photography!

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