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12×12 Sheds: Everything You Need To Know

Finding the right size shed can be an ordeal. You will want a shed that will be big enough for your purposes and a size that will fit well in your space. 12×12 sheds are great sheds to consider. 12×12 sheds work well whether you want a shed to use as a storage unit, a workshop, or an office. Their square shape provides ample room to store long-handled equipment such as rakes and shovels. And 12×12 sheds can store large items and small vehicles. Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about 12×12 sheds to help you decide whether this is a good size for you.

12x12 shed

Is 12×12 a good shed size? (Is a 12×12 shed big enough?)

                        12×12 sheds is an excellent economic size that you can transform into many different uses. You can use its 144 sq. ft. of space to store tools, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, or even four-wheelers. You can also turn your 12×12 shed into an office shed, home gym, or a makers shed.

12×12 shed types

12×12 A-Frame Sheds (Workshop)

                        A-frame sheds are one of the most popular types of 12×12 sheds. They have plenty of wall space to hang tools, and the a-frame shape gives you room to add a loft for extra storage. Sheds Unlimited Workshop shed is an excellent example of quality a-frame sheds.

12×12 Barn-Style Sheds (MaxiBarn and MiniBarn)

                        Barn-style sheds make for great storage sheds. With its simple design, there is freedom for customization. Lower walls make for a straightforward option for storing smaller to mid-sized items. Higher walls make it easier to store taller items and allow you to place the doors on either side or end of the shed. The MiniBarn and the MaxiBarn are excellent examples of the barn-style design.

12×12 Saltbox Sheds

                        Saltbox Sheds (also known as quaker sheds or cottage sheds) are sheds designed with one side of the roof longer than the other. These elegant sheds can be used as a storage shed or turned into a workspace. They are a good choice if you want a reasonably priced yet unique shed.

12×12 Modern Sheds

                        12×12 modern sheds are beautiful statement sheds. They are built in the lean-to style and have transom windows above the front door and on the ends. Modern sheds have an attractive contemporary design that can be used for anything from an art studio to a mini-home to simply being a classy storage unit.

12×12 shed siding materials

Smart Panel T1-11

                        Smart Panel siding T1-11 is a great economical option for vertical siding. It is an engineered wood that is treated, so you won’t need to worry about warping or split pieces, and it’s also resistant to fungal decay and termites. Because there will be a need for painting and upkeep, the Smart Panel T1-11 will need more maintenance than other options.


                        Vinyl siding is an excellent option for maintenance-free siding and is standard on many houses. It has a wood-grain texture, but unlike wood siding, there is no need to paint it. Cleaning vinyl is often as simple as pressure washing it off.

Smart Panel Clapboard

                        Smart Panel Clapboard is a horizontal overlapped-panel option for siding. It has a wood-grain texture making it an excellent alternative to natural wood. It has a higher price tag than other options, but the result is stunning.

12×12 shed options

12×12 Sheds With Lofts

                        Adding a loft to your 12×12 shed is a simple, efficient way to add storage space to your shed. Lofts use your extra overhead space, freeing you to use the floor space for other uses.

12×12 Sheds With Electricity

                        Electricity in a shed can significantly increase the usefulness of the building. Putting in electricity is convenient for installing lights and is helpful if you plan on turning the shed into an office shed, a gym shed, or any other type of work shed.

12×12 Sheds With Dormers

                        Adding dormers can brighten your shed and add more space. Sheds Unlimited offers several options for your shed. Eyebrow, shed, and a-frame dormers are available.

How much does a 12×12 shed cost?

12x12 storage shed maxi barn
Photo: 12×12 Storage Shed

Pre-built (examples)

Entry-level 12×12 Sheds

Standard shed range prices range from approx. $4,000 – $6,000+

Mid-level 12×12 Sheds

Classic shed prices range from approx. $5,000 – $8,000+

Top-level 12×12 Sheds

Premier sheds range from approx. $6,000 – 12,000+

Elite-level 12×12 Sheds

Modern Sheds range from approx. $15,500 – $30,000+

How much does it cost to build a 12×12 shed?

12×12 Shed Kit

                        You can find cheaper 12×12 shed kits for as low as $3,000.  Sheds Unlimited offers quality shed kits with prices ranging from $4,000 to $6,000.

12×12 Shed DIY

                        A DIY shed usually costs between $20 and $175 per square foot. So a 12×12 shed could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000. The price depends on what material you decide to use for the shed. A wooden shed will keep costs down but require more maintenance in the long run than vinyl siding.

                        If you have the experience, building a DIY shed could be the most cost-effective way to make a shed. However, if you have not had the opportunity to do many construction projects, the trial and error often involved in learning construction could be costly. In the long run, hiring an expert or buying a prefabricated shed might be best.

What can you fit in a 12×12 shed?

                        The possibilities of what you can fit into a 12×12 shed are endless! If you want to set up an office workspace in your 12×12 shed, you could include a chair, desk, lamp, potted plants, mini-refrigerator, and more! Here is a website perfect for figuring out what can fit into your shed.


                        Still not sure whether a 12×12 shed is suitable for you? Determining what size shed will best suit your purposes can be difficult but is vital for your satisfaction. We at Sheds Unlimited have a 3D shed builder to help you determine what you want in a shed and what size will be the best for you.

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