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Gym Sheds: Why You Should Have One

gym shed featured
Photo Credit: Bless’er House

Are you tired of going to the gym 20 minutes away? Why not just build a gym shed right on your property? By keeping your gym right on home property, it will allow you to work out without the distractions of a public gym, as well as cut out your commute time entirely and allow you to focus on achieving your fitness goals. Learn more about how to join this trend that has exploded in the last 5 years.

How can I make a home gym without space? (Where should I place my home gym?) 

Setting up an at-home workout room can be difficult, especially if you run low on space. There are ways to make it doable. Buy foldable equipment, resistance bands, and door anchors. Dumbbells and kettlebells can also be a way to work out without taking up too much space. We might be slightly biased, but we think the best way to work out at home is to have a gym shed. With a gym shed, there is no need to make space in your house for equipment or a place to work out. You can store all your gear in the same place where you exercise, and it will be waiting for you there when you return.

Can you put a gym in a shed?

Yes. Sheds are a great place to create your own personal gym. Sheds are no longer just a place to store your garden tools. There are many uses a good shed can have, and a gym shed is one of them.

Can a treadmill go in a shed?

A treadmill can fit in about 30 square feet of space; so, yes, a treadmill can go in a shed! So long as you have a source of electricity and you make sure that your shed is temperature-controlled so that you can protect the machine from getting too hot or cold by adjusting the thermostat accordingly.

Can treadmills be kept in a cold shed?

Treadmills can be harmed by extreme heat or cold. So, keeping a treadmill in a workout shed where the temperature dips under 50 degrees would be too cold for the machine. Anything under 50°F can impair motor functions. Putting a blanket or tarp over the device can help protect it when you are not using it. It is also wise to never use a treadmill in temperatures over 105°F. Learn more about keeping a shed cool here.

Can a stationary bike go in a shed?

Yes, if you have the space, and if your shed is temperature-controlled. The average stationary bike will need 10 square feet. Additionally, a stationary bike should work safely in temperatures between 32°F to 104°F. Temperatures higher or lower than these may cause mechanical or electrical complications.

Can a bench press go in a shed?

Yes, if you have the space. For a bench press, you should have an area around 6-8 feet wide and 8-10 feet long.

Can a weight rack go in a shed?

Yes, if you have enough space. A smaller weight rack will require an area at least 12’ wide by 7’ deep and 7’ high. For a larger rack, you will need a space of at least 12’ wide by 13’ deep by 8’ high.

Is it safe to work out in a shed?

Yes, it is generally safe to work out in a shed. Like working out anywhere else, there are some precautions you should take to make it a safe environment. Here are a few things you can do to make your space safer.

  • Have good flooring. It’s always a good idea to put down rubber, vinyl, cork, or other floorings for shock absorption.
  • Keep your shed well-ventilated to help with temperature and oxygen levels.
  • Keep your space clutter-free. There will be less chance of injury if your equipment isn’t lying around the room.
  • Keep electronic equipment like treadmills and electric stationary bikes close to electrical outlets. This way, there won’t be the danger of tripping over extension cords.
  • Look after your equipment and keep them in good shape.
gym shed interior rack
Photo Credits: Beachy Barns
gym shed interior dumbbell

Planning your gym shed

Of course, it’s always good to plan how the interior of the gym shed will look, including what workout equipment you’ll put in there, etc.

What size shed do I need for a gym? (What is the ideal size for a gym shed?)

A 10×16 shed is an acceptable medium size if you want a multi-station gym shed. If you are planning on only using free weights, you can make do with an 8×8, but that would be the minimum.

How many square feet do I need for a home gym?

150 square feet is a good size for a home gym, but you can get by with smaller ones. 40 square feet is the very minimum size that you will need for a gym shed. This much room would only allow you to train without any equipment. 150+ square feet will give you room to add more equipment to the gym. 250+ square feet will make the area feel open, and there will be space for you to move about. It will also allow more than one person to exercise at a time if you want to do it with a family member or friend.

How high should a gym shed be?

A 9’ ceiling should be sufficient for a person with an average height of 5’ 9”. When planning the ceiling, higher is better, especially if you want to put in full-weight racks or do jumping exercises.

How do you plan a gym shed layout?

When planning out your gym shed’s layout, there are many helpful tools on the internet to help you visualize how your gym’s layout. Room Sketcher is one such tool. It is a website with already-made floor plans and options to design your own.

Gym Shed Construction Considerations

What type of floor should a gym shed have?

Figuring out what type of floor to have in your gym shed is an important decision. You will want durable flooring that you won’t have to worry about ruining.

Standard wooden floor

Standard wooden floors will work fine for stationary equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, and low-impact exercising.

Heavy-duty wooden floor

Heavy-duty wood flooring will be able to handle heavyweight benches.

Concrete floor

Concrete flooring is best for full-weight racks and can handle when heavy weights are dropped.

What type of walls should a gym shed have?

High walls are better to allow for more interior space.

What type of roof should a gym shed have?

Like any other building, quality roofing is essential for the longevity and durability of a shed. You don’t want to worry about overheating in the summer, so installing proper insulation will help keep you cool during the hot summer months. Also, if you hang equipment (TRX straps, etc.) from the ceiling, reinforced trusses would be ideal.

What else should a gym shed have?

We have gone through most of the basics of a gym shed, but here are a few other items you should consider when making and designing your gym shed.


Although it is not vital, electricity will significantly increase the convenience of your gym shed. You can add lighting, heating and cooling systems, and electric exercise equipment like treadmills.


It will be tough to keep your shed at a comfortable temperature without insulation. So installing insulation is something to consider putting in your shed.

Extra windows?

When designing your gym shed, consider putting in extra windows. Extra windows not only let in more natural light but will also help with ventilation.

Extra ventilation?

Ventilation ensures your gym shed has enough oxygen and moderate temperature levels.

gym shed interior white bench
Photo Credits: Bless’er House
gym shed interior weights

Choosing a gym shed

What type of shed is best for a gym?

MaxiBarns, Modern Sheds, and Workshop Sheds all work well for gym sheds.

Are metal sheds good for gyms?

Metal sheds can work for a gym shed, but there are things to be aware of before buying one. Many metal-framed sheds are cheaply constructed and are not exceptionally durable. Metal siding on sheds is fine, but it tends to get hot in the summer, especially without insulation.

Are wooden sheds good for gyms?

Wooden sheds work great for gyms. It is easier to regulate the temperature and customize wooden sheds than metal sheds. Wooden sheds are durable and have the bonus of looking better than metal sheds.

How can I make my shed into a home gym?

Step 1.  Assess floor strength

Ensure your floor is strong enough to hold all your equipment.

Step 2. Plan layout

You can use the American Council on Exercise’s guide to help you figure out approximately how much room you will need for your equipment.

  • Treadmill—30 square feet
  • Elliptical trainer—30 square feet
  • Single-station gym—35 square feet
  • Free weights—20–50 square feet
  • Stationary bike—10 square feet
  • Rowing machine—20 square feet
  • Stair climber—10–20 square feet
  • Ski machines—25 square feet
  • Multi-station gym—50–200 square feet

Step 3. Add electricity.

Bringing electricity to your shed will make your gym shed much more convenient. You can hook up treadmills, bikes, and even tv screens.

Step 4 Add ventilation.

Ventilation is vital to regulate humidity and temperature. Some ventilation options include adding extra doors or windows, floor fans, an exhaust fan, an AC unit, or a roof vent.

Step 5 Add floor mats.

You will undoubtedly want mats on the floor to protect your floor and yourself. There are several options for mats, but you will want one that is durable, easy to clean, and won’t slide around while working out.

Step 6 Add equipment.

Now is the time to add your equipment.

Gym shed ideas

A perk of having your home gym is being able to customize it however you wish.

Add lighting

Lighting can affect the way a room feels. In your shed, you have the option of recessed lighting, or if you have a tall enough ceiling, you could even hang a chandelier.

Add wall paneling

Make your shed look much more modern and furnished with some interior wall paneling.

Add interior paint

You have the freedom with a home gym to paint your shed’s walls whatever color you wish. One tip is to paint the walls with eggshell paint since it will be easier to clean than matte paint.

Add a sound system

Add a sound system so you can work out to whatever music you wish.

Add a mirror

Adding a mirror to your shed is a great way to make the room feel larger and help you check your form.

Add motivation (posters, wall decals, etc.)

Give yourself something to look at and to urge you on while you are exercising.

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