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16 ft Sheds: Why to Consider The Size

16 ft shed

A 16 ft shed can be a great investment if you think about what you really could store or use it for. A 16 ft shed covers plenty of ground so let’s dig into what a 16 ft shed is really about.

Why A 16 ft Storage Shed?

A 16′ Shed has a lot of benefits to offer which makes it more of a reason to buy one. This large storage shed offers a gigantic amount of storage space with room to spare. But why would someone need a shed this big? You never know, someone may want to have a she shed or man cave in their backyard and a 16 ft shed will sure be enough room for one.

16 ft Sheds by the Size

The 16 ft sheds have plenty of different sizes to choose from. From a 16×8 shed all the way to a 16×48! See some of our size selections below to find the 16 ft shed you would have in your backyard.


A 16×8 storage shed can be seen as a fairly decent size when looking at all-around storage shed sizes. However, when you look at it at a 16-foot width shed, a 16×8 is fairly small. When searching for a shed with a 16 ft with, this is not the shed you will be looking for. A 16×8 shed does not provide much room since it only has an 8-foot width.

16x8 shed

Photo Credits: Shed Nation

There are better options when looking for a 16-foot shed for your backyard space, some that not only provide a long length but match the width also. Sheds Unlimited does not manufacture this size shed. The smallest 16 ft shed we begin manufacturing is at 16×20.


A 16×16 shed is a much better option than a 16×8 shed when it comes to spacing. Obviously, with this being a larger size shed, you get more space and bang for your buck. With this being a perfect square, more items can be placed throughout the shed, more evenly too. Organize your 16 ft shed the way you want to with the spacious interior that is offered in this size of the shed.

16x16 shed 0

Photo Credits: iCreatables

Since the 16×16 shed is a large structure, there are many uses that can come with the size. This shed can be used as an additional living space, a detached garage, and even a backyard office shed. Due to the size of this storage shed, a building permit is usually required when having the structure placed on your site.

16×18 Sheds

With a larger size, comes a larger space to work with. This 16×18 shed is perfect for someone who enjoys woodworking or having space to work in general. Create a small workshop space with shelves for even more storage. 

See below what a 16×18 shed could fit inside, and how it could potentially fit in your yard.

front exterior of 16 ft shed 0
birds eye view 16 ft shed 0
inside 16 ft shed 0
how big is a 16 ft shed 0

Photo Credits: DIY-Plans

Larger 16 ft Sheds

Larger sized storage sheds are becoming more of a trend because of the need for larger space. Sizes like 16×20, 16×24, and even 16×48 are starting to become a thing. These 16 ft sheds are very good for storing large items inside of it. Some people store outdoor furniture and items that are meant specifically for outdoors. Items like garden and lawn care equipment are meant to be stored in a shed. Why you ask? Who wants a large stain of dirt on their carpet floor in their home, sheds are great because they do not require much maintenance and if it gets dirty, there is no sweat.

16 Ft Shed Exterior Options

When thinking of what you can include in a 16 ft shed, there are a ton of options that can be custom made to your liking. With interior and exterior options available, which would you choose to add to your 16 ft shed?

See options for 16 ft sheds below:


Siding and color choices are an option that can be included in almost any shed size. The siding style and color option you choose can really make your backyard stand out. Siding adds a layer of protection to your shed to make sure everything being placed inside of the shed goes undamaged and untouched. Choosing more quality siding could result in a longer shed life overall less money out your pocket in the long run.

Stay classy with a vinyl gray shed, or stand out from the rest in a red T1-11 wooden shed. Whichever 16 ft shed siding and color you decide, you can assure yourself that your shed will be looking great with your custom exterior options.

16 ft vinyl shed
16ft wooden saltbox shed


Shed doors and windows are another feature that adds aesthetical beauty to the exterior of the shed, but also provides a valuable benefit for the interior. The doors can be colored to your selection and made from wood or vinyl to give you ease of entry, the windows provide a light to go into the shed so electric is not required. The more windows you have, the more light you will get inside your shed.

16 ft shed doors and windows

You can even add shed dormers to your 16 ft shed to add a layer of beauty and light inside for the ultimate shed experience.

16 Ft Shed Interior Options

When thinking of the inside of a 16 ft shed, you can imagine a larger area. Now, picture an additional piece to add even more space to your shed like a loft or even a second story! Yes, you have ultimate control when it comes to customizing the 16 ft shed for you, see our options below:


Adding a loft space can do plenty of good in terms of your 16 ft shed. Right off the bat, a loft increases storage capacity because of the additional space it provides. Secondly, a loft allows you to store things up and out the way which could help with organization. Finally, a loft keeps the floor area cleaner and keeps your belongings away from pests.

There are many benefits to having a loft space in your 16 ft shed, be sure to consider it when looking into your next shed purchase!

16 ft shed with loft


Owning a two-story shed has plenty of benefits to offer you, especially dealing with 16 ft sheds. First off, you get nearly twice the space of the shed you have. Secondly, it could block out any negative view or noise coming from your backyard. Lastly, the price does not go higher per square foot even though your shed space is practically doubled. Store everything you need in the upstairs or downstairs of your new 2 story shed.

16 ft shed with 2nd story

Delivering A 16 ft Shed

A 16 ft shed is a wide shed, so transporting this size shed is going to take some work. This shed requires an onsite construction delivery that ships the shed in pieces so it can be built on your property because of how large it is. However, before thinking about the delivery of the shed, you need to think of the preparation for the shed, the foundation.


One of the first steps that need to be done before delivery is the site preparation for the shed. The site preparation or “shed pad” is a foundation that the shed will sit on once delivered. This site must be even and prepared properly to avoid damage. Site preparation helps keep the shed’s life long and avoid many problems including eroding or sinking into the soil.

16 ft shed site preparation


The second step after preparing your shed site is getting the plans in order. The plans are a “blueprint” of what the shed is going to look like from top to bottom. Sheds Unlimited offers shed plans and works with you to get you the most accurate and appropriate size to fit your home.

16 ft shed plans

State Regulations (Zoning Laws)

Zoning laws are rules in place when dividing land into zones takes place. Zoning is the most common regulatory divider that the government uses to help carry out urban plans so you will need to acquire the zoning laws for your state and make sure it is in line with the shed you are getting.

These zoning laws vary from state to state and some have more restrictive laws and others are more open and free to it. Make sure to contact your city department of licenses and inspections to see if your property is allowed to make these changes.

Sheds Unlimited will be able to help you out with any questions you may have during the process and will do our best to get your dream building into your backyard.

Delivering A 16 ft Shed

Once the regulations have been approved and the deposit has been placed, the shed is ready to be delivered on the property. There are many things to do to prepare for shed delivery including showing the delivery team where your shed will be placed and making sure the area is clean and that there is not clutter to avoid any delays.

16 ft shed delivery

Once the team knows where the shed is to be put, they will use a mule to transport the building through the customers yard. Once the shed is properly placed down, a thorough inspection will be done to make sure the shed is centered exactly where it should be. 

With larger sheds like the 16 ft shed, the team will go ahead and start constructing the shed onsite and placing all the additional options selected during the time of purchase onto the shed.

Enjoying Your 16 ft Shed

Now remember, this is a 16 ft shed, there is going to be plenty of space for storage and a whole lot else. Especially if you decide on a loft or second story, space will never be an issue for you.

For example, a 16 ft. shed would work well as a bike shed. Consider reading this article to learn more about bike sheds.

Now have fun and enjoy your new 16 ft shed. If you have any questions regarding this shed or any other size shed, please contact us at (717) 442-3281. At Sheds Unlimited, we care about finding the right storage sheds for you, we thrive in creating a fun and easy shed buying experience. We hope to hear from you soon to get you a new Space For Life.

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