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Bike Sheds: 4 Ways To Find Yours

outside of white and blue bike shed for sale

Are you looking for a helpful overview of quality bike shed options served CLEAR and SIMPLE?

If so, this blog is meant to help you easily sort out an overwhelming amount of bike shed options.

Enjoy feeling empowered in determining the best bike storage solution for you and your bikes.

As the saying goes…

“Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.”

Your trusty bike(s) deserve the best!

In the following article, let’s first go over some smaller bike shed storage options for those of you who wish for basically just bike storage capacity. Finally consider some larger options if you wish for storing more than just your bikes inside your bike shed. Let’s pedal this out!

exterior of red outdoor bike shed for sale

1. Determine Your Ideal Bike Shed Design & Material

The first step in determining the right bike shed is to choose which storage style and material you prefer.

Here are 6 popular bike shed styles.

  1. Bike storage tents
  2. Plastic bike sheds
  3. Metal bike sheds
  4. Wooden bike sheds
  5. Galvanized steel bike lockers
  6. Waterproof bike covers

Let’s break the above styles down a bit more by viewing each of their pros and cons. Plus, if you want to learn more, click the featured links to go directly to products of each design and material.

A. Bike Storage Tent

Initially, you may be a bit incredulous about the idea of a bike storage tent.

However, high-quality bike tents are crafted out of a heavy-duty tarp and hold up incredibly well against elements, such as rain, snow, wind, and sun.

exterior of green bike tent for bike shed for sale

Photo Credit: Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Provides satisfactory stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily transportable
  • Effective protection against the elements of nature
  • Affordable option for small backyard spaces such as the city or town


  • Susceptible to sun damage and discoloring
  • Tend to wear down in about five years
  • Not aesthetically beautiful
  • Easily cut through with a sharp object (burglar friendly)
  • Limited space for other storage items
  • Lack genuine structural strength

Check out this bike storage tent with great reviews!

View the YardStash Bike Storage Tent 3 & 4.

B. Waterproof Bike Cover

This option is the most basic form of bike protection.

If you wish for mere protection against normal to medium weather conditions, a quality bike cover has literally got you “covered”.

exterior of bike cover and bike for bike storage shed

Photo Credit: The Cover Store


  • Good-looking and compact
  • Affordable
  • Effective protection against the elements of nature
  • Easily accessible (simply pull the cover off and ride!)


  • Burglar friendly (easy to remove and steal)
  • Usually covers only 1 bike
  • Only provides bike coverage (no ability to protect or store other items)

Check out the following bike cover to determine whether it is the right fit for you and your bikes.

Coverstore Bicycle Cover

C. Plastic Bike sheds

If you are considering a plastic bike shed, it is important to note that not all plastic bike sheds are created equal.

Watch out for plastic sheds that are imported from other countries (like China). Even plastic bike sheds crafted in the USA tend to lack raving reviews.

exterior of great outdoor bike shed for sale

Photo Credit: Amazon


  • Relatively affordable
  • Provides effective protection against the weathering forces
  • Long-lasting material (will not rot, warp, or rust.)
  • Semi-attractive
  • Keeps burglars away (IF you buy an additional lock and key)
  • Maintenance free


  • Lacks structural durability
  • Less secure against break-ins than wood or metal bike sheds
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Assembly can be tedious

Enjoy viewing the following plastic bike shed and see if it is a worthy storage option for your trusty bikes!

Plastic Horizontal Bike Shed

D. Metal Bike Sheds

Metal bike sheds definitely fall into the extremely durable and secure category.

exterior of metal bike shed for best bike shed for sale

Photo Credit: Wayfair


  • Extremely durable and structurally sound
  • Provides great security against burglars
  • Rot and insect resistant
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Predisposed to rusting
  • Challenging assembly
  • Lacks visual charm and appeal
  • Expensive
  • Limited storage capacity

Check out this quality metal outdoor bike shed with positive reviews!

Metal Horizontal Bike Shed

E. Galvanized Steel Bike Lockers

Quality steel bike lockers appear bomb-proof. Literally resembling a locker, except horizontal instead of vertical, this bike shed means business.

exterior of galvanized steel bike lockers for bike storage shed

Photo Credit: Asgard


  • Generally simple assembly
  • Very strong and durable structure
  • Burglar proof
  • Compact, yet surprisingly spacious
  • Attractive
  • Rust resistant (thanks to its galvanized steel)


  • Limited storage capacity
  • Does not include a metal flooring
  • Difficult to access

Get more details about a steel bike locker by checking out the following highly-rated bike locker!

The Asgard Bike Shelter

F. Wooden Bike Sheds

Wooden bike sheds offer you and your backyard a classic and timeless appeal. If you love the look and durability of wood, then a wood bike shed might be your match!

exterior photo of wooden outdoor bike shed by fence for sale

Photo Credit: Wayfair


  • Beautiful
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strong & sturdy structure
  • Burglar proof


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Susceptible to rot and mold (when not placed on a quality foundation)
  • Expensive
  • Limited storage space
  • Usually delivered as a kit that needs to be assembled.

Check out this wooden bike shed with happy reviews!

Solid Wood Lean-To Tool Shed

G. Large Bike Sheds

The above options are great if you basically only want to store your bikes (usually that includes a max of 2 bikes.) However, if you wish for a large bike shed with space enough for all your bikes, helmets, air pumps, tools, rakes, etc., consider the following durable and excellent-quality wooden bike shed options!


  • Space enough for additional storage and bikes
  • Pre-built (no stress!)
  • Beautiful
  • High Quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong & durable structure
  • Vinyl buildings nearly maintenance free


  • Expensive
  • Can rot or mold if not set up and installed properly (proper ventilation underneath the shed)
  • Painted buildings require some maintenance

Enjoy viewing the following large bike sheds and discover which style best fits your specific bike shed space needs.

2. Bike Shed Sizes (How big should a bike shed be?)

There are 3 factors that contribute to how big your bike shed should be.

  1. The number of bikes you own
  2. Ownership of a unique bike like an adult tricycle
  3. Desire for additional space for other storage

For example, a bike shed needs a length, width, and height of at least 71” x 25” x 43” to house one adult bike.

To stay on the safe side, figure in an additional 5 inches of space to the above dimensions for comfortable bike storage. You can also, double the width of the above width dimension to determine if the bike shed you are interested in indeed has enough space.

exterior of blue and white bike shed for sale

There are 3 different bike shed shapes that affect their size and space capacity.

  • Horizontal bike sheds – this shape allows for stacking bikes side by side on ground level.
  • Vertical bike sheds – with a vertical shape you could potentially hang one bike from the wall and place one or more on the ground.
  • Full-size bike sheds – this size basically combines both the vertical and horizontal shapes for maximum space for storing multiple bikes and other storage items.

3. Bike Shed Security – How To Ensure Maximum Security

The fear of losing your bike (or yet another bike) to an unwanted “admirer” is unsettling. 

If security is a huge factor in determining the best bike shed for you and your bikes keep on reading.

exterior of brown and tan wooden bike storage shed for sale

Are Bike Sheds Secure? 

Obviously, fabric tents and covers do not provide sufficient security. However, metal and wooden bike sheds prove to keep away burglars.

How Secure Is A Wooden Bike Shed?

A quality wood bike shed usually comes with a locking door or the ability to lock with a padlock. Together with its sturdy wooden walls and reliable lock system, a wooden shed is burglar-proof. 

A wooden bike shed would be considered highly secure. Basically, no one is going to be stealing your bikes.

How Do I Lock My Bike To My Shed?

Install either a ground or wallhigh security anchor inside your bike shed. Once your anchor is securely placed, invest in a quality chain and lock. Wrap the chain around the bike frame and any wheels that could be easily removed. Also, consider a U lock for additional theft-proof security.

Lock and your bike is set!

exterior of green wooden outdoor bike shed for sale

4. Bike Shed Prices? (How much Does A Bike Shed Cost?)

Bike shed prices differ depending upon the quality of their design, material, and level of security. There are plenty of cheap options out there, but remember you often get what you pay for…

The following examples offer you an idea of the range of bike shed prices.

Sheds Unlimited offers a large variety of bike sheds; if you would like to browse more of our bike sheds, click the button below.

Bike Shed FAQs

Here are a couple of common questions that we thought we’d also tie into this article.

Q. How Do You Store A Bike In A Wooden Shed?

You can store your bike inside your wooden shed in the following ways:

  • Set directly inside or against the walls
  • Hung up along the wall
  • Parked directly into bike floor racks

Q. Do You Need A Floor In A Bike Shed?

It is not crucial for your bike shed to have a floor. However, the addition of a floor inside your bike shed adds a greater level of security against theft and protection against moisture. Thus, a bike shed with a floor is an overall win-win.

exterior of green and red best bike shed for sale

Final Bike Shed Thoughts

Investing in a bike shed is a smart and preventative measure! No looking back now! Your valuable bikes deserve a reliable and safe resting place. We recommend that you purchase your bike shed directly through a bike shed manufacturer.

Hopefully the above helped you sort through your available options and choose the best bike shed for your specific situation.  

Wishing you many happy and blissful biking adventures to come!

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