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Two-Car Garage Sheds: The Shapes and Styles

exterior of a two-car garage for sale in PA

Sheds can be used for almost anything today. One of the most common uses around now is the garage. As someone who needs the space, how do you know what 2-car garage shed is right for you? You probably know what it’s like not to have a garage. Maybe you even know what it’s like not to have a driveway. We don’t want you to worry about space, who is parking where, or putting those folding chairs out in the street to save your spot anymore. You deserve a quality 2-car garage shed, and this article is going to help you decide which one is right for you.

But First…To The Basics

What is a car shed? While this may be commonplace for some people, others may never have seen a car go into a garage before. A 2-car garage shed is simply that: a prefab shed that has been custom-built with the plan to house vehicles. If you see names like prefab garage, garage shed, or portable garage, chances are, they are all referring to the same (or very similar) things. The main differences are in how they are assembled.

outside of one of many modern two-car garage sheds for sale in PA

Prefab Garages – could be modular, meaning they need to be assembled on site with multiple prefab pieces, or they may be delivered fully assembled. 

Portables Garages – are usually delivered in one piece, fully assembled. 

Garage Sheds – encompass the full spectrum of each example, but often refer to portable buildings that are delivered fully or partially assembled. 

So how can I utilize my garage shed? Truly it is up to the user how their garage is used. We hinted that sheds can be used for almost anything…and we have been in the business long enough to see it all. A 2-car garage shed for working out, a man cave, a guest house, a pool house, an entertainment room, and much much more. But the most obvious use for a 2-car shed garage is as a garage. Let’s start taking a look at what this can look like for you.

outside of a two car garage shed in PA

Do Sheds Really Make Good Garages? – The Short Answer

I suppose by now you may have realized that we are writing this article on the 2-car shed garage…so the answer is definitely going to be…YES! 2-car garage sheds start at around 20 feet in length and can range in width anywhere from 20- beyond. If you want more information about the dimensions of garages like this, check out this post! The truth is, a shed garage is a great way to add style, room, and functionality at an affordable price. As we dive deeper into the styles and types of the 2-car shed garage, we will unpack some more merits and benefits of what could be in store for you.

exterior of two-car garage shed for sale

What Types Of Sheds Are Available For 2-Car Garages?

We have come to the main dish, the piece de resistance. Here we will list our 8 different styles of car sheds that we have to suit and meet your needs. We will dive into 4 distinct styles of 2-car garage sheds: 

  • Double Wide (Modular) – This is the simplest 2-car garage shed option, featuring two halves which are delivered fully constructed and joined together on-site.
  • Workshop (A-frame)  – This partially-prefabricated 2-car garage shed is built with a roofline in the classic A-frame style.
  • MaxiBarn (Gambrel) – These 2-car garage sheds are built with a barn-style roof design.
  • Saltbox – With an extra-long front overhang, this may be the most distinctive style of a 2-car garage shed.

Within these 4 types of garages, there are additional subtypes. Confused yet? Don’t worry, that’s why we wrote this. Don’t forget as we look into the different types of sheds to remember to think about what you want in the shed garage, will you have room for growth, and the size of the location you have for it. Let’s begin.

exterior of one of many two car garage sheds for sale in PA

1. Standard Workshop Double Wide Garage

Some might call this two-car modular garage an instant garage, and for good reason. This 2-car garage shed type will arrive in two sections, and within hours it will be in place and ready to park vehicles inside. With the height of this type of shed garage, it won’t include a loft, but it more than makes up for it with the size and capabilities of the interior. It also is our most inexpensive option, benefitting usage overlook. It includes 2 raised panel garage doors, 2 24×36 windows with screens and trim, a 3-foot single door, and a 3.5/12 inch roof pitch with 6 inches of overhang!

Available with multiple sidings, this 2-car garage shed comes unfinished on the inside, giving you a blank slate to work with as you create your dream interior. Want to see additional photos of the standard workshop double-wide? Check here to get your creative juices flowing when purchasing your new 2-car shed garage! Or, if you would like to read more about double wide garages, our “Double Wide Sheds: Storage Sheds 2X Larger” article is a great resource.

exterior photograph of a two-car garage shed for sale in PA

2. Single-Story Workshop 2-Car Garage Shed

This garage has just enough space to fit your 2-cars while also helping enhance your property. With 2 raised panel garage doors, you will be able to open the door to a less cluttered future. This 2-car garage shed comes with 2 30×40 insulated windows with screens and trim, a 3ft prehung solid single door, and a 5/12 roof pitch w/12” overhang on all sides. 

Available with multiple sidings, this 2-car garage shed comes unfinished on the inside, giving you a blank slate to work with as you create your dream interior. Want to see additional photos of the single-story workshop garage? Check here to get your creative juices flowing when purchasing your new 2-car shed garage!

outside of a two-car garage shed for sale from PA

3. Attic Workshop 2-Car Garage Shed

Wondering what the main difference is between this garage and the previous? I don’t think that you are considering it’s in the title. With our attic 2-car garage shed designs, you get to create a garage that fits your style and adds the space you need for life. This garage allows you to park 2 vehicles inside and away from the weather, while also giving you some space to store things that are cluttering your home. 

This beautiful 2-car garage shed provides an unfinished attic space that you can tailor to your needs. Our engineered attic trusses are 24 inches on-center with durable truss screws. And finally, there will be a staircase to carry you all the way up into your extra space. Choose the size of this garage that best suits you and check out our images of attic workshops that we have already completed here!

4. Legacy 2-Story Workshop 2-Car Garage Shed

With this garage, you will experience everything the 2-car garage shed has to offer, and a second floor to boot. With a full second floor and optional shed dormers, this prefab car garage can serve as a living space or a place to fulfill your dreams or organize your life. We want you to have your dream garage so feel free to give us insight on where you want the 30×40 insulated windows. 

Enjoy the prehung 3ft single door and 2 raised panel garage doors for ease of access. In this model there will also be a 36in full stairway with a rough wood safety railing for those heavy boxes you may be carrying up there. With the Legacy 2-car garage shed, you will also be able to choose from 3 different types of siding. Ready to start planning? Check out some of our buildings for more inspiration! 

outside of a beautiful two-car garage for sale in PA

5. Single Story MaxiBarn 2-Car Garage Shed

This barn-style garage takes you back in time to life on the farm where the family worked together to make life happen. Our Single-Story MaxiBarn Two-Car Garage Sheds offer a wide-open space on the first-floor providing room to store the cars, the garden tractor, and even space for a home garage workshop. The insulated windows, solid single door, and 12in overhang of the barn roof will surely brighten the landscape on any property!

The heightened inside roof space gives you the chance to dive into your dreams just like the owner of that beautiful truck. We would love to talk to you in order to find out if this 2-car garage shed is right for you. Feel free to reach out to us at (717) 442-3281, or send us an email at office@shedsunlimited.net. Interested in seeing some more single-story 2-car barn shed garages? Look no further than right here!

exterior of two-car garage sheds to buy in PA

6. Attic MaxiBarn 2-Car Garage Shed

Get ready to welcome our next option. The same barn-style shed you love, now combined with the extra space of an overhead attic. Why waste the space in the roof area, when you can utilize this space with a large loft area? The Attic MaxiBarn 2-car garage shed is a great option for a garage with loft space to give room to get the cars and garden tools inside, plus give you a wide-open attic/loft with a full-sized stairway to reach the loft. Available in 2 siding options, this garage shed is only limited buy your imagination of what you can fill it with.

Coming fully equipped with raised panel garage doors, insulated windows, a solid single door, a 12in barn-style roof, and a full stairway…you would be hard-pressed to find a better value for the excellent work. Interested in this particular 2-car garage shed? Check out some more images here!

outside of a good quality two-car garage shed for sale in PA

7. Legacy 2 Story MaxiBarn 2-Car Garage Shed

The name is sure a mouthful, but wait until you see what is in store with this 2-car garage shed. What could you do with more space? How about two full floors of extra space? You could park the cars on the first floor of this Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Two-Car Garage and use the second floor for apartment space, a man cave, or a small guest house. Your dreams for more space could be realized with a two-story two-car garage.

With 3 siding options and all of the features of our normal 2-car garage sheds, we cannot wait to see your face when you purchase this model. This unfinished 2nd story is led to by a well-constructed staircase featuring natural light from our insulated windows. Interested in seeing more? We knew you would be. 

Don’t stop reading now! You only have 1 more to go!

8. Single Story Saltbox 2-Car Garage Shed

If you need storage for two cars and a unique garage to accent your property, then a Single-Story Saltbox 2-car Garage Shed might be your answer. These garages provide you with two garage doors and plenty of space with unique garage features that will truly enhance your property. This unique car garage with a wide front overhang is also a very affordable prefab car garage. Often seen with an accompanying cupola, the saltbox garage-type will never go out of style. Whether you want a guest house, more storage room, or a quiet place away from the chaos, this 2-car garage shed can give it all. With a solid 3 ft door, insulated windows and 30-year architectural shingles, this model will certainly brighten up your landscape! We encourage you to expand your mind by checking out more!

outside of one of many excellent two car garage sheds from PA

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