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Sheds for Plants: The #1 Guide to Plant Sheds

plant shed featured

Do you want to keep your plants safe and healthy, while also being able to store your tools in the same place? Well look no further, a plant shed is the answer to your problems!

What is a Plant Shed?

A plant shed, also known as a potting shed, is a small building, typically in a garden, used to store seeds and grow plants, without having to worry about outdoor threats. This sounds awfully similar to a greenhouse; however, the difference is that a plant shed allows for the storage of equipment and other customization options that a greenhouse wouldn’t allow.

Uses for a Plant Shed

A plant shed has many uses, here are a few of the main ones:

Store and Grow Plants

seedlings growing in peat moss pots

The main and most common use for a plant shed is exactly as the name entails, using a shed to store and grow plants. A plant shed uses large windows to provide your plants with ample sunlight while keeping them protected from the outdoors. Now, you may be wondering, “Why not grow my plants outside?”, or “Shouldn’t I just buy a greenhouse?”, while these are possibilities, let me tell you why a plant shed is the better option.

First, growing plants outdoors makes your plants susceptible to many different threats. One good example of this is frost injury, where plants get damaged by low temperatures. This occurs when ice crystals form inside the plant tissue, and this can be fatal to the plant.

Second, while buying a greenhouse is a good option for growing plants indoors, they are not so great if you want to store equipment or customize them. Not to mention that they don’t have the best appearance either.

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Store Equipment

gardening tools and equipment on old wooden background

Another great use for a plant shed is for equipment/tool storage. Unlike a greenhouse, a plant shed doesn’t just keep your plants safe, it also doubles as a space for storing your belongings. Also, a plant shed typically has walls made from wood or metal, this allows you to add shelving. Good luck attaching shelves to the glass walls of a greenhouse.

If you are only looking to store equipment, check out our article on tool sheds!

A Calm Getaway

relaxed woman in room with green plants

A plant shed isn’t just a place to store equipment and grow plants, it’s a great place to go if you ever want a change in scenery, or if you just want to get out of the house. You can relax and read a book or even use it as a place to get some work done, all while basking in the beauty of the garden you’re creating!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plant Shed

You may want to be aware of these before deciding on a plant shed:

Local Rules and Regulations

Depending on where you live, there may be some limitations regarding your ability to build a shed. For instance, some states like New York require a permit if the shed is larger than 120 square feet. Also, they don’t allow sheds to be permanently affixed to the land. So, it’s a good idea to check in with your local regulations and building codes to avoid any trouble. Here are some building codes by state.

Proper Space

The average size for a plant shed is around 10×8 feet, so you want to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate the building comfortably.

The Cost of a Plant Shed

Another thing to consider before buying a plant shed is the price, our high-quality potting sheds start at $6,000 and they come standard with a workbench. Then, you also need to account for the pots, soil, seeds, and other expenses, depending on what you’d like to have in your plant shed.

Advantages of Plant Sheds

Here are some of the advantages of owning a plant shed:

Better Than Greenhouses

When compared to greenhouses, plant sheds are usually the better choice. A greenhouse is a building made mainly out of transparent materials like plastic or glass, to provide ample sunlight for growing plants. While they are great at facilitating plant growth, they are not as versatile as a plant shed that can help grow plants, store equipment, and even provide space for a relaxing getaway.

Good Environment for Plants

A plant shed is an ideal place for your plants. The large windows provide good amounts of sunlight, and the enclosed structure protects your plants from any outdoor threats like extreme weather, rodents, and parasites, just to name a few.


Plant sheds are great if you want to add your own special touches and bring some life to your shed. With a greenhouse, customization options are cut short because of the glass or plastic walls. In a plant shed with wooden walls, you can hang pictures, install shelving, and paint the walls whatever color you’d like!

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Complements Your Property

Unlike a greenhouse, a plant shed can have a custom appearance and look appealing. You can paint and design your plant shed to match the style of your house or make it a bright color, so it stands out. A plant shed can really make your property “pop”!

Increase Property Value

Did you know that a plant shed can add value to your property? Some experts estimate this increase to be up to $15,000!

Below is a table representing greenhouses vs. plant sheds:

Store PlantsSafely Store EquipmentProvide a GetawayCustomization (Shelves, etc.)Increase Property Value
Plant Sheds

Our Potting Sheds

Here at Sheds Unlimited, we have high-quality potting sheds built with large windows, skylights, and a workbench to provide you with the best gardening experience, without sacrificing your comfort. Check out our potting sheds here!


Now you know all about plant sheds and if they’re right for you! A plant shed is basically an upgraded greenhouse with more features and customization options. If you need a place to keep your plants and equipment safe, we got you covered!

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