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Outdoor Storage Sheds For Sale

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modern pool house outdoor storage shed

When it comes to your outdoor life, you want the best you can get in storage space. But how do you decide which outdoor storage shed is right for you? Simple, deciding on a storage shed relies on your desires and needs. Smaller storage space means smaller storage shed, larger storage space equals larger storage shed.

Find Your Outdoor Storage Shed Size Below

small outdoor storage sheds

Standard Outdoor Storage Sheds

If you are looking for a small storage space to fit your common supplies including garden tools and equipment, lawn care supplies, etc. Then the Standard Outdoor Storage Sheds are made for you. Begin organizing your backyard equipment today with a standard small outdoor shed. These outdoor sheds come in a range of different sizes starting from a small 6x6 frame, to a 16x48 wide shed. 

2 story outdoor storage shed

2 Story Outdoor Storage Sheds

Need more than just a little bit of space for storage? Go big or go home with the 2 Story Outdoor Storage Sheds. These amazing and storage space buildings are open with open space that can be used for storage, even 2 floors of them! Never have a problem with storage again with the amazing 2 story outdoor storage shed. These outdoor sheds come in a range of different sizes starting at a 10x20 frame, to a 16x36 wide shed. 

Now that you've found your ideal shed size, you want a style that will fit your personality. With 5 styles to choose from, which of these best reflect you and what you want to do with your outdoor storage shed?

Find Your Outdoor Storage Shed Style Below

outdoor storage workshop shed

Outdoor Storage Workshop Shed

If you are looking for a small, compact shed that will fit general storage, the workshop shed is a great option. The workshop shed offers four unique styles within itself to give you plenty of options in selecting an inexpensive shed. Create a space for general storage in your backyard space with this amazing outdoor storage shed.

dutch barn outdoor storage shed

Outdoor Storage MaxiBarn Sheds

In need of a spacious area to store general storage? Do you have lots of small items that can be placed in overhead storage? Looks like the MaxiBarn Outdoor Storage Shed is the right one for you. With styles like the Gambrel Shed and the Dutch Barn Shed, the MaxiBarn is sure to give you what you're looking for.

saltbox outdoor storage shed

Outdoor Storage Saltbox Sheds

If you need something different for your backyard experience, the Saltbox Outdoor Storage Shed is sure to do it. The Saltbox sheds have an overhang that will give your backyard that New England feeling like never before. Start experiencing a different kind of storage space with the Saltbox today!

minibarn outdoor storage shed

Outdoor Storage MiniBarn Sheds

Want to know how to add any Dutch look to a backyard? The answer is simple, a MiniBarn Outdoor Storage Shed! The "younger brother" of the MaxiBarn Storage Shed, this amazing outdoor storage shed provides the look and feel of a great Dutch shed. Envision the look of your new backyard with a MiniBarn Shed today!

modern outdoor storage sheds

Outdoor Storage Modern Sheds

A modern touch to any backyard is what this Modern Outdoor Storage Shed has to offer. Recreate a backyard experience that you've never seen before with a modern storage shed. With two amazing styles within the Modern series, the options for your future backyard are wide open.

Build Your Own Custom Outdoor Storage Shed

custom outdoor storage sheds

3D Shed Builder

Do you want to customize your own 3D Outdoor Storage Shed? If so, build your own using our 3D Shed Builder. This shed builder can be used to customize your own shed from the style and size, all the. way to the flooring and interior. Experience a build like no other at the comfort of your own home today!

Outdoor Storage Sheds For Sale

If you are in need of a storage space in Pennsylvania, and its surrounding states, contact Sheds Unlimited for all your storage space problems. Our team is ready to serve you with whatever you need with outdoor storage sheds, and prefab garages. Get started on your dream storage space today by giving us a call at (717) 442-3281 or submit a FREE quote request

Sheds Unlimited Customer Reviews...

Over 500 Reviews

Average Rating

Sheds Unlimited provided great customer service. Due to a number of issues on our end, we needed a longer than typical time for preparation of the site. They willingly worked with us on the timing of the delivery and on-site construction of our new barn-style shed. The crew arrived on time and completed the project in an amazing short time. If you are a cost and quality conscious customer - you will be happy with Sheds Unlimited.

Mary Jones from Baltimore, MD

The shed looks wonderful in the garden and yes, has been a better convenience to access mowers and tools.  Locking and unlocking and the ramp usage are terrific.

Victoria from Heidelberg twp

For 15 months, we had worked with an architect and a couple of builders to develop a plan for an over-sized two car garage. All of the options seemed way too expensive and time consuming to seriously consider. We discovered Sheds Unlimited after searching online for ideas and we found a solution that was better than we had envisioned. Not only did their standard 24’ x 36’ design include the huge loft, their engineers helped to tailor the configuration to incorporate a workshop, larger windows, additional doors and extra-tall ceilings.

We have some home renovation experience and had a desire to be more involved with the project as our own general contractor. Sheds Unlimited team was perfect partner as we navigated the design, permitting and construction phases. They are true professionals and ensured our job went as smooth as possible by pointing out key details that they knew were required to meet local code requirements. Along the way when we ran into inevitable snags that come with a construction project like ours (ours was pretty tricky on a steep grade and down a 100’ gravel driveway), Sheds Unlimited was totally responsive and typically resolved the issues the next day to keep us moving forward.

We live in a long established neighborhood and there was some apprehension from others in the community over the project. Since completion, we’ve received a number of compliments from our neighbors who have remarked about the new building including: “…I can’t believe how well the new garage matches the house – it’s a perfect fit“ and “…it looks like it’s been there the whole time. Your builder did a great job!”

After living with the new garage for more than a year now we continue to be impressed with the quality of the workmanship. We don’t write very many reviews but we had such a great experience with Sheds Unlimited we felt it necessary to pay compliments when they’re really (over)due.

Thank you Sheds Unlimited!!!

Greg & Amy from Fairfax, VA

the delivery was on schedule, and the set up went quite smoothly. The shed
exceeded our expectations and is an enhancement to our backyard. thanks

Overall outstanding people, outstanding company and outstanding product. Delivery and set-up was Incredibly Professional and Skilled. Glenn delivered the wood shed - a very odd shape at 16 x 4 and extremely difficult to place on location given the small hill, basketball pole in the way and unstable shape (4' width). Matched perfectly a shed purchased several years before from Sheds Unlimited. Would go to Sheds Unlimited again (and did).

Chris from Doylestown, PA

Needed more storage and a place for our riding mower.  The shed size had to be customized to get through our 9.5 gate and the final location was between a group of large trees and out landscaping rocks.  They did an outstanding quality  job with the 9.5 x 14 ft shed and the delivery and set up was over the top!  I strongly recommend Sheds Unlimited!

George Castellini from South Jersey

The price was the main reason I picked Sheds Unlimited to begin, and was worried that the quality might be lacking. They brought the shed early, which really helped me out, and it looks great - very sturdy.

Lowell from West Chester, PA

very pleased with my new shed. to have all the work done for the same price of buying a kit and having to build it and paint it. you cant beat it. easily went from trailer to pad in a few minutes. wish it had a gable vent ill have to add it.

Steve from N.y.

This was a very pleasant experience from custom project to delivery and installations. We love our new shed!


Victor Sharov from Exrton PA

We are very pleased with our new shed. Very impressed with the quality of the construction and the color perfectly matched our house. Great value makes sheds unlimted the best choice in picking a company.

John Thomas from Dewey Beach, Delaware