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Barn-Style Sheds: What You Should Know

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Have those attractive sheds that resemble small replicas of a barn been catching your attention lately? If so, you have landed at the right place! Let’s talk about barn-style sheds and the important things you should know if you are seriously considering a shed purchase.

What are Barn-Style Sheds?

“Barn-style sheds” are a popular name for sheds built with a gambrel roof style. A gambrel roof is a roof built symmetrically with two slopes on each side (literally resembling a classic barn). The gambrel roof design is popular as it allows for more headspace inside of the shed. All in all, the barn-style shed is a spacious, functional, and attractive shed option!

What Types of Barn-Style Sheds Are Available?

While all barn-style sheds share the same general structural appearance, this style comes in many different variations. Below list of barn-style sheds designed to suit a variety of personal tastes and budgets. 

(Note that the barn-style sheds listed below are models built by Sheds Unlimited, but many shed manufacturers have similar models which they may refer to with regional terms or company-specific model names.)

Standard MiniBarn

green garden
Size: 8×12
Starting At $2,717
Starting price is shown. Building displayed in photo may include optional upgrades.

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If you like the barn-style look and need basic storage space for lawn equipment, bicycles, or garden tools, meet the Standard MiniBarn. This type of barn-style shed is a good fit for basic storage needs, as well as your budget since it is the most affordable model. The Standard MiniBarn is the most basic economy barn-style shed; it does not include a loft area.

Standard MaxiBarn

amish barn sheds pa 3
Size: 10×14
Starting At $4,363
Starting price is shown. Building displayed in photo may include optional upgrades.

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Are you looking for the best combination of space and affordability? If so, the Economy Maxibarn fits the bill! With more storage space than the Standard MiniBarn, thanks to the addition of higher walls, you can enjoy this spacious barn-style shed as a storage space, lawn equipment shed, or garden shed. The higher walls offered with this design (and the following designs) allow for the addition of an optional loft area.

Classic Gambrel Shed

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Do you want the most classic-looking barn-style shed? If so, it is hard to beat the Gambrel Classic Shed. With its distinct gambrel roof and increased headspace, this barn-style shed offers even more capacity for storage and opportunity for use. An 18” roof overhang gives this barn-style shed a more finished look and helps to protect the shed walls from direct rain water.

Premier Dutch Barn

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Size: 12×28
Starting At $24,831
Starting price is shown. Building displayed in photo may include optional upgrades.

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Are you hoping to turn your barn-style shed into a workshop, hobby space, or “she shed”? If so, the Premier Dutch barn offers you incredible overhead storage space and plenty of room to do what you love the most! Plus, thanks to kick-outs on the roof eaves and transom windows, this lofted barn shed gives an old-fashioned Dutch appearance and will make quite the statement in your backyard. This is the most deluxe single-story barn-style shed.

Legacy Two-Story MaxiBarn

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Size: 14×24
Starting At $32,259
Starting price is shown. Building displayed in photo may include optional upgrades.

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Coming with an entire second floor, the Legacy Two-Story barn is the ultimate barn-style shed in terms of size, usable space, and total aesthetic. Stunning. Versatile. SPACIOUS. Your dreams for storage and your personal hobby can become a reality inside this type of barn shed. We’ve seen two-story barn-style sheds used for everything from extra living space to vehicle storage to running a business. If you’re going to turn one of these sheds into a living space, you might want to consider insulating your shed as well.

How Much Do Barn-Style Sheds Cost?

Barn-style sheds can cost anywhere from $2,207 to about $49,666, with the price largely varying based on size, model, materials, and special customizations, 

For example, an 8×10 MiniBarn with wood panel siding starts around $2,458 and a 10×12 Gambrel Classic Shed with wood panel siding costs around $5,005.  The prices for 8×10 to 12×20 barn-style sheds with wood panel siding range from about $2,458 – $25,408.  

Keep in mind that siding material has a large effect on the final price of a building. Wood panel siding is the most economical option. Vinyl siding is a more expensive option but is a great choice for a low-maintenance exterior. Wooden clapboard siding is the most deluxe and most expensive siding option; in our opinion, it’s also the most beautiful.

Again, the cost of a barn-style shed really depends on its size, model, materials, and any special features you wish to add.

You can get an approximate idea of the cost of your ideal barn-style shed by visiting our storage sheds page, selecting a specific shed style, and comparing the shed pricing tables. For an exact barn-style shed price, you can request a free quote (assuming you are within our service area).

If you’re concerned about extra shed maintenance costs down the road, we have another article about how to keep your vinyl shed maintenance-free.

Are Barn-Style Sheds More Expensive Than Other Shed Styles?

Once you begin comparing prices, you may notice that barn-style sheds are sometimes more expensive than some other shed styles with the same dimensions. However, once extra overhead storage space in the loft is accounted for, the barn-style shed is often cheaper per square foot than comparable sheds with A-frame or “saltbox” roof styles.

Below are some of the most popular barn-style shed sizes. If you have not nailed down your shed size just yet, check out the following list.

  • 8×10 – Perfect for basic storage, garden and lawn care items. See more detailed description of what all can fit inside a 8×10 barn-style shed by checking out this article about 8×10 Sheds.
  • 10×10 – Ideal space for lawnmowers, lawn care items, basic storage, and bicycles. Enjoy grabbing some space saving tips from 10×10 Storage Sheds… The Mighty Mini.
  • 10×12 – Suitable for both storage (such as, bicycles, lawn and garden equipment) and a small workspace (although space may be tight).  Learn more about the potential of a 10×12 shed by checking out 10×12 Storage Sheds…Mighty Handy.
  • 10×16 – Enough room for storing your motorcycles, lawn care items, tools, and storage bins. You can also use it as a workspace, mancave, or she shed.
  • 12×16 – Ideal space for storing tools, mowers, smaller furniture, motorcycles, and basic storage items. The space affords a nice-sized home gym, workspace, or office.
  • 12×20 – Perfect space for a hobby center! Ideal space for storing ATVs, garden care items, mowers, and even enough space available for a single car. Get more details about a 12×20 shed in A Guide for a 12×20 Shed.

As a side note, it can be helpful to jot down your shed’s purpose(s), along with a complete list of items you hope to store inside your shed, along with their measurements. This will allow you to map out the storage space in your shed and plan definitively for the right size of a barn-style shed. Don’t forget to also evaluate and measure your available backyard space.

For example, if you’re looking for a place to store your bikes, make sure you know how many bikes and what size bikes you’ll be storing in your shed. For more info, on bike sheds, click here.

What a Barn-Style Shed Offers You

If you are considering purchasing a classic-looking barn-style shed, take a moment to consider the benefits the barn style offers you.

  • More storage space overall, thanks to loft areas.
  • Additional headspace
  • More space available for adding shelving, décor, etc!
  • Fully customizable (you have options for doors and window placement, siding, roof, colors, etc).
  • Offers you a classy country looking shed.

Where to Get a Barn-Style Shed

If you’re convinced that a barn-style shed is the right fit for you and your property, there are three primary ways to purchase your building: DIY/kits, big-box store, or specialized shed company. 

Let’s briefly break down some details about each route.


Building your barn-style shed DIY may be the cheapest route. However, for it to truly be the cheapest (in terms of quality for the least amount of money spent) you will need to have skills and free time to build a long-lasting shed from scratch.
If you prefer to go DIY, but don’t want to build completely from scratch, kits can meet you in the middle. Some builders offer pre-packaged kits that include all the lumber and instructions for building your barn-style shed. You can see Sheds Unlimited’s shed kits here.

Big-Box Store

As always, big-box home improvement stores offer barn-style sheds. These outlets are often able to offer very cheap prices on barn-style sheds, thanks to negotiating wholesale contracts with shed companies and only offering the most basic shed designs. 

The downside of going with the big-box stores is the limited options available and the building construction quality. The shed styles offered are somewhat “cookie cutter” and cannot be customized. Additionally, the quality of materials and attention to construction detail often suffer in the pursuit of offering customers the lowest possible shed prices.

Specialized Shed Company

Finally, there are the specialized shed companies. Like Sheds Unlimited, many of these shed manufacturers are often family-owned and operated, and focus solely on building sheds, garages, and other outdoor structures. Shed companies often specialize in “prefab” sheds, meaning buildings are constructed at a shop and delivered fully assembled to your backyard.

Many shed companies also offer a “stick-built” or “built on-site” option as well, meaning your barn-style shed can be built from scratch right in your backyard if the location or building style is not suitable for prefabrication. 

Once you factor in the high-quality build and materials, the price for a barn-style shed from a shed-specific company is very reasonable and competitive to all the above routes. Plus, buying directly from a builder (like Sheds Unlimited), rather than from a shed dealer or middleman, is another way to get optimal shed quality at a competitive price.

Get Your Very Own Barn-Style Shed Today!

Are you ready to turn your dream of owning a barn-style shed into a reality? A barn-style shed will not disappoint…go for it! Down the road, it might be wise to consider turning your shed from just a shed to a shed with electricity.

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