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8x10 Sheds

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small 8x10 shed

What is an 8x10 shed? Well, the simple answer is that an 8x10 shed is an 80 square foot storage unit that is fairly standard to a traditional shed you would see in a backyard.

However, what separates an 8x10 storage shed from any other shed? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the 8x10 shed? Let’s look more into it below.

Pros and Cons of an 8x10 Shed

Every shed has its benefits and drawbacks, the key to finding the shed for you is figuring out which shed has everything that you are looking for. Below you can find the pros and cons of the 8x10 shed and determine if it may be something you would be interested in.


small 8x10 shed

Ideal for Backyards

Being an 8x10 shed, this is an ideal size for the average backyard space which has approximately 10,000 square feet average. Placing an 80 square foot shed into a 10,000 square foot lawn will not look too odd and also will provide sufficient space for all your storing needs.


In contrast to some other larger storage sheds, the 8x10 storage shed is highly affordable for anyone looking for a quality structure for storage. You can get an Amish made wooden 8x10 shed for $2,000 - $4,000, reference prices below.


When looking at an 8x10 shed, remember to look at the possible customization options. This may include custom coloring, optional features like a workbench, shelves or a loft, additional doors or windows, vents, and ramps. You can build your custom 8x10 shed using our free quote form or our 3D Shed Builder. Visualize the shed you are building to see what your future storage space will look like.

Sufficient Space For Larger Items

Even though an 8x10 shed would be ideal for most backyards if you desire a large space for storage then this may not be for you. According to LP’s Shed Size Calculator, an 8x10 shed would be able to fit only about 2 fuel cans, 2 garden tools, a generator, a propane grill, a ladder, a lawn, mower, a miter saw table and a sawhorse, and a small drivable vehicle. Depending on what you plan on storing inside your 8x10 shed, you may need to explore other sizes.


Limited Options

The options you would get on an 8x10 shed are limited to options you would be able to get on a larger shed. For example, a second-floor option would not be possible on the 8x10 shed because of the size.

8x10 Shed Prices

Looking at different options of an 8x10 shed is a great way of determining which shed is right for you and your budget. The two main factors in the 8x10 shed price are the siding you put on and the style. The siding options you can choose from are vinyl and wood. You can other siding options of your choice for an additional cost. The shed styles in which you can choose from is the Workshop, MaxiBarn, Saltbox, MiniBarn, and Modern sheds. 

Below you can find the price difference depending on the siding and style.

8x10 storage shed

Standard Workshop Sheds

Wood: $2,570

Vinyl: $3,340

8x10 shed barn

Standard MaxiBarn Sheds

Wood: $2,756

Vinyl: $3,582

saltbox 8x10 shed

Standard Saltbox Sheds

Wood: $2,756

Vinyl: $3,582

8x10 shed for sale

Standard MiniBarn Sheds

Wood: $2,380

Vinyl: $3,100

modern 8x10 shed

Studio 1 Modern Shed

Smart Siding: $11,238

Not Available in Vinyl

8x10 Shed Options & Features

The 8x10 storage shed has many options and features that may be changed or added on to the building. Some of our options are siding colors, ramps, additional doors or windows, flower boxes, and cupolas or weathervanes. 

Let's take a closer look below at what these options are why you may want to add them to your 8x10 shed.

8x10 shed ramp


A ramp is a great addition to add to your 8x10 shed because it allows for ease of access for larger or heavier items on wheels. Instead of lifting the heavy items which could cause serious injury, a ramp gives you access to pull the item out of the shed freely and the same goes for putting it back inside the shed.

Interior & Electric

There are interior options you always may be looking to add to get the most out of your 8x10 storage shed. Some of these options may include a loft area, a shelve or workshop bench, and also electric! These three options provide plenty of benefits including adding extra space to store items, having a space to work at, and finally providing lighting so that you can see clearly inside of your shed at any time of day!

8x10 shed dormer


Another great addition to add to an 8x10 shed would be a dormer. Although it may be one of the smaller dormers, it still adds aesthetics and natural lighting from the sun. There are three total shed dormers from which you can choose for your 8x10 shed including the premier shed dormer, eyebrow dormer, a-frame dormer.

Cupolas & Weathervanes

The final option to consider adding to your 8x10 shed is a cupola or a weathervane. Cupolas and weathervanes are a very popular feature that goes on top of the roof. In the past, cupolas were used to provide a lookout or admit light onto an area. Weathervanes were used to show the direction of the wind. In today's world, they are typically used for aesthetics to add a more vintage look to their 8x10 storage shed.

8x10 shed cupola
8x10 shed weathervane

Get Started on Your 8x10 Shed

There is an 8x10 shed out there calling your name, find yours today. Submit a free quote or build your 8x10 shed in 3D using our 3D Shed Builder!

Have any more questions? Contact us directly by phone at (717) 442-3281 or by email at, we cannot wait to get you the storage space you are looking for.

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After being told by another vendor that because I had a Belgium Blocks around the driveway I would have to do a build on site at 25% increase I luckily found sheds unlimited. It took 6 weeks to get my delivery, but it worth it, the 12' x 20' shed is almost perfection! It came with missing shudders on one side but they offered me credit off the amount due or for them to ship them to me. The design process is no nonsense, there is no salesmanship involved, you get what you ask for, the delivery is easy. I highly recommend sheds unlimited!

Sam from East Brunswick, NJ

From the very first conversation to the final delivery. This company is great. They worked with me through everything to get the building I needed. Thanks Sheds Unlimited!

Steven De Jacimo from Point Pleasant, New Jersey

After reviewing a number of shed companies, I chose Sheds Unlimited and was very glad I did so, even though I had to pay a little more for transportation because I live in Connecticut.  Working with the team at Shed Unlimited was easy, my questions were answered and the shed was delivered exactly as planned.The 10X18 shed is better than I expected. Workmanship, construction, painting, and overall appearance are great. Delivery was efficient and the driver was able to put the shed exactly into position on our pre-prepared gravel pad. My wife loves the shed. It is a beautiful addition to our property.


I got to warn you that if you buy a shed from these guys the first thing you will want to do Is order another one. only bigger!!
I love sheds and I love building them and honestly I never thought I would be buying a pre-made. But as it turned out I didn't have a choice and I'm glad I didn't or else I might never have found SU. Excellent, excellent job from ordering to planning scheduling, delivering, quality and price. Trust me You can't wrong!

Peter from 21 Evans Drive, Cranbury NJ

Using sheds unlimited was the best decision I ever made.   My shed is beautiful well made and the whole process was unbelievably easy.   My shed was delivered in three weeks.  They came in one day and put it  together.  I rent to work and came home and it was there.   No mess nothing left behind.   My neighbors were also surprised and couldn't believe in a few hours it was done.   I love it and couldn't be happier!     Do not hesitate to use them the best price for your money.  My husband and son said the builders were the nicest two guys ever!    

Lisa rainone from Queens ny

Everyone at Sheds Unlimited is of the highest integrity and professional. The ordering process was trouble free, delivery was superb and service after the sale was fantastic! These guys, Japheth, Gideon, Amos and Leroy all care about the customer in a sincere way. My wife has always wanted a dedicate Potting Shed to do her Heirloom gardening and this company fulfilled her life long dream! Thanks Guys, your the best  

Dane Elterman from Stewartstown, PA

It was a pleasure working with sheds unlimited. I changed my plans multiple times and it was never a bother to them. When the state shut down all plans were thrown out and we had no idea when the shed would be delivered but they kept me in the loop as best they could. When they were permitted to work again Amos in the shipping dept worked with me in finding a time that worked for both of us. On delivery day the driver was friendly and professional and did an excellent job ensuring that the shed was centered on the pad and level. We love our shed it's not only beautiful but built to last. I wouldn't go anywhere else. You can dismiss that 1 Star negative review, some people just don't understand what a state shutdown is.

Rob from Jenkintown, Pa

We recently had a two car garage installed. The two guys from Sheds unlimited, Gideon and Mark were unbelievable! They worked so hard and had the garage up in one day. They were also super nice and easy to work with. John, who we dealt with during the design process was also great. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. Our garage is beautiful.

Vicente and Gillian Frontinan from Medford, MA


Thank you very much for delivery of the first of three sheds today.

The shed is oustnading; even better than the excelelnt product we anticpated !

The whole experience has been outstanding:

- your service in helping us design exactly what we needed, over many minor changes on our part, was truly superb: Professional, patient, presistent, and precise.

- the delivery person who brought the shed and installed it was truly outstanding: Focusd , courteous, skilled, and careful (RARE combination these days!) we would welcome this same installation person tomorrow as well as he was VERY careful and considerate of the property, trees, plants, etc...even carefully navigating around bushes inches from the shed site.

- the final product is excellent. high quality, visually beatiful and really a complement to our house.

We look forward to receiving the remaining two sheds tomorrow.

Please feel free to post these comments anywhere you would like.

- Steve

Steve from Titusville NJ

Great website. Visited your location and was impressed with your products. Mark, the salesman was great to work with. The delivery with the mule was spot on. The vinyl storage shed is perfect and looks fantastic!

Mike Hall from Highland,MD.