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10x20 Portable Garages | 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

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Are you in need of a space that will not only protect your vehicle but also provide an area for additional space such as tools, garden equipment, supplies, etc? If so, then you may want to check out the 10x20 portable garage.

What is a 10x20 Portable Garage?

A 10x20 portable garage is a single-vehicle storage building that can be either be manufactured from vinyl, wood, or a custom siding. 

A 10x20 portable garage is an exact 200 square feet. According to second-skin automotive, the average mid-sized car is anywhere from 90-133 square feet. This would leave you almost half of the 10x20 portable garage free of space where you can set up a workspace, and still have room left for other items.

These garages come in multiple different styles as well. From a standard A-frame to a barn-style roof, the 10x20 portable garage has it all.

10x20 Portable Workshop Garages

The Workshop garage is the typical A-Frame roof you would see in many sheds and garages. If you are looking for a prefab garage that is most likely going to match your home, then the workshop may be for you. See 10x20 Portable Workshop Garage prices below.


Wood: Starting at $8,229

Vinyl: Starting at $10,301

Who is a 10x20 Portable Garage for?

A 10x20 portable garage maybe for anyone in need of small garage space for their home. Whether you’d like a protected place you can work on your car or simply want a space to keep your car safe from outdoor dangers, a 10x20 portable garage is for you.

Don’t plan on placing a vehicle into your 10x20 garage? If you just need a space for storage, there may be a better option for you like a 10x20 shed. Storage sheds are great alternatives for garages when you desire storage space.


Where could you find a 10x20 Portable Garage?

When it comes to finding where you can look at and potentially purchase your future 10x20 portable garage, there are many places to start.

The easiest way to look for something you need in today’s world is online, which is no different with a shed or garage. 



Searching online for a 10x20 portable garage is a great option when you want to conveniently browse right from your home.

There are a ton of shed and garage builders online and every day more and more are transitioning to online because of the potential and demand for it.



The next best place to look for a 10x20 portable garage is at your local shed or garage builder. Going out and visiting the actual site and the people you could potentially be working with is a great experience and will give you more peace of mind and trust in your future 10x20 portable garage.

You can also find a great garage builder through word of mouth. Asking your friends or relatives if they know of any companies in the area that are popular and trusted. Seeing a structure that was built for a customer in person could make you feel a lot better purchasing a garage from the builder.

Why choose a 10x20 Portable Garage?

There are many reasons why you may want a 10x20 portable garage for your home. Number one being that you have a single vehicle and you want to find a space that will keep it safe and protected. 

Another reason you may look into owning a 10x20 portable garage is because of the ideal room it provides. 10x20 is neither too big or too small for a property which is a great reason to consider this size.

How to get your 10x20 Portable Garage

Now it is time to think about how you can go about owning your 10x20 portable garage. Luckily, there are many ways to do so.

Online Free Estimate

An online free estimate is one of the most popular options to begin your 10x20 portable garage. It starts with a click, a simple form submission of what type of building you are looking for, a few contact information, and that is it.

More and more sheds builders are moving to online estimates due to the growth of technology and to build a presence online.


3D Designer

Another way to get started on your 10x20 portable garage is a 3D build. The 3D shed or garage builder allows you to customize your structure from the ground up. Choose a custom style along with doors, colors, flooring, and interior to create a custom 10x20 portable garage right from home.


The final way you could find your 10x20 portable garage is through builders’ inventory. Although a 10x20 portable garage may not be available, the builder may be able to manufacture the custom portable garage you are looking for.

If the portable garage in which you are looking for is in stock, you are receiving a discounted price since inventory buildings are usually less than custom ordered ones.

Now that you have the answer to these five questions, it is time to figure out if the 10x20 portable garage is for you. Get started on your future prefab garage below.


Time for Your 10x20 Portable Garage

Now you know everything you need to in regards to the 10x20 portable garage. If you feel that the 10x20 portable garage is perfect for what you are looking for, please request a free quote
Don’t think this size garage is right for you? No problem, see all of our prefab garages and find the style and size made for you. We are sure there is a garage out there for you, and we would love to help you find it.

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the 10x20 portable garage or anything else on our website, please contact us. We would love to answer any questions you may have and hope to find you a Space For Life.

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My shed build was a challenge as it was hard to pin down the City's zoning rules. Ben and his crew worked great with us to make sure we adhered to all zoning laws by making changes as we needed to. Ben was right on the money with the build out date and handed things over to Austin. Austin worked around my work schedule and the bad weather we were having in our area as well as theirs. Delivery was right on time and was proficient as could be. We have a thin but long backyard and the driver (I really wish I had his name so he could get the recognition he deserves) had no issue wedging our new shed in with ease. We did have a slight issue with the concrete anchors but the driver assured me it was not an issue and would be taken care of. Austin then had Sergey swing by the very next day on his way to another delivery and knocked them right out for us. I just can't say how pleased I was with the communication and build from the 1st. day of contact until today's finish. Thanks Sheds Unlimited Crew.


Terry Martin from Baltimore, MD

The entire process of design, ordering, and delivery was effortless.  The sales personnel were helpful and knowledgeable.  Coordination with other work being done on our property was easy.  Installation of our 8x12 shed took less than 4 hours.  Great job!

Paul S from Stony Brook NY

very pleased with entire process. I was able to build my shed on line and see what it would look like. The company was very professional from sales all the way to delivery person

Arthur from bucks county p[a

I would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited to my friends and family. In fact, my shed came 2 days before our family reunion party so I was a bit nervous with all the preparations for 100 people coming and a shed kit on a pallet wrapped, sitting in my driveway...Well the driver, Glenn was so helpful, he even offered to help unload my 8x12 barn style shed and move it to the backyard!! It was enough incentive to start assembling it the next morning. Needless to say we had the entire shed up and together, 2 guys, 5 hours! Every piece fit perfectly and was as easy as buttering toast! I love my new shed, thank you so much and to all the employees and especially the driver who helped me!

kathryn harding from Tonawanda, NY

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since my 2 story garage was built by Sheds Unlimited. It has withstood winter and summer without any defects. I still love my little garage that houses my vintage shop upstairs. The construction team was totally amazing and competent. I liked the idea that I could design eto my liking and finish the interior ourselves. Their patience with all my uncertainies was appreciated. THANK YOU!

Rebecca from Charlottesville, VA

I am extremely pleased to see the pride that is taken in the worskmanship and detail in the build of the shed. I really love that there still are people who really put there all into their work and it definitely shows. Its so satisfying to see that I made the right decision with Sheds Unlimited!!! The entire process was flawless ,price was great and worth every penny. Delivery was unbelievable. I would definitely recommend this company and would buy from again with extreme confidence.

Marc from Somerset,NJ

Ordered classic workshop shed with several custom features and it's perfect.
Well built and nicely painted. My storage problems solved.
Great shed at a great price. Thanks again.

Glenn from Manasquan New Jersey

Service was excellent and the finish product speaks for itself. 12X12 maxibarn. it's beautiful.

William Knowles from Ossining NY 10562

Awesome experience from start to finish! Great customer service and delivery set up a breeze with Austin Beachy! He was able to accommodate me around my crazy schedule! Delivery was a breeze and they did a great job setting it up! Great job all around, pleasure to deal with! Will def recommend to my friends and family!

MaryAnne DeFinis from Stirling, NJ

It was a pleasure to buy a shed from a company that knows customers service. The ordering process was so EZ and the delivery was so simple with there delivery mule. Every other shed company just wanted to drop the shed in the driveway and I was responsible for getting it in the back yard for about the same price. The construction of the shed was top notch.
Thank You Sheds Unlimited, I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Monroe W. from Berlin