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A Harbor-Side Shed in Boston, MA

shed in boston ma

Sheds Unlimited recently had the privilege of building a workshop shed for the Piers Parking Sailing Center (PPSC) in Boston, MA. We talked with Danny Moreno, the Associate Executive Director, about what their unique program offers the youth of Boston and what led them to buy a workshop from Sheds Unlimited.

About the Piers Parking Sailing Center

Piers Parking Sailing Center is a non-profit program started in 1998 whose mission is to “foster inclusive empowerment through marine science and community sailing.” PPSC offers programs educating Boston’s youth from ages 6 to 22.

Between July and August, around one hundred children come each weekday from 9 AM – 4 PM. In the spring and fall, PPSC offers after-school programs, and in the winter, local schools allow them to teach in the classrooms. 

Opportunities for All Ages

PPSC has age-based and hands-on opportunities to learn. From 6-year-olds learning how to kayak and crab fish to 16-year-olds applying the skills they learned the years before to help instruct the younger children.  

PPSC is not just a program for children, though. Adults can use the boats on the weekends, and anytime the kids aren’t using them. PPSC also provides a four-day course where someone who has never touched a boat can learn to sail by themselves and take their guests out on the water. 

A Program with Longlasting Effects

Danny told us that most of the 60+ staff members at PPSC, including himself, grew up in the program as youth. Danny started at PPSC at the age of 10, and now 20 years later, he is still there, helping out as the Associate Executive Director. 

The skills taught at PPSC have encouraged many students to continue marine-related careers. Danny told us that one former student pursued a career as a marine attorney. Others now work on tankers, oil rigs, and local ferries in the Boston harbor. 

I see them around the harbor, and it always makes me happy.

Danny’s final comment about PPSC was how the program values community.  Everything they do is fueled by a desire to give back to the community, especially the children from East Boston.

shed in boston ma 2

The Need for a Shed

Sheds Unlimited came into the picture when Danny needed a bigger dock house and a new workshop. PPSC’s old boat house was too small to store all their boating supplies, and they needed to move its original workshop when the park next to them expanded. Danny decided instead of buying two separate buildings, he would buy one shed to combine the uses of both old buildings. 

Searching for the Best Shed Builder

Danny had initially considered buying the materials and building a shed themselves. He used Sheds Unlimited’s 3D Shed Builder to design the workshop, which he described as “nice and intuitive.” After seeing the end price of the workshop he created, he changed his mind about building it himself.

Once I actually saw the cost of having it delivered and built by [Sheds Unlimited], it was a hands-down decision that I’m not building this thing.

Danny considered several other shed company options before finding Sheds Unlimited, but he was impressed by the fact their estimate was around $4,000 cheaper than the competitors. The thing that sold him on choosing Sheds Unlimited, though, was their quick responses to his questions.  

The second I said, ‘What’s the quote?’ ‘What’s the delivery time?’ the answers came back so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to compare with the other [companies].

Installing the Workshop

Danny welcomed the crew into Boston around 7 AM, and by 12:30, the trusses were up. Even though the crew constructed the shed on a dock, they didn’t run into any issues. The team had electricity and a cart which simplified transporting the shed material. They finished the entire installation before 4:00.  

Danny was impressed by the process. 

 @#$%&! impressive! That is the best way I can describe that. My jaw was on the ground for those few hours those guys were here…it was honestly the most impressive thing that I have seen in terms of construction.

PPSC’s Finished Workshop Shed in Boston, MA

After using the shed for several months, Danny has good things to say about the shed. He says the shed makes it much easier to work on their boats, and since the workshop is more ideally located than their previous one, the workshop saves him many steps. The larger workshop makes working with the 10’ – 30’ aluminum boat masts easier. Danny also likes that he can use the roof trusses to store sails and lumber. 

Danny set up the shed with electric and lights, which made his life much easier. He can now power his high-powered radio, which he uses to communicate with boats miles away.

shed in boston ma 3

Danny’s favorite thing about the new shed is all the doors and windows. Compared to his last dock shed, which only had barn doors,  the new shed has several doors and many large windows. In the summer, Danny opens the windows and doors to let the breeze cool everything down. The windows provide enough natural light during the day that he doesn’t even need to turn on the light.

Advice for Those Buying a Workshop Shed

In retrospect, Danny would change a few things about his shed. He would have let Sheds Unlimited build the workbench instead of making it himself. Danny would have also had the crew install overhead storage. Other than those things, though, Danny says he is pleased with his new workshop shed.

Working with PPSC

We were honored to work with PPSC and Danny Moreno to build a shed in Boston, MA. We love to see the difference PPSC is making in the many lives of Boston’s children. If you want to learn more about Piers Parking Sailing Center, visit their website.

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