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Multiple Car Garages
2, 3, and 4 Car Prefab Car Garages

aerial photo of red and black 3-car prefab car garage
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One-Bay Car Garages are not always enough. Here you will find two, three, or four-car garages in many styles. Here you will find our Prefab 1, 2, 3, and 4 Car Garages with a single storyYou can easily upgrade to an Attic Prefab Car Garage or a full Two Story Detached Buildings and get even more space. Browse in-stock garages for sale or our single-car garage kits.

Double-Wide Modular Garages

Modular Doublewide Garages are the cheapest prefab car garage in our two-car garage line and give you the vehicle storage space you need with just a few hours of on-site setup time (browse in-stock double-wide garages for sale now). Here you get an instant garage with plenty of space for two cars. This Modular Garage is available in the Workshop style. 

Wonder if we sell and deliver garages near you? Don’t worry, our prefab car garages in the modular style can be delivered to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, and WV. Call 717-442-3281 for a free delivery estimate.

blue modular 2-car prefab car garage
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Two-Car Prefab Car Garages

The Prefab Two-Car Garages featured here are single-story with a truss rafter to give you an open space on the interior. These Prefab Car Garages are set up on a prepared concrete pad typically within one day.

This collection comes in a Workshop 2-Car Garage with a standard A-Frame Garage roofline, a Maxi Barn Garage with a Gambrel roofline, and a unique garage with a New England-style Saltbox roofline.

At Sheds Unlimited, you will find a team of specialists who are eagerly waiting to help you choose your 2-car garage dimensions, siding type, and the options you want to add to your prefab two-car garage.

2-car brown-doored prefab car garage
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Three-Car Prefab Car Garages

Add another bay to your garage and buy a wood or vinyl Prefab Three-Car Garage. As with all of our Standard One-Story Garages, the building will have around 8ft high sidewalls with three garage doors, an entrance door, and two windows. We offer three-car garages as a WorkshopMaxiBarn, or Saltbox style. 

Prefab Car Garages with three bays can give you space for two cars and room for lawn equipment storage or space for three cars with storage behind them. This garage can also be upgraded to an Attic Three-Car Garage for even more storage space.

blue and brown 3-car prefab car garage
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Four-Car Prefab Car Garages

Prefab Four-Car Garages from Shed’s Unlimited add a huge amount of detached car garage space. This featured Prefab 4-Car Garage provides space for cars plus plenty of extra room for a workshop and storage area behind the vehicles. Choose between a Single-Story Four Car Garage and a 4-Car Garage with loft Space. With the added loft space, there will be a very useful space in the attic area. 

The prefab four-car garages come in the Workshop Four-Car Garage with an A-Frame roofline, a MaxiBarn Prefab Garage, and the Saltbox Garage all built on your site by our Four-Car Garage Builders from Pennsylvania. Not sure if we sell and deliver garages near you? Rest assured, we set up prefab garages in PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, NH, MA, RI, ME, and NC.

4-car prefab car garage in the woods for sale from PA
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Prefab Attic Car Garages

Take a literal step up and add attic space to your prefab car garages. The Attic Garages from Sheds Unlimited are built on the standard two, three, or four-car garage models but combine a garage with attic space in the roof.

Attic space size varies according to the length and width of a building. A Workshop Attic 2-Car Garage 24×30 will feature an attic space of around 12’x30′ with a stairway going from the first floor to the attic space. A Maxi Barn Garage is 24×30 has, even more, space with possibilities for a 16’x30′ attic space.

Whatever size Prefab Car Garage you decide on, adding attic space can make a world of difference!

white prefab car garage with attic space
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Prefab Two-Story Two-Car Garages

If you want unfettered open space on the second floor, then a Legacy Two-Story Garage should be your choice. On the Legacy Prefab Garages, you get a subfloor with a clear span on the first floor. The 2nd floor offers, even more, possibilities with a Legacy Shed Dormer. With this addition, you can have a garage with apartment space, an art studio, or a home gym. 

This spacious prefab 2-car garage not only increases storage space but also comes with an elegant design that will add a special touch to your property. To top it off, this prefab Two-Story Garage can be erected on your prepared site in a few days.

exterior of red-doored prefab car garage for 2 cars
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Prefab Lift Car Garages

Get the space you need for your car Workshop with a Lift Car Garage. Our Lift Garages are specially designed to give you space for a car lift (we do not provide the lift). The Prefab Lift Garage is built on the plans of our 2, 3, or 4-car garages and simply adapted with higher walls and a scissors truss to accommodate the height needed for a lifting garage.

Now you can have room to store your antique cars and work on them in the same building. Featured here is a Three-Car Garage with Lift space built in Maryland.

with lift space prefab car garage
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