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Backyard Workshop Sheds: A Brilliant Idea

retreat in your backyard

What do you do on those tough days when getting out of the house is not an option? How can you make extra indoor space on your property for work or play without spending an arm and a leg? You can buy a shed from us, here at Sheds Unlimited and transform it into a backyard workshop shed. We are here to serve you and provide you with a backyard studio workshop, a retreat building, or whatever you need to create enough space to work or relax.

Why build a backyard workshop shed?

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I want a backyard workshop?”. Well, the answer is quite simple, a backyard workshop can help you solve a multitude of problems. If you need a quiet place to work away from the distractions back home, then building a backyard workshop is the way to go! Or maybe you just want a place to relax and get away for a bit, well your workshop shed is the perfect place to be!

How to turn your shed into a workshop

Here’s everything you need to turn your shed into a workshop:

  • Run electricity so you have power. You’ll want to be able to power your tools as well as power your lighting.
  • Install a workbench. A workbench is essential for a workshop shed so that you have a place to get your work done.
  • Insulate your shed (optional). If you live in an area where the weather gets unbearably cold or hot, you may want to consider insulating your shed. Insulation can also help prevent moisture build-up and mold, and aid in increasing your workshop’s life span.
  • Install pegboards and shelving. It’s important to keep your backyard workshop shed organized so that you don’t lose things while working on your projects.

Backyard workshop shed FAQs

How much does it cost to build a backyard workshop shed?

Depending on the size of the workshop and the customizations you’d like to add, the price ranges from $6,000 all the way up to $120,000. But, on average, a workshop shed will run you about $10,000.

What is a good size shed for a workshop?

Depending on what you’ll be working on and storing, the perfect size will vary. An 8×12 shed is just enough space to have a comfortable workshop with some storage space. A 10×16 shed is the perfect size as it provides ample storage space as well as room for a workbench and tools.

Can a shed be a workshop?

Yes, a shed can be a workshop, a shed is an ideal space for a workshop as it allows you to have a nice calm designated area to work in without having to worry too much about cleaning.

Does a workshop add value to a home?

A workshop can help increase your home’s asking price, this price increase is estimated to be up to $15,000.

Mary’s Backyard Workshop

backyard studio workshop

Mary Jane McCarty was looking to move her small home-based sewing business out of the dark basement when she pondered the idea of buying one of those Amish storage sheds and finishing it out for a small new backyard workshop. That was when she came across Sheds Unlimited and placed an order for a Classic Storage Shed which was customized to the tee to meet her needs. She added a large window on the end to allow for plenty of light into the backyard studio and ordered 15 light double doors for her new backyard workshop.

When the backyard workshop shed arrived six weeks after placing the order, she hired local contractors to finish the inside with insulation, electricity, and flooring. The backyard studio shed was made ready to be used in a very short time and for a cheap backyard studio price. The backyard workshop price was $10,579 with all the interior work completed.

FREE ESTIMATE on a Backyard Workshop

Sheds Unlimited will soon be showcasing more of their backyard studio sheds, small cabin sheds, backyard retreat ideas, and backyard office projects. So stay tuned to learn more about all the possibilities offered by Sheds Unlimited and let us know if we can be of any assistance in creating the perfect backyard escape for your home. Another idea is to turn your backyard workshop into a shed photography studio. You may also be interested in our Top 10 Backyard Portable Buildings for Sale. Call us at 717-442-3281 or email our office to learn more.

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