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7 Popular Questions about Garden Sheds

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You want to keep your backyard looking spectacular and tidy at the same time. A garden shed will do just that.

Trying to find the perfect storage shed can be time-consuming, but with the right info, it doesn't need to be too difficult. Here are some questions to ask before pulling the trigger on purchasing a garden shed.

#1. How do I build a garden shed?

building a garden shed

Build the Storage Shed Yourself!

There are plenty of resources on the web on how to build a backyard shed step by step. You need the materials, a plan, and creativity. This could be a great option because it is fully customizable to you and you get to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.

Photo credits: The Family Handyman

However, be prepared to spend plenty of days working on your storage space as they are not as simple as they look. Check out our Unique Storage Sheds Uses article for some unique ideas and features you could add to your new garden shed!

Buy a DIY Shed Kits from a Shed Builder

A shed kit is a great way to build your own backyard garden shed and get your hands dirty without having to figure out all the details. This is how it works. You pick the storage shed you want, many of the parts are assembled and stacked (walls, rafters, doors etc), then the package is delivered so you can assemble the garden shed yourself. You can learn how to assemble the outdoor shed with our storage shed kits video.

That's it! Shed kits give you the freedom to build when and how you want while also providing quality from a trusted company like Sheds Unlimited.

A Premier Garden Storage Shed build by Sheds Unlimited

Have the storage shed built for you!

Buying a prefab garden shed is a simpler and more convenient option. In fact, you can still get some of the satisfaction of making it yourself by using our new 3D Shed Builder to fully customize your own storage building!

Having a storage shed built for you may cost slightly more upfront, but it will save you plenty in terms of time and stress!

#2. What type of Garden Shed is best?

Ok, this is a question that can really only be answered by the size of your yard and your preferences. Garden sheds come in multiple styles and sizes including 5 different style storage sheds, a 2 story storage shed, and 3 different styles of siding! Depending on the size of your yard and style you like best will be the main influencer of your decision! As far as size, style, color, and options, here are a couple of examples of the many outdoor sheds you may choose from:

8x10 minibarn garden shed

MiniBarn Garden Sheds

If you are looking for something low costing to store your basic storage equipment, this may be the one for you. This MiniBarn shed offers you:

  • Low cost
  • 21+ color options
  • 5 year warranty
vinyl garden shed

Premier Workshop Garden Sheds

This shed is great if you want a bit more eye candy in a backyard shed that also provides you with the storage space you desire. A few highlights include:

  • Four 24x36 windows plus four transome windows
  • Metal or wood grain trim options
  • Option of a dormer for an extra fancy touch
premier dutch garden shed

Dutch Barn Garden Sheds

The Dutch Barn Shed is a popular, beautiful, and spacious outdoor shed that will provide you plenty of room for general storage but also extra storage as well with its high roof. 

  • Lots of Overhead Storage space
  • 20 Miles Free Delivery 
  • Old-fashioned Dutch Look
2 story garden shed

Two Story Garden Shed

The two-story shed provides workspace, comfort, and storage. This custom shed also gives you:

  • Choice of a Barn style or a Workshop Style
  • Full second floor and Stairway included
  • 2x regular storage shed space

#3. How much to build a garden shed?

The pricing of a storage shed for sale really depends on the size and style of the storage shed you choose. Quite simply, building an outdoor shed can cost anywhere from $2000 to $20,000. For example, the pricing for a Premier Workshop Garden Shed ranges from an 8x8 for $2,674 to a 16x48 for $19,504. 

Listed below are a few garden sheds in our collection along with their prices:

10x12 minibarn garden shed

MiniBarn Garden Shed

This awesome looking Barn Shed is one of the lowest cost outdoor sheds out there. The starting price for an 8x10 MiniBarn garden shed is $1,484.

This shed could fit general storage, lawn care equipment, one riding mower, etc. This is a really good choice if you are in need of a storage shed and tight on money.

standard workshop garden shed

Standard Workshop Garden Shed

If you want a shed that is maintenance-free, this will do the job! This storage space is one of the most common, and one of the favorites amongst the other sheds.

The workshop shed provides plenty of space for your backyard or outdoor life at a great price. A 10x14 standard garden shed starts at $2,458

classic saltbox garden shed

Classic Saltbox Garden Shed

The Saltbox provides a unique "New England History" design that will have your backyard looking pleasing and also tidy with plenty of storage room to stock it up.

Keep in mind, this outdoor shed has a lower back wall than the front meaning less headroom. The starting price for an 8x12 Saltbox Garden Shed is $2,368

modern garden shed

Modern Garden Shed

The modern styled shed is a beautifully designed storage shed that offers the desired space you are looking for and also a great look to your yard.

This magnificent storage space comes in 2 different styles: The Studio 1 modern shed, and the Urban 360. This shed starts at $7,439 for an 8x12.

#4. Where can I buy a garden shed?

There are multiple ways to find the perfect garden shed for you. Make sure to check the shed reviews of any company you choose to buy a shed from. You want to make sure you buy from a trusted, well-known storage building manufacturer or dealer that will stand behind their products. Here are some you may want to consider:

sheds unlimited team

Sheds Unlimited

You knew we were going to say that! We're a premium provider of storage sheds, backyard barns, prefab car garages for PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, and some other surrounding states. We've been building people their dream sheds since 1988 and we've built up a loyal fanbase of happy customers.

We can either build you a custom shed or you can choose from a wide variety of different sized storage sheds in our inventory.

We were incredibly impressed with Sheds Unlimited. They were super organized, extremely hard-working, and did a great job. The quality of the shed is excellent, and we are very happy. - Michelle Curran

The Internet

Yeah, that's a generic answer, but the internet is a great spot to look when in the market for basically anything. The internet provides many market platforms to buy sheds from, like Craigslist (great for used sheds), (good for low-cost options), and Amazon, to name a few. However, purchasing a shed online can be risky because anybody can post anything online and it can be hard to know what you will actually be getting. As previously mentioned, always make sure to check the reviews of sellers and specific products!

That being said, we do recommend going to a physical store or storage shed manufacturer as the smartest idea.

#5. How do I supply electricity to a garden shed?

solar powered garden shed

Solar Power

Solar energy is an option for getting electric power into your shed. This is done by installing solar panels either on top of or beside your garden shed. Using solar energy is cleaner and could save you a lot of money in the long run. There are other benefits though, like lower power costs and environmental impacts.

garden shed with electric

Underground Power

Many people get power to their shed via an underground cable from the electric panel in their home. They connect the panel to a wire that runs all the way underground to their backyard shed. Be sure to hire a licensed professional, as this is a very dangerous job if done wrong.

#6. Is planning permission or a permit required for a garden shed?

So, you're thinking about buying a shed for your backyard, but what does the government have to say about that idea? Well, in most cases, you should not need a permit for your shed in most jurisdictions. That being said, make sure you follow all of your state and county rules for planning and zoning! 

A couple of things to be aware of: be aware of setback regulations (how close buildings can be to property lines), restrictions on buildings that will be lived in, and any local regulations on electricity and plumbing (if applicable). Always be sure to check with your local municipality for specific regulations!

#7. Does a garden shed need a concrete base?

gravel shed pad

The answer is no, a concrete base is not needed for any type of storage shed. Storage buildings are able to have two types of bases to sit on, one being a concrete base and the other a gravel base.

As shown in the picture, the base used for this shed was gravel. In fact, we have an entire tutorial on how to prepare a gravel shed pad for your convenience. 

Thank you for joining us! We hope this helps you answer some of your outdoor shed questions. A garden shed is an amazing building to have in your backyard, get started toward owning yours today!

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Shed is well built. Looks great.  The delivery was excellent and the driver took great care is placing and setting it up.  They are highly recommended.

Tom from Cinnaminson, NJ

Absolutely Beautiful !!! Perfect and Best Prices !!

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Great Site, can't wait to finish checking it out and deciding which she'd to order

Benjamin F. Bond from Virginia Beach, VA

Had a 10 by 14 built on site because I opted for a concrete pad couldn't have been more impressed at the speed and quality of the work. Arrived 15 min. before scheduled time and completed the construction and cleanup in 2hrs. 30 min. Would recommend Sheds Unlimited to any and all that want quality, courtesy, and professionalism.

John J from Emmaus PA

Our 14 by 24 one car garage was delivered and set up early November. The truck pulled up shortly before 7 am and left by 5 pm after the garage was completed and cleaned inside and out. Two carpenters worked tiredlessly without even a lunchbreak to make sure that everything was complete by the evening. Despite the workpressure the always had a kind word and did not mind to answer our stupid questions. We haven't seen such a work ethics for quite some time. On top of it, the garage looks terrific and matches the style of the house. When asked I will recommend Sheds Unlimited without any reservation - a job very well done!

Rolf Eggert from East Hampton, NY

Can't say enough good things about Sheds Unlimited. From order placement right through delivery, everything went great. The pool house came out absolutely perfect, it was exactly what wee wanted. The order team was great helping me customize a few options, and i'm amazed at how smooth the delivery was. I will definitely order from again, and would suggest anyone looking for a new shed or other structure to give these guys a try. Thanks again!

Everett from Lakeville, PA

Thank you for our new shed. We have received several compliments from our neighbors about the appealing style and obvious quality of the construction. I would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited for any exterior structure. We worked with David in the Sales Office and he was quite knowledgeable and accommodating throughout the process.

Robert Scavilla from Philadelphia PA

Overall a wonderful experience. Best price, best service and even a great recommendation for someone to build the pad! We could not be happier! You will be my choice and recommendation to anyone for a shed in the future. It is hard to find a real family owned customer service business anymore like yours! Thank you so much!
Joseph Shenton
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Very pleased with the Shed! Very quick turnaround on the custom shed I ordered. Came exactly as requested and the standard materials are very good quality. The shelf and ramp I added are top notch. Shed comes with locks and keys as well!

The mule made delivery very easy, as there is no way a truck would have made it into our yard. Shane, who delivered the shed, was great and even advised be to trim back a bush so it didn't scratch the paint on the shed!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone.

Jeff Zamorski from West Chester, PA

Very pleased with the build and delivery. Thank you

Frank Barrella from Galloway, NJ