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10 Reasons to Buy from Sheds Unlimited

1. Buy Direct and Save

When you buy from Sheds Unlimited, you are buying direct from the manufacturer. In other words, you cut out the middle-man and save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars! And since we deliver our buildings to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and even beyond, you can save hard earned dollars and even get the storage shed or garage that you need.

2. Over a Dozen Collections

If you are looking for extreme durability, check out the Backyard Vinyl Sheds. For quality economical sheds and barns solutions visit our Wood Storage Sheds collection. Try the Classic Garden Sheds or the Premier Garden Structures for that extra touch that will be the jewel of your backyard. In need of storage for a car? Our quality line of Prefab Car Garages will surely meet your needs. We even offer custom built and prefab Two and Three Car Garages designed to protect your investment.

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3. Hundreds of Customizing Options

At Sheds Unlimited we work hard to make your prefab garage or storage shed your very own. We offer hundreds of customizing options for our Amish Storage Sheds and Barns. Add extra windows, wider doors, a dormer or place a lovely looking cupola and weathervane on your Amish Shed or garage to make is stand out. Or you can bring us your own design and give us a chance at making it become a reality! Call us today at 717-442-3281

4. Amish Built Sheds and Garages

Maybe you are asking if Sheds Unlimited is really an Amish Shed Manufacturing Company. First of all, most of our workforce either grew up Amish or is currently within one of the various Amish or Mennonite groups in Lancaster, PA. If you come visit our location early in the morning during the right time of the year you might even see a horse and buggy or scooter pulling in transporting some of our workers.

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5. Best Shed Delivery Techniques

We also take delivery of your building seriously. Our goal is to find the best delivery methods in the industry and keep your property in tip-top shape. Although we cannot guarantee your lawn will not be impacted our Amish Built Shed Delivery MULES allow us to bring a shed or garage onto your property without our heavy trucks ever entering your property.

Watch an Amish Shed Delivery with our Mule…

6. Quality Design and Construction

Our commitment to quality is encapsulated in our company moto “Excellence with a Smile.” Our goal is to provide a perfect Amish Shed or Prefab Garage every time! We know that is not always possible, but it is our company goal. We work hard to be sure every customer who writes a Sheds Unlimited Review can gladly give our company five stars.

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7. Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

While we focus on quality, we also work hard to build the nicest looking Amish Storage Sheds and Barns in the industry. Look through our Shed and Garage Idea Galleries and you will see our commitment to a backyard shed that provides a pleasing look to your property.

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8. Great Customer Service

“Excellence with a Smile” is our company moto and that shows up when you get to know our sales team. From the very first time you visit our website, to the time the shed arrives on your property we do the best we can to make sure our customers are served with a smile.

9. Hundreds of Customer Reviews

We all read customer reviews to make purchasing decisions. At Sheds Unlimited we know that happy customers make more happy customers. That is why we will go out of our way to make every customer a happy customer. Read the hundreds of Amish Shed Reviews on our site and find out what our customers are saying about us.

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10. Five Year Limited Warranty

Our FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY is our guarantee to you that the shed will arrive at your location without defects. If there are any problems on arrival, we work hard to send out our professional repair team ASAP.

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