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We now offer same day stone pad and shed installation! Call for details!

Foundations – Gravel Pads

a completed gravel shed pad by Sheds Unlimited in KY
completed gravel shed pad in use in KY

Why a Gravel Pad?

It is important that you provide your shed with a sturdy foundation that will be well-drained, and resistant to erosion. For smaller sheds, we highly recommend a gravel shed pad. Not only are they much more cost efficient than a concrete pad, but also they can be installed very quickly.

Our Same-Day Gravel Pad Installation

We offer gravel shed pad installation services and can install the foundation the same day as the shed is scheduled to be delivered. Leave the figuring, labor, and details to us, so all you need to do is enjoy your finished and ready-to-use shed. Call us for more details, questions, or prices at (717) 442-3281.

our installation process of a gravel shed pad foundation
a finished gravel shed pad foundation
a gravel shed foundation made by sheds unlimited being used

Our Gravel Pad Installation Process

In getting your gravel shed foundation, be sure you are either doing thorough research, consulting experts, or having experienced professionals install the shed pad.

1. Prep. Work

  • First step is to consult with you the customer as to when we are able to schedule their delivery. Our delivery lead times vary so you can ask our team about current delivery lead times when you call.
  • Next we discuss where you want the shed located, as well as getting photos of thesite to access accessibility to the site for installing/assembling the shed pad and the shed itself.
  • Additionally, it is important that the site has good drainage, is not extremely sloped, and is free of major obstructions.
  • We request that you have the site where the pad will be installed clearly marked with either stakes or flags when we arrive. Keeping in mind that the edges of the pad will be about 2ft wider and longer then the shed dimenensions.
installing a gravel shed pad and using skid steer in the process
installing a gravel shed pad and using a laser level
installing a gravel shed pad and making the frame

2. Excavation and Framing

  • We measure the sight where the gravel pad will be installed. Typically, we make the gravel portion of the shed pad at least one foot wider on all sides than the actual shed (i.e. 8’x12′ shed = 10’x14′ pad, or 10’x12′ shed = 12’x14′ pad)
  • Then, using a laser level, we figure how much we need to excavate/ build-up to provide a perfectly level base for the frame of the pad.
  • If necessary, we use a skid steer to level the ground, keeping it as compact as possible to prevent later settling.
  • Then, we construct the frame out of pressure treated 4″x4″, 4″x6″, or 6″x6″ lumber, held together with long exterior screws and stabilized with rebar stakes.

3. Adding Gravel

  • Backfilling and compacting the ground inside the frame, we ensure that the site is a solid, level base.
  • Then, we lay and secure a weed barrier construction fabric, which helps contain the gravel and keep weeds down around the shed.
  • Finally, we fill the inside the of the frame with 3/4 inch, crushed stone (not river bed stone or smooth rounded stone).
  • We level and compact the stone with a plate compactor to ensure the gravel pad as solid as possible and to avoid settling.
pouring the stone in the process of installing a gravel shed pad
using a plate compactor in the process of installing a gravel shed pad
a competed gravel shed pad

4. Finishing Up!

  • Once we have checked that the gravel shed pad is as level and compact as possible, we clear out our equipment and debris leaving you with a beautiful gravel pad.
  • We are ready to install your brand new shed!

Call us now for more information about our prices for our Same-Day gravel shed installation services. Let us do it all and simplify the process, while providing you with a quality, long-lasting shed foundation!

If you want some tips on constructing your own gravel shed pad, read this article. You may also find this FAQ about shed pad costs to be helpful. You can also view all our service areas here.

a completed gravel shed pad with a new shed installed on it
a completed gravel shed pad ready for use

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