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Cupolas & Weathervanes

Cnc Cupolas

cupola with windows for sheds garages 0 1
Add a hinged window in a CNC cupola$114.00
18″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$764.00
24″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$1,035.00
30″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$1,440.00
36″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$1,860.00
42″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$2,835.00
48″ CNC window cupola with a copper concave roof$3,345.00

Louvered Cupolas

shed cupolas standard option 0 1
18″ vinyl louvered cupola$390.00
24″ vinyl louvered cupola$510.00

Estate Weathervanes (Larger)

For cupolas larger than 24″

501P Copper Standard Rooster weathervane
9602P Bass with Lure weathervane
515P Large Rooster weathervane
952P Standard Horse weathervane
909P Racing Sloop weathervane
955P Smithsonian Eagle weathervane
644PA Golden Retriever weathervane
560PA Labrador Retriever weathervane
580PA-1 Large Horse weathervane
501P Copper standard rooster weathervane$507.00
9602P Bass with Lure weathervane$657.00
515P Large Rooster weathervane$657.00
952P Large Horse weathervane$657.00
909P Sailboat weathervane$687.00
955P Standard Eagle weathervane$705.00
1970P Copper Freedom Eagle Weathervane$705.00
560PA Labrador Retriever weathervane$795.00
644PA Golden Retriever weathervane$795.00
580PA-1 Standard Horse weathervane$855.00

Estate Weathervanes (Smaller)

For 24″ and smaller cupolas


802PG Small Rooster weathervane

810PG Small Labrador Retriever Weathervane

801PG Small Horse weathervane

8803PG Sailboat weathervane
8815PG Small Eagle weathervane
802PG Small Rooster weathervane$300.00
810PG Small Labrador Retriever Weathervane$300.00
801PG Small Horse weathervane$300.00
8803PG Sailboat weathervane$315.00
8815PG Small Eagle weathervane$447.00

Garden Weathervanes

For 24″ and smaller cupolas

black eagle

Small black Eagle Weathervane
black buggy 1

Horse and Buggy Weathervane
black rooster

Small black Rooster Weathervane
black horse weathervane for sheds

Small black Horse Weathervane
Small black Horse Weathervane$94.00
Small black Eagle Weathervane$94.00
Horse & Buggy Weathervane$94.00
Small black Rooster Weathervane$94.00

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