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Our office staff is working remotely and continue to be available via phone and email. Please feel free to give us a call during normal business hours. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve you during this time.

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Prefab Garages in Utica, New York

prefab garages for sale in utica ny

If you're looking for a quality-built prefab garage in Utica, New York, then you're at the right place. Our Amish prefab garages are made stock built which you can decide from our garage selection, or you can build your own custom prefab garage. Sheds Unlimited has over 30 years of experience and thousands of happy customers. So why go with anybody else for your prefab garage in Utica, New York? Shop Sheds Unlimited today!

Our garage selection includes one-car garages to 4-car prefab garages, see our selections below:


One Car Prefab Garages in Utica, New York


If you live in the upstate New York area and are in need of a space for your single vehicle, then the one-car garage in Utica, New York is a great option for you. Having a one-car garage is very beneficial for many reasons including a vehicle insurance deduction, security, and an extra space to work.

The one car prefab storage buildings also include three different styling options for different tastes including the Workshop Garage, the MaxiBarn Garage, and the Saltbox Garage. See the one-car garages in Utica, New York below now!

2 car prefab garage in utica ny

2 Car Prefab Garages in Utica, New York


If you are in the market for a 2 car garage for you and your significant other, the 2 car prefab garages in Utica, New York are a great option for you. With many different sizes available and 2 different style options including the double-wide prefab garage or the standard 2-car prefab garage, the choice in which garage you pick is up to you.

The popular 2-car garage also includes 3 styling options to provide a variety amount of choices for you and your significant other. Check out our 2-car prefab garages in Utica, New York today!

3 car prefab garage in utica ny

3 Car Prefab Garages in Utica, New York


Do you love to collect antique vehicles or perhaps work on them as a hobby? Are you also in need of a large space big enough to fit 3 vehicles? If so, the 3 car prefab garages in Utica, New York are a great option for you! These amazing large prefab garages are made with quality material that will last you decades.

Stop settling for less than you deserve and make the investment of a lifetime with a 3 car prefab garage in Utica, New York. With a quality built structure straight from the Amish, we can assure that your garage building will be built to last. Check out our styles and selection of 3-car prefab garages today!

4 car prefab garage in utica ny

4 Car Prefab Garages in Utica, New York


Some may call it a car collectors dream or a car mechanics paradise, others just need a garage big enough to store 4 vehicles. Whatever your reason, rest assured that Sheds Unlimited has your back when it comes to 4 car prefab garages. Our 4-car prefab garages in Utica, New York are available in all of upstate New York and can even be built how you want it.

With 3 styles to choose from including the Workshop Garage, the MaxiBarn Garage, and the Saltbox Garage, which will you pick for your 4-car prefab garage? Shop our wide selection of 4-car garages to find your future dream garage masterpiece.

Custom Built Design Your Garage in Utica, New York

custom built prefab garage in albany ny

Detached Garage in Utica, New York

Do you need a vehicle storage building that is built just the way you want it? Let us help you out! Here at Sheds Unlimited, we work with you to get the dream structure you've always wanted. From a garage with a lift to an antique car collection garage, the options are endless. 

We work with other contractors that are needed for your garage to get it just the way you want it, saving your time. Whatever you have in mind for your new dream car garage in Utica, NY, make sure it is us who help get you there.

See what this customer in New York did to his 28x30 Detached Three Car Garage in just ONE WEEK. Get started today!

An Amish Garage Builder in Utica, New York


If you are looking for a new garage, you want someone you can trust and have confidence in their work and we understand that. Sheds Unlimited has been in business for over 30 years and has hundreds of happy customers all throughout the New York area who love their storage shed or prefab garage. We would love to help you get your next dream shed or prefab garage exactly the way you envision it. 

amish garage builder near me

Why Buy From Sheds Unlimited.

At Sheds Unlimited, we love seeing the face our customers make when we arrive with their dream structure. From the moment you call to the day of installation, we provide great communication and work hard to create the shed or garage you've always dreamed of. See what our previous customers had to say with their experience with Sheds Unlimited.

Here are some more reasons why Sheds Unlimited should be your garage builder in Utica, New York:

  • Wide range of options to choose from.
  • Heavy-duty quality material that lasts a lifetime.
  • Amazing customer service with one-to-one help every time.
  • 100% FREE quotes every day.
  • Save money by purchasing from a trusted manufacturer instead of a shady third-party dealer.
  • Thousands of happy customers along the east coast.
  • Absolutely NO hidden fees.
  • We work with contractors to build your dream garage.

What Are Previous Garage Customers Saying About Us?

prefab garage building in utica ny

Customer Reviews in Utica, NY

amish garage builders in utica ny

"Kudos to everyone at Sheds Unlimited.  During the design phase, all of my questions were answered promptly and everything I needed in my 2 car 24x24 garage was added. The crew arrived a day earlier than planned and after a day and half of hard work had my building completed. Your system and equipment are first-class!!!!!! Very satisfied."

- Joe

Customer Reviews in Yorktown Heights, NY

amish garage builders in utica ny

"Can't say enough good things about dealing with everyone at Sheds Unlimited in purchasing our new 2-car, 2-story, 24'x30'  Maxibarn Legacy garage.  From the design, to the production and especially the construction, we couldn't have been more pleased.  Their crew of three came to install our garage four weeks earlier than planned.  They arrived at 11:30 a.m, worked until after dark, started the next day at 7:00 a.m worked again until after dark, arrived again at 7:00 a.m the next morning and were finished, cleaned up and gone by 1:30 p.m.  What was most beneficial for us, in addition to the lower cost, was that the building interval was kept to under 3 days, as opposed to having a contractor on site for months.  Couldn't be more pleased with our new garage with second-floor storage!"

- Charlie K. from Yorktown Heights, NY

Absolutely Beautiful !!! Perfect and Best Prices !!

- Maryellen from New Winsor, NY

Prefab Garages in Utica, New York

You need a storage building for your vehicles, and one that is going to last a long time, we have exactly what you need. Our prefab garages in upstate New York are designed exactly the way you want them and are built by the hardworking Amish. Shop our selection of prefab garages or request a FREE quote today!

Storage Sheds For Sale in Utica, New York

Apart from selling quality prefab garages, Sheds Unlimited also sells quality-built storage sheds. Our storage sheds in Utica, New York are built just how you want it. We offer 5 different styles to choose from including the Workshop Shed, the MaxiBarn Shed, the Saltbox Shed, the MiniBarn Shed, and the Modern Shed.

Being the most popular storage shed in Utica, NY, the Workshop Shed offers 4 distinctive designs within the style. See the selection of designs for the Workshop Shed below:

standard workshop shed in utica ny

Standard Workshop Sheds in Utica, New York

If you're looking for a standard, compact shed to store all your garden and lawn care tools, the Standard Workshop Shed is the one for you. This storage shed offers different sizes to give you the size and price you are looking for. The Standard Workshop Shed is the most inexpensive shed in the Workshop line yet it provides the essential space that you desire when looking for a storage space solution.

classic workshop shed in utica ny

Classic Workshop Shed in Utica, New York

This amazing and Classic Workshop Shed is sure to add a bit of charm to any homes backyard space. Store your equipment with a sense of charm and beauty with a classic workshop shed from Sheds Unlimited. Are you looking to add more style to your backyard with a storage shed? Add landscaping around a shed to improve the look and value of your home and backyard space.

premier workshop sheds in utica ny

Premier Workshop Sheds in Utica, New York

When looking for a garden shed that will add a great amount of distinctive style to your home, then consider the Premier Workshop Shed in Utica, New York. These garden sheds are great for general storage including lawn care equipment and tools. Previous customers have also created studios and workshops using these charming sheds. One customer created an office shed and another a she shed!

legacy 2 story workshop sheds in utica ny

Legacy 2 Story Workshop Sheds in Utica, NY

If you're looking to maximize your storage space, the Legacy 2 Story Shed is the way to go. Whether it's for general storage or a personal spot to hang out at, this 2 Story Shed is a great option. Imagine the feeling of having your own 2-story she shed or man cave to just relax in. Have other ideas of what you would do with your very own 2-story shed? We work with you to get you the exact shape, size, and style you are looking for in a 2-story storage shed.

Portable Storage Sheds in Utica, New York


The worry about not having enough storage space is over. Get the size, shape, and style you desire in a storage shed with us at Sheds Unlimited. We offer over 30 years of experience with hundreds of happy customers in New York state. Don't miss out on a chance to solve all your storage problems with a storage shed in Utica, New York today!

Sheds and Garages in Utica, New York


If you live in Utica, NY or any Upstate New York city including Syracuse, Rome, Oneida, Oneonta, make sure you choose Sheds Unlimited as your storage shed or prefab garage builder. Don't settle for a cheap shed or garage that won't last, choose one that will give you the answer you've been looking for in storage space.

Get a FREE Quote now or speak to our team at (717) 442-3281 today!

Sheds Unlimited Customer Reviews...

Over 500 Reviews

Average Rating

I would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited to my friends and family. In fact, my shed came 2 days before our family reunion party so I was a bit nervous with all the preparations for 100 people coming and a shed kit on a pallet wrapped, sitting in my driveway...Well the driver, Glenn was so helpful, he even offered to help unload my 8x12 barn style shed and move it to the backyard!! It was enough incentive to start assembling it the next morning. Needless to say we had the entire shed up and together, 2 guys, 5 hours! Every piece fit perfectly and was as easy as buttering toast! I love my new shed, thank you so much and to all the employees and especially the driver who helped me!

kathryn harding from Tonawanda, NY

Great product and excellent customer service.  We couldnt be happier for the price. 

Matthew Coulby from Purcellville ,Va

Love my new shed. It was delivered last week. I thought I bought it too big, 8x14, but it's already filling up. It was delivered exactly on time. And what a master that young man is. He maneuvered those tight spaces and around a tree, it was a real pleasure to watch. And he did it in the rain, never losing his cool, and positioned the shed exactly where it was supposed to go, amazing. Again, I love my new shed, and it was great doing business with you. Much success to you.

Michael Antolino from Lavallette, NJ

what a great place to buy a shed . drove up on a Saturday to look at there inventory & quality . really liked what I saw . ordered a shed that day . they said 3 to 5 weeks ,shed was delivered in 3 . driver did a great job tucking my shed behind the garage . the mule is awesome .

john krickbaum from Catonsville md

Overall a wonderful experience. Best price, best service and even a great recommendation for someone to build the pad! We could not be happier! You will be my choice and recommendation to anyone for a shed in the future. It is hard to find a real family owned customer service business anymore like yours! Thank you so much!
Joseph Shenton
You can publish this anywhee you want you deseve it!

Very happy with the entire experience with Sheds Unlimited. Good quality product and excellent customer service from initial contact right thru delivery. I will recommend these folks anytime.

John McGeehan from Stillwater,NJ

The folks at sheds unlimited are the very best. I talked to them several times before ordering, and they answered every question, and then some. I live in a neighborhood with an association, and need to have all building plans approved. Sheds unlimited provided me with color samples, and a drawing. I made many changes in the workshop, moving the doors to the end, left the shutters off, added window boxes, and added one foot to the height of the walls to accommodate our golf cart.
We live as far south on the eastern shore of Virginia. Our shed arrived on time, and was built exactly as promised. The driver was courteous, and operated the "mule" without any effort. He placed the shed exactly on my marks, leveled the shed, and insured the doors would open properly.
I would, and have recommended Sheds Unlimited to my friends, and would buy from them again.
In this day, and age there is a lot to be said for integrity, and Sheds unlimited certainly has that!!

All i can say is wow !! the shed that they made for me is beautifull, the craftsmanship is out standing.From dealing with nelson on the phone all the way to delivery and placement on my hard to get to patio was perfect.i would recomend sheds unlimited to everyone.

William Parrish from Toms River NJ

I began making casual inquires in January about having a 28x44 garage built and delivered all the way to Maine and from then until after the garage was built it was a 100% positive experience. Gideon was very helpful and responsive as a project manager, he answered all my questions about features & options, concrete cure times, my local building codes, and build timing. I changed my mind on the design a few times early on but that was no problem. If that wasn't enough, the day the two trucks arrived in July with my unassembled garage I was very impressed with the work crew. Like a well-oiled machine they were efficient and smooth. I should mention polite and friendly too. Three days later I had my car and truck parked inside. All my neighbors were impressed with their speed and quality. I want to thank AJ, Dani,Elmer,Gideon,Kyle and Mark for building me the workshop garage I've been wanting for 25 years. I am recommending them to everyone I know! 


Tom B. from Falmouth, Maine

My experience with Sheds Unlimited was Excellent. The shed is exactly what I ordered. Delivery was on time and the Customer Service was all excellent. I would definitely recommend Sheds Unlimited.

Dee from .Norriton P