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Who is Sheds Unlimited?

We value each and every customer and focus on providing you with the best possible customer experience. At Sheds Unlimited we are not merely interested in building you a top quality shed or garage. Our goal is to make your dream a reality, help increase your property value, and give you the space to help organize your life.

When you purchase a building from Sheds Unlimited you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Other companies will purchase Amish made structures in bulk from Lancaster County and resell them at a profit. Buy cutting out the middle-man you can get a custom structure and save hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars!

If you visit our manufacturing facility in Lancaster County you will see both Amish and non-Amish working together. While not all of our employees are dressed in traditional Amish attire, most come from Amish roots or have a similar background. Our whole team is committed to providing the old fashion quality, attention to detail, and hard working mentality that Amish craftsmanship is known for.

If you visit us at our manufacturing facility in Gap, PA you will find up to 200 buildings on site. Some are custom orders waiting to be delivered to other clients and some are stock buildings ready for immediate purchase. Walking through these sheds provides a hands on experience that can help guide your decisions on size, color, and style.

You are more then welcome to stop buy anytime during our business hours. No appointment needed. You will find us in the office Monday-Friday from 8-5 and on Saturdays from 9-4. We look forward to seeing you!

No we do not. We believe that working directly with you provides the best customer service experience and can also save you money.

Absolutely! Let us know what you are thinking and we will work with you to bring your dreams to reality.

Preparation & Delivery Area

We are committed to meeting your needs and will do everything we can to answer any questions you have. From our years of experience we have become very good at communicating through emails, pictures, and phone conversations. If you feel you need to speak with someone on site then we can provide that for you for a fee.

We cover a 300 mile radius from our facility in Gap, PA. That includes: DE, MD, NJ, VA, NY, WV, MA, and CT. On occasion we deliver to Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Ohio.

As the customer, you are responsible for site preparation. Our drivers won’t have the necessary equipment with them to level and prepare the area. However, you can visit the links below to see what we recommend.

Gravel Shed & Single Car Garage Pad Preparation

Concrete Garage Pad Preparation

Or if you would prefer to have a professional install the pad for you we have a few local companies that we recommend below.

Better Built Pads, Honey Brook, PA – 610-273-2571 or 717-629-0968

Bedrock Foundations, Coatesville, PA – (484) 712-8828 or (717) 587-7062

Firm Foundations, Honey Brook, PA – 717-629-0689


Our shop is set up and equipped so that our team can build each building in the most efficient way possible. While our onsite crews are experienced and sent with all the appropriate equipment, it will still take them more time to assemble the building then it would in the conditions of our shop. Traveling time is also a factor in the build on site charge as well.

Our prices are factory direct prices and we do our best to keep them as low as possible.

Most of the time we have stock buildings at a discounted price because they are already built and not customizable, so make sure you check out our deals page to see what we have in stock.

Also, January and February are our slow months and Sheds Unlimited has given discounts during the off season in the past. You can check our website from time to time to see if there are any discounts available, or sign up with your email address at the top of the page.

Sorry, we do not offer financing at this time.

Our shipping cost is a mileage charged based off of the size and style of the building plus any shipping permits necessary. The first 20 miles are always free!

To get an estimated delivery cost, you can contact our office via phone or email. You can also submit an estimate request here.

All of our prices can be found on our website. However, if you would rather speak to someone in person, feel free to give us a call! Or you can fill out our online estimate request form here.

We do not offer rent-to-own because we do not believe it is in the best interest of our customers. If you put the purchase on your credit card and make payments that way, you'll often pay less than you would using a Rent-To-Own option! The interest alone for Rent-To-Own will cost you an extra 25% to 35%. While renting a storage shed may seem to be a good option (based on the low monthly payments), we highly encourage you to consider what the shed will cost you in the long run.


Our warranty only applies to buildings which the Sheds Unlimited team assembles. We always want satisfied customers, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions or trouble.

Erecting a small shed should take one to three days depending on your level of expertise and building knowledge.

1. A knowledge of building
2. A hammer (Though power tools can make the job a bit faster and easier.)
3. 1” and 3” nails or screws
4. Tape measure
5. Screw gun
6. Hand saw or sawzall (for just a few cuts)
7. Sledge hammer (optional)
8. Utility knife
9. Small speed square

We recommend at least 2 or even 3-4 people at times. There will be heavy parts such as wall and floors and of course the size of the building will play a factor.

If you have any questions or problems while assembling your building, then please contact our office. One of our team will be happy to assist you!

While we do offer two story sheds and garages that can be delivered in a modular design or built on site by our crew, we do not offer them as DIY kits. These buildings are much more complicated construction projects that should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional.

As a family owned Amish-Mennonite company we take pride in what we do. Each kit is carefully put together with quality building materials and will outlast almost any metal or plastic shed.

DIY shed kits are the same cost as a fully assembled shed. The reason for this is because it takes just as much time in our shop to put together the kit and package it as it does for us to build it.

Stock Sheds

Our building specifications are listed online along with our prices. Simply find the building you're interested in and click on the details and specs button. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us!


Every town has different regulations about adding an accessory structure. Contact your town or township to learn what the regulations are in your area. You will be responsible for obtaining any required permits and the fees associated with them.

If you are purchasing a portable structure (one with a wooden floor), make sure the town understands the building is not a permanent structure. In most of cases, property taxes will not be affected if the building is not permanent and the pad is permeable.

The permit cost you are seeing is a permit for transporting an oversize load in the state. Every state has different fees and requirements for hauling.

Drawings for two car garages (and larger) are included in the purchase price. However, we do ask for a deposit of $275 to supply you with the drawings. The $275 will be credited back to when you purchase that garage. Here are some sample drawings.

Sheds work a little differently. In most cases your township will be satisfied with our standard spec sheet and a catalog or pictures of a similar building. If you do need drawings specific to your shed the $275 deposit is the same. You will be credited back $100 when you purchase the shed. We always recommend double checking with your township to see what they require.


Our lead time varies depending on the time of year and order volume. January, February, and March are typically our least busy months and when our lead time will usually be around the 2-4 week mark. As we get into the summer and fall months our lead time can stretch out to 10 weeks. Call us to get more exact lead times – we do our best to get you your building as soon as possible!
PS. Often we have a supply of in-stock and discounted buildings that are ready for an earlier shipment.

Upon placing the order for sheds or single car garages, we ask for a 30% deposit if the cost of the building is under $8,000.00 and 50% if the order is over $8,000.00. In addition, any building being delivered to New York City or Long Island, NY, requires a 50% deposit. The balance is due on delivery.

For two and three car garages, payments are as follows: 30% when the order is placed, 30% prior to beginning construction in our shop, then the final 40% when the building is assembled.

We accept cash, check, debit cards, and most credit cards.
All checks should be sent to:
Sheds Unlimited
281 White Horse Rd
Gap, PA 17527

In the case that it is necessary for you to cancel your order, we can refund your deposit minus a 5% fee for office costs, if we have not constructed the building or ordered materials. In the case that we have already begun manufacturing, additional costs will be incurred.

Your deposit is a confirmation of your order. We request that you sign your sales order and return a copy to Sheds Unlimited for our records at the time of your deposit.

Once you have used our website to decide on a style, size, and siding you can call us or submit an estimate request online. One of our sales staff will answer any additional questions that you might have and walk you through the order process. Our sales staff will make sure that the windows and doors are positioned at the right location to best meet your needs. They will also ask you for your color choices for the siding, trim, roofing, etc. Once you are ready to place the order we will need your deposit to finalize the order.

To finalize an order you will need to call in and speak with one of our sales reps. At that point we will go over all of the building details with you including colors and the placement of the doors and windows.



Our sheds, single car garages, and modular designs come standard with a wooden floor. If you purchase a two car garage or larger garage (considered a permanent structure) a concrete pad or foundation is required and will act as the floor of the building.

Of course! We can’t imagine selling a shed or garage without a roof! All of our buildings are sold complete with a roof. Architectural shingles are our standard roofing, but we can use metal roofing or a custom roofing of your choice as an option.

Usually our buildings are delivered completely assembled. If the building cannot be delivered assembled because of limited access to your backyard, the building is too large to be hauled fully assembled, or other reasons, then we can build on site for an additional charge. Or if you prefer, we do offer some of our sheds in a DIY kit form.

We offer a large range of standard sizes on all of our buildings and can even do custom sizes.

Choosing a building size can be a challenge. To get an idea of how much space you need park your car or items you plan to store on your driveway or lawn and space them in a way that you think would work best in your building. Then measure the space. If you're still unsure about what size you need, we always recommend going larger. We’ve never had anyone say they got too big of a building!

At this time we are not able to do interior finish work. However, you can certainly hire a contractor or finish the interior yourself once the building is in place.

Like your house, a shed is framed with wood and then a structural panel is added on the outside of the framing. To make the shed livable as a Tiny House, Man cave, or She Shed you will need a few modifications: upgrade to the insulated windows and doors, add insulation, and install electric (and plumbing if desired).

Keep in mind that if the shed will be used for a permanent living space, your town may have requirements and restrictions on how the structure is designed or finished. Living in a structure brings it under the international building code and that does require more approvals.

Your two car garage includes custom shop drawings. Our other buildings do not come standard with drawings, but you can find many pictures of similar buildings in our photo galleries.

There are two easily overlooked things that we like to recommend.

A ramp is a wise idea if you plan on rolling anything into your shed like a lawn mower.

We also recommend venting. We offer 3 different styles: Standard Gable Vents, Classic Gable Vents, and a Ridge Vent.

You can find out more about these options as well as others we have to offer of our options page here.

If you have custom ideas in mind, make sure you share it with our sales staff. Most likely we can supply you with exactly what you have in mind!

All of our buildings are built with the same high quality materials. The difference is appearance and detail. If you look at the Standard buildings you'll see narrower overhangs, a basic trim package, and a low roof pitch.The Classic buildings have nicer trim along with a steeper roof and wider overhangs. Then the Premier buildings feature a sharper design with a steepest roof pitch possible, additional windows, and trim around the windows.

All portable garages have heavier floors with the floor joists 12" on-center which is enough to support your motorcycle or a small car. If you prefer a more heavy duty floor it can be upgraded to 8" on-center to give you a 33% stronger floor.

The standard shed floor will work great for a scooter or small cycle. If you plan to store a large road bike we recommend a heavier floor at 12" on-center (the same as the garages).


Yes we do! For a small fee we can get a custom paint match of whatever color you desire. All we will need is a color chip.

Our stock siding options include: DuraTemp and LP Smart panels, a 4” dutch lap vinyl siding (standard on many houses), and the LP Smart Clapboard with 5" exposure.

If you are looking for a specific siding we are happy to provide you with a custom quote as well!

DuraTemp is a standard Douglas Fir plywood panel with a composite veneer on the face and vertical grooves 8” on-center much like T-111. It has been a very common shed and garage siding for a number of years.

LP Smart Siding has the same appearance of T-111 and DuraTemp with vertical grooves 8” on-center. But how it’s made is more like OSB and every wood layer gets a antifungal treatment before they are pressed and glued together. This treatment helps prevent against rot and decay.

We can match almost any house siding. We'll need to know the manufacturer, brand, and the size of the siding, then we'll research and provide a quote to match your siding.

Yes. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can put together a quote for you!


All doors other than our wooden doors are made of fiberglass unless otherwise stated. We have found that the fiberglass doors hold up better over time and are less susceptible to scratches and dents. If you prefer steel doors, they are available upon request.

Yes, steel doors are available upon request.

Yes, we can paint both wooden and fiberglass doors. However, if you have requested steel doors, they are only available in white.


Yes, our standard windows do open and have screens. Our slider windows are single hung and the bottom half slides up and down.

Transom, octagon shaped, or other specialty windows do not open and are meant for aesthetics and allowing light to enter the building.

Yes! We can add as many windows and doors as you want. We can also take them out if you prefer.

Standard windows sizes are: 18x23 and 24x36. Transom windows are: 10x18, 10x23, 10x29, and 10x35.

We have many custom sizes as well, just let us know what you have in mind.

Concrete Pads

For buildings with a wooden floor we recommend installing a gravel pad. For buildings without a wooden floor a concrete pad is required. You can find more information about what we recommend here.

Shed pad costs can vary between different contractors. You can anticipate around $4.00 per square ft for the smaller shed pads, and the cost could drop to $3.50 per square ft for the larger pads. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of slope, the price will change to reflect the cost for grading to level the site.

We do not recommend using concrete blocks under your building. Spacing and leveling blocks can be extremely difficult and they do not provide even support. Over time an unlevel pad can cause the building to settle which can cause doors and windows to bind.


Our standard shed floor comes with pressure treated runners (4x4's) on the underside and boxing (the frame around the floor joists). This means that everything exposed to the elements is pressure treated. We do not believe that it is necessary, but if you prefer the floor joists and the floor plywood to be treated we offer that as an option.

Yes, we can! Just let us know what type of siding you are looking for and we can put together a custom quote.

Yes! We will just need to know the brand, style, and color.


Multiple Car Garage

Yes, assembly is included in the price. All the two car garages are brought out in pre-fabricated pieces, assembled on site and attached to the concrete floor/foundation. The exception is our Modular Double Wide Garage which comes with a wooden floor and is delivered in two halves.

Yes, modular means delivered in more than one piece. Our modular garages come in two halves which our crew will put together once on site. Our two story modular sheds also come in two halves- a top and a bottom which our crew puts together on site. The assembly of the two halves is included in the cost of the building.

Single Car Garages

Absolutely! Only if there is not enough space in the wall to fit the windows and/or doors will we need to recommend otherwise.

Yes, we have a limited number of interior pictures in the photo galleries. If you can’t find what you are looking then please contact our office. One of our sales reps will be happy to assist you!

Garage Doors

Our garages come standard without an opener, but they are definitely an option. Make sure to ask your sales rep to include one in your estimate and we will be happy to install it for you.

Standard garage doors are 9x7. We will install the standard garage door if the wall has the width and height for the 9x7 garage doors. On the 10' wide garages, we install an 8' wide garage door. On the Premier garages the garage door hight is 6' 6".

Custom size garage doors (smaller, wider, and taller) are available. In most cases, to change to a larger door you will need to upgrade to higher walls and possibly taller beams over the wider garage doors.


Delivery & Installation

No, we do not have the necessary equipment to lift a building over a house or fence. If you do not have adequate room to get a fully assembled building using our Mule, we would need to build on site.

The Mule is a very agile machine and works well on sharp corners. If there are questions, please don't hesitate to send us a picture or take a short video of the route of travel. It’s always better to answer those questions before we deliver your building!

Anchoring the shed is not necessary unless specified by your township. However, we can install an anchor kit for you for an additional fee. Or you can purchase the kit and install it yourself.

We have some of the latest and greatest tools available when it comes to shed deliveries. Rather than taking a heavy truck and trailer into your backyard we have invested in “Mules” that can easily move your shed into place. They greatly reduce the possibility of ruts in your lawn and allows us to install the shed just where you need it. Check out the video of a typical delivery here.

That depends on the type of building as well as the added options. In most cases, we can assemble a shed in 6-12 hrs. The standard 2 car garages will be assembled within 1 day, but the 2 story and 3 or 4 car garages can take up to 3 days to assemble.

Our shipping coordinator will contact you about 1-2 weeks before your shed will be delivered to make sure that the day works for you. For the multiple car garages and build on site buildings, the job supervisor will be working with you to make sure all the site work is complete before the garage can be scheduled for delivery.

Our driver and set up team will collect payment when your project is complete. Most of the delivery trucks have credit card processors on board and if you plan to pay cash or check the driver will pick that up upon completing your building.

Unfortunately, permits and traffic keep us from delivering on the weekends. Deliveries are scheduled Mondays through Fridays.

Travel time from our facility will affect the delivery time and on most days the driver will have multiple deliveries. Our shipping coordinator will work with you to set up a delivery timeframe that works for your schedule.

The delivery Mule has wide tires and there are an additional 4 tires on the dolly wheels that assist the Mule in moving the shed. With the combination of the 6 tires, the pounds per square inch is similar to the weight of a riding lawn mower. If your riding lawn mower is able to cross over the area without doing damage then the delivery mule should be able to do the same.

If we need to move the shed across terrain that is more than a 15 degree angle, we will ask you to send us a few pictures or a video of the route of travel. With the pictures and video, we can determine if the shed can be moved in with the Mule.

The answer can vary depending on the building type and overhangs. But in general, we need a space 2’ wider than the gable end of the shed. For example: We would need a 12’ wide opening to get a 10x16 shed through.

If you do not have adequate access to get a fully assembled building into your backyard we are able to build on site. However, this can add a significant amount to the cost of your shed. We always recommend checking to see if it is possible to take down a section of the fence temporarily.

Sheds Unlimited Customer Reviews...

Over 425 Reviews

Average Rating
From purchase to delivery the entire customer service team was fantastic! The shed is well built and the process couldn't have been any easier. We are very satisfied and will definitely use Sheds Unlimited if we need another shed! Great Value!
Andrew Heeter from Fallston, MD
Responsive on the phone, and courteous. I priced out a bunch of home office sheds--can't even tell you how many I checked out. I wound up ordering one of the in stock ones, and I can't be happier. Quick delivery, careful placement of the shed, and the price was great. It is literally like another room in your house--complete with insulation, electric, house-grade windows...even light bulbs. Definitely recommend!
Stacy Carey from Long Island, NY
The process was very easy and everyone was helpful and professional. The delivery driver was great and I was impressed by how easy he made it look to move a huge shed onto the shed pad. I will use Sheds Unlimited again!!!
Alex Rota from Pottstown, PA
Before I ordered my shed from Sheds Unlimited I tried many other local suppliers/builders but they were unresponsive or extremely expensive. Working with Sheds Unlimited was a pleasure. They answered the phone, responded quickly and professionally and supplied and delivered a quality shed that suited my needs perfectly. I would highly recommend them.
Vincent Kopicki from Valhalla, NY
We are located in Old New Castle in Delaware within the historic district and have a VERY small backyard with access only via a narrow alleyway. We spent numerous hours online trying to find someone that would build the shed on site. We liked the products on Sheds Unlimited so we drove up and had the opportunity to walk around viewing numerous already built sheds which helped us make our determination of type and colors. The process of ordering was pretty painless and didn't feel like we were pressured to upgrade. Really good suggestions were given to us by our salesman, which we did have a nice shelve built. The two young men that delivered it were very professional and even in the tight spaces were able to build our shed. A few plants were crushed in the process, but we expected that considering the tight spaces. I was amazed at how quickly they worked and we are extremely pleased with the 8 X 10 saltbox. Very well constructed and it kept the Historic Committee happy with the colors and quality. Thank you and I would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone looking for great quality, great price, and great service!!!
I just purchased a shed 9/9/13, let me say customer service was outstanding, scheduling date and time were perfect, delivery was amazing and the shed is built to last. I am beyond satisfied with my complete experience with Sheds Unlimited. If there are any doubts about buying online from this company rest assure you will be happy, I am.
Michael from Medford NY
Everything went exactly as planned. The building arrived on time, and the delivery was exceptional, considering a very difficult location to reach. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Jeffrey C. Slade from Crabsmoor, NY
Excellent from start to finish. We would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited to anyone. Quality workmanship and superb service. THank you for a job well done!
Ron Klem from Olyphant, PA 18447
When we decided we needed a new shed I started looking around our area but could not believe the prices! I then decided to check the internet. The prices were unbelievable at most of those places also, until I found Sheds Unlimited! The same quality as all the others at much lower prices. We now have a beautiful shed that we love. I wouldn't buy one anywhere else!
Diane from Mechanicsburg, Pa.
I love my shed this is one of the best investment I ever made iam so happy with ur service 5 star all the way everything was perfect right down 2 the color.John thanks 4 everything n also thanks 2 the driver who did everything so perfect n also tks 2 all ur staff. No one can touch ur price n quality n service.
George Otero from Medford New York