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Modular Car Garages
Space for Two Cars and More

modular two car garage
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What is a Modular Garage?

Great question! A modular garage, crafted off-site in multiple sections, is transported to your property for swift on-site assembly. While modular garages are built with the same quality as prefab garages, their on-site installation process is much more efficient. Modular detached garages can be completed in just a few hours, turning your dream garage into reality…within a quarter of a day!

Life is unpredictable. You never know if you’ll live in the same community long-term. Thankfully, modular car garages are transportable, giving you the convenience and luxury of moving your garage to different locations. It’s a package deal: your garage can make the move with you!

Partake in more modular garage advantages:

  1. Save money. 
  2. Save time. 
  3. Save space.

Completed Modular Garages

The Advantages of Modular Garages

Save Money

We understand financial constraints. With our modular garages, you’ll be able to both stay within your budget and receive a quality, durable garage. And with some extra cash in hand, you can focus on the interior of your modular garage.

Although standard garages often require an expensive concrete pad, our double-wide modular garages are structured with a prepared floor, allowing you to opt for a more affordable foundation: a gravel or stone pad.

Save Time

Is it possible to receive a garage instantly? Just about! Because we assemble and build modular two car garages in two sections, we eliminate a lot of construction time and unwanted clutter on your property.

It’s a win win. You get your garage in record time. We’ll get off your property in a few hours, allowing you to start working on the interior of your modular two car garage. Garage dreams do become a reality!

Save Space

No need to settle for just a space to park your treasured Rolls-Royce or Honda Civic. Our two story modular car garages provide the opportunity to expand your dreams and your storage options with our customization options

With a second floor, you have the opportunity to design an apartment. Or, if your house is too cramped, a two-story modular car garage gives you overflow room for studying and remote work, while still giving space for your vehicles.

Modular Garage Options

modular garages

Double-Wide Modular Garage

ready for more space in your life?

Create the building of your dreams by customizing a design in 3D. You can also call us at 717-442-3281. We're here to assist you!

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