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14×46 Sheds for Sale

Compare 14×46 Shed Prices & Styles

    About Our 14×46 Sheds

    Sheds Unlimited offers a variety of 14×46 sheds for sale, all hand-built by our team of expert craftsmen in Pennsylvania. We’ve designed a wide range of standard 14×46 shed styles, as seen above. However, we also provide a wide range of customization options so you can create the perfect 14×46 shed for your needs. Following are a few more details about our 14×46 sheds.


    14×46 Shed Prices

    14×46 shed prices range from $0 to $0 and above, depending on building design, style, siding, add-ons, and more. The lowest-priced 14×46 sheds are those in our “Standard” collection, while our “Legacy” collection and Modern 14×46 sheds have the highest price point.


    14×46 Shed Styles

    We’ve designed several styles of 14×46 sheds to accommodate as many needs and tastes as possible. Browse all styles of our sheds for sale here.

    14×46 MiniBarn Sheds

    This is our simplest 14×46 shed design and is perfect for straightforward storage. The gambrel roof style gives it a classic barn look, while the low walls keep it simple and affordable. We recommend the MiniBarn to those looking to protect their belongings at the lowest cost possible.

    14×46 Workshop Sheds

    The most popular 14×46 shed we offer, Workshop sheds feature the classic A-frame design used on the majority of buildings in North America. We recommend these sheds for folks wanting a straightforward design or needing to match the design of their home as closely as possible.

    14×46 Saltbox Sheds

    “Saltbox” sheds are referred to by a variety of names, including “Quaker” and “cottage”. Essentially, it refers to a shed with a roof design that is longer on one side than the other and/or offers a wider overhang on one of the eaves. Our 14×46 saltbox sheds are a great way to spice up the look of your property; we recommend them for anyone wanting a little extra in terms of shed aesthetics.

    14×46 MaxiBarn Sheds

    Our MaxiBarn sheds feature a barn-style gambrel design and high sidewalls. This design allows for the addition of an overhead loft area, meaning you can get two levels of storage in the same shed! We recommend the MaxiBarn for anyone who needs a 14×46 shed with the maximum storage capacity.

    14×46 Modern Sheds

    For the ultimate in contemporary 14×46 shed design, Modern sheds are a clear choice. With a clean “lean-to” design style and top-of-the-line materials, these are our most sophisticated sheds. We recommend the Modern style for office sheds, minimalist tiny homes, and other human-specific use cases.

    Other 14×46 Sheds

    We offer a range of other sheds designed for specific use cases. These include potting sheds (designed for maximum natural light), concession stands, and horse run-ins. Plus, we’ve built plenty of custom 14×46 shed designs over the years for customers with specific use cases!


    14×46 Shed Collections

    Our 14×46 sheds are divided into several collections based on construction style and standard features included. These tiered collections allow us to offer 14×46 sheds at a range of price points to fit every budget. You can compare them all on our sheds page.

    Standard 14×46 Sheds

    The most basic 14×46 sheds fall into our “Standard” collection. These buildings are a great option for affordable storage and other simple uses. Some key features include a shallower roof pitch and no overhangs on the roof edges.

    Classic 14×46 Sheds

    The “Classic” collection features our middle-of-the-road 14×46 sheds. These buildings include overhangs on all sides of the roof, a slightly steeper roof pitch, larger windows, and upgraded doors, among other features.

    Premier 14×46 Sheds

    Of our main shed lines, the “Premier” collection is the most elegant. 14×46 sheds in the “Premier” collection feature the steepest roof pitch, extra windows (including the addition of transom windows), and gable vents. This is the collection to choose for maximum visual impact.

    Legacy 14×46 Sheds

    The “Legacy” is our two-story shed collection. The “Legacy” line is only available in certain sizes due to engineering constraints. If 14×46 “Legacy” sheds are available, they will be listed above. Two-story sheds are perfect for multiple-use buildings, such as combining storage with extra living space, a workshop, etc.


    14×46 Shed Siding Options

    Our 14×46 sheds come with several exterior options. The primary siding options include:

    14×46 Sheds w/ Smart Panel T1-11

    This is the standard siding on most of our 14×46 sheds. Smart Panel is an engineered wood product that comes standard with a 50-year prorated warranty. Our standard Smart Panel siding comes with the classic “T1-11” profile and is available with a range of paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

    14×46 Sheds w/ Vinyl

    For a maintenance-free 14×46 shed option, choose vinyl siding. This is often one of the best options to match the siding of your home, as well. Vinyl siding comes with a 4” double dutch lap profile and a no-fade warranty.

    14×46 Sheds w/ Clapboard

    For the most sophisticated exterior look, we offer some of our Premier 14×46 sheds with Smart Panel in a clapboard profile. This siding provides an elegant and stunning aesthetic and can be painted in a range of colors from Sherwin Williams. Our Smart Panel clapboard is an engineered wood product with a 50-year prorated warranty.

    14×46 Sheds w/ Other Siding Types

    We offer several other 14×46 shed siding options on specific buildings or by special request. These include board-and-batten, rain-screen, and more. You can see a full list of siding options on our shed siding page.


    14×46 Shed Customization

    We’re able to customize our standard 14×46 shed designs in a range of ways. Whether it’s adding a metal roof, adding extra doors and windows, adding roof dormers, or choosing custom colors, we can help you get it done. You can see a full list of our shed customization options here.

    You can also experiment with customizing your own 14×46 shed using our free online 3D Shed Builder.


    Where to Buy 14×46 Sheds

    We sell all our 14×46 sheds directly to our customers. This direct manufacturer-to-customer model lets us build customized, high-quality 14×46 sheds while keeping our prices as low as possible for the end-user.

    We sell sheds within a 300-mile radius around our location in Morgantown, PA. Our 14×46 sheds are for sale in PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, VA, WV, CT, RI, and MA.

    You can reach us by phone at (717) 442-3281, by requesting a free custom shed quote, or by submitting a design via our 3D Shed Builder. We look forward to serving you!

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