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Shed Styles For Portable Cabins
Build Your Shed Cabin

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Looking for a portable cabin where you can sit back and relax? Although we do not offer turn-key or interior-finished cabins, we have many shed styles that you could purchase to create a shed cabin in. Keep in mind that you get to have the enjoyment of finishing the interior as you wish, transforming the inside into a rustic, cozy shed cabin.

What We offer

We offer many different shed styles that you can purchase. Then you have the opportunity to turn your backyard shed into a portable cabin yourself or by a contractor. Whether it be in your backyard or in the mountains, you can relax and enjoy life in your beautiful shed cabin. Our shed and barn styles make great backyard getaways, summer cabins, hunting cabins, and more! As mentioned earlier, we do not offer finished portable cabins. However, if you’re thinking of doing a DIY shed cabin project, we have many different shed styles that would meet your shed cabin needs. Here are a couple of shed styles that could be transformed into magnificent portable cabins.

small cabin room de
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Premier Workshop Shed

The Premier Workshop Shed is an excellent shed style that can be finished as a shed cabin. Not only does it come with eight windows, but it also comes standard with double-entrance doors.

Sheds Unlimited does not offer Turn-Key Cabins. Buy the shed shell and transform it into a small shed cabin wonder!

Featured here is a Premier Workshop Shed that you could transform into a portable cabin in your backyard or wherever. Several perks of a premier workshop shed include four 10″x24″ Transom windows, plus the eight other windows talked about earlier, and a magnificent exterior design. Of course, interior design is for your imagination to design and build. You could create a modest portable cabin inside by adding a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and more.

exterior of a portable cabin for sale in pennsylvania
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Two-Story legacy sheds

Our two-story sheds are just waiting to be finished as portable cabins. Of course, you’ll spend a little more, but then there are two stories of livable space. Although finishing out a two-Story shed into a shed cabin may be a little bit of a larger DIY project to tackle, the dream of having a spacious portable cabin where a game room/living room on ground floor and/or several bedrooms on second floor could become a reality. We offer two different kinds of Two-Story Sheds: the Legacy 2-Story Workshop Shed and the Legacy Two-Story MaxiBarn Shed.

A two-story shed would also make a lovely and spacious summer or hunting shed cabin. Create a backyard bed and breakfast for an Air BnB. This two-story cabin could be purchased and then outfitted with a bathroom, kitchen and also be a lovely place for your guests.

This building is built from our Legacy Two Story Workshop Sheds and finished by the customer. 

cabin room guest rooms
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What You can do

Imagine this breathtakingly beautiful portable cabin used for your hunting or summer cabin. This customer used a Premier Workshop Shed and transformed it into a beautiful cabin that features a roomy kitchen, a bathroom, space for a washer and dryer, and room for a small workspace.

You might be wondering where do I start? First, find a shed style that works best for your future portable cabin. Next, fill out a quote request for the shed. Now it’s time to start your DIY project or hire a contractor to change your shed into a shed cabin. Finally, sit back with a cup of coffee in your new portable cabin and enjoy!

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