Standard Yard Sheds Specifications

The following diagrams and YARD SHEDS specifications list details the quality design of the Sheds Unlimited yard sheds family. As you will notice, we take pride in providing quality construction on our backyard storage sheds at affordable prices. Feel free to email us or call 717-442-3281 for more information.

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Shed Specifications

4″x4″ Pressure Treated Runners
2″x4″ Joist @ 16″ Center
5/8″ 5 Ply Flooring
2″x4″ and 16″ on Center
7/16″ Roof Sheeting

Standard Yard Shed Door Sizes

6′ Sheds – 3′ Single Door
8′ Sheds – 4′ Double Doors
10′ Sheds – 5′ Double Doors
12′ Sheds – 6′ Double Doors
14′ Sheds – 6′ Double Doors

Windows Included

Mini Barn – 1 Window
Workshop – 2 windows with shutters
Saltbox – 2 windows with shutters
Maxi Barn – 2 windows with shutters
Gambrel – 2 Windows with Shutters
Window Sizes:
Wood and Vinyl Buildings: 18″x23″
Classic Buildings: 24″x36″

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Yard Shed and Portable Garage Skid Specifications

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PLEASE NOTE: The measurements above are not a guaranteed measurement. The exact measurements will vary slightly on some buildings. If you plan to attach your yard sheds 4×4 runners to concrete or pillars, please notify your sales representative to confirm 4×4 locations on your yard sheds or prefab car garages.

Yard Shed and Portable Garage Pad Prep Instructions

Preparation for your backyard shed or portable car garage is an important procedure. First, you will need to prepare a level area to place the yard shed or prefab car garage. Sheds Unlimited recommends using 3/4″ stone inside a border prepared with pressure treated 4×4’s or 6×6’s. Please insure that the pad is level and square.

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To ensure that your yard shed or prefab car garage will be properly protected for the elements, the shed pad should be at least one foot longer and one foot wider than the actual size of the shed you have purchased or intend to purchase.

See photos of a prepared stone pad for a yard shed.

And please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 or EMAIL US if you have any questions.

Free Shed Pad Preparation Instructions

Please Note: Stone pads are only recommended for outdoor storage barns and sheds (yard sheds), portable one car garages, two story sheds and garages and modular double wide garages. If you are ordering a detached prefab car garage, a Garage with an Attic or Loft space or a Two Story Detached Garage, then the building must be placed on a concrete pad. See the garage pad prep instructions here.