Our Tiny House Process

Welcome to the Sheds Unlimited Tiny House Collection. You’re gonna love our Mini Houses For Sale from PA and you will soon discover that they are more Tiny Houses! We offer Tiny Homes for sale that are both roomy and tiny at the same time.

Choose a Tiny House Model

We offer many options for your Tiny House Designs. See our Outdoor Sheds and Barns to get design ideas. Our Tiny Homes are built on our Shed Designs.

Prepare for Your Home

There are many steps to prepare for TIny House living. Maybe you are already prepared for what is involved. If not, we help you prepare for your Tiny Home.

Design Your Tiny House

We provide a full set of plans with a Tiny House. After you know what is involved with the town and have a design picked out, we begin the design process.

Build and Deliver

After the design is to your satisfaction, we begin the build process. The building can take 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of your tiny house.

A few things to know before you buy a Tiny House from Sheds Unlimited.

1. We build TINY HOMES. Our Tiny Houses are made for a foundation. We do not build tiny houses on wheels. If that is what you are looking for, we recommend Liberation Tiny Homes.
2. Before you are ready for a Tiny House from Sheds Unlimited, you’ve got some ground to cover. You will need to check with you local town and do some research beforehand. Get ready for a Tinyhouse from PA.
3. We build Custom TINY HOUSES. So you can peruse our Outdoor Barns and Sheds and ask about retrofitting the shed for your tiny home.

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