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Rick williams

Southern NJ

Purchased custom 8 x 30 shed after seeing one my neighbor bought a few months ago. Had an extra door put in the end and shed came as advertised.
Great job by the delivery guy since it was not an easy placement. That little device they call a MULE is fantastic. As long as your not trying to get a 10 foot shed in a 9 foot space they will get it there. Only question is delivery charges and permit charges. If they are piggybacking my shed with other delivery in the area why am I charged full rate on the delivery and permit. Seems to me they could share the cost. Other than that fair prices and excellent quality on the shed.


Good question Rick,

We are actually breaking up the cost between buildings. Since your building was an 8' building there would not have been any permit costs. But it would not be cost effective for us to deliver one building to Southern Jersey alone. If we had to do that, the cost would be even more. When we do several buildings on a load, the cost is divided between the buildings on the load. Hope that makes sense...

Thanks a lot for your business! And thanks for writing a review...

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