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Clifton, NJ

1 star is for really bad customer service and BAD policies.  I had my old shed demolished and a cement slab put in place over the weekend in order to have everything ready for my delivery date of 3/26. I received an email on Monday, 3/23 telling me that all production was shut down. I called them to see if they knew how long this shutdown was going to be in place and they didn't know. I wanted my deposit money back based on the fact that they were no longer able to deliver and didn't know when they could. I told them to call me and let me know when they could deliver my shed, but in the mean time I wanted my deposit back.  They INSISTED on keeping 5% of the deposit as a fee to get a refund.  What a joke. The excuses for the fee ranged from the fact that they have to pay transaction fees to credit card companies (which is a cost of doing business) and that I signed a contract. The fact that they don't know when they can deliver made me want my money back ASAP, so why should a conract that I signed force me to let them keep 5% when they have know idea when they can deliver? I made them well aware that they would be losing a customer because of this but they didn't care.  WOW! It was like I was talking to a bunch of robots that just had "THIS IS OUR POLICY" programmed. I understand that this policy maybe makes sense when a customer just changes their mind.  I was expecting the delivery this week and they couldn't tell me when they couldn't deliver.  I don't think it's that unusual to want a refund.  Why should they keep 5% when this is not my fualt and they can't deliver?  No matter how much sense my argument made they wouldn't hear it.  They are obviously desperate to keep other people's money in their pockets in a time of uncertainty.



We regret not being able to deliver your shed as originally scheduled. Due to COVID-19 and a temporary shutdown in manufacturing we were unable to manufacture your shed in time for your scheduled delivery date of March 26. You then decided to cancel your order, which was fine by us, but you were not okay with our refund and cancellation policy. The policy is that “95% of the total is refundable if supplies have not been ordered,” and is stated on every customers’ sales order. Each customer then agrees to the sales order and its terms by signing it, and you had also signed your sales order. We wish you would have continued your order with us. Manufacturing resumed shortly after you cancelled your order.

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