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Sheds in New York

shed for sale in newyork

Find Sheds for your Home in NY

Backyard storage sheds help open up your space to store your tools, household items, and lawn equipment. But more than that, a backyard shed can be transformed into a She Shed, home office, business space, and much more.

Hundreds of happy storage shed customers in New York have found more Space for Life with a backyard storage shed and we would love to assist you in answering questions and helping you figure out what design of sheds will best suit your needs.

But first, why is a backyard shed needed?

Storage Sheds Open up Your House or Garage

Would you like to be more organized in the house? Does it feel like your lawn and garden equipment is cluttering up your garage or you don’t know where to store it? A sturdy storage shed is what you need to make a place to organize your lawn and garden equipment as well as things cluttering up your home.

Quicker Access to Needed Tools

When you don’t have a designated area for your tools and lawn and garden equipment, it can make it hard to find them and get to them when you want to use them. A storage shed can be a great place to have these kept so that you can quickly find them when you need them.

Storage Sheds for Creative Spaces

Besides a place for storage, Sheds Unlimited portable buildings have been used for sewing rooms, home-based business space, She Sheds, man caves, and even an extra guest room or Air BnB shed. See the Sheds Unlimited stories for ideas on how a storage shed in your New York home could open up opportunities for you.

Storage Sheds: What style should I choose?

There are many options when it comes to an outdoor shed. You will first of all want to consider what you want to do with it. If you plan to use it for storage, then think about how much stuff you want to store in it. If you want a workspace with a guest bedroom, then consider a two-story building. All in all, the use of your shed can help decide the style of building you need.

Storage shed Styles you may like…

Standard Workshop Sheds in NY

shed for sale in ny

Our great workshop sheds come in four specific styles: the Standard Workshop, the Classic Workshop, the Premier Workshop, and the Legacy 2 Story Workshop. The standard Workshop Shed is our most economical of our workshop sheds and provides the essential space that you need. If you are looking for a storage space solution, this shed gives you plenty of wall space to hang up your tools and a small overhead area for a loft for more space. The A Shed Roof means you will have around 16 inches of space for a loft. Premier Workshop Sheds with a steeper roof pitch offer more overhead space and the Two Story Sheds can nearly double the amount of space in your backyard.

Outdoor Storage Saltbox Sheds

sheds for sale in ny

A unique feature of the Saltbox Shed is the wide front overhang. Frequent additions for the Saltbox Sheds are shelves to help organize your stuff. Our Saltbox Sheds come in two styles. The economical choice is Standard Saltbox Shed, whereas the Classic Saltbox offers a fancier and more “classic” look. It will offer a nice touch to your backyard.

Modern Sheds for NY

modern shed for sale in ny

Modern Sheds are a great pool house shed and can double as a changing room beside the pool. More than that, they will stand-out in your backyard and add a lovely modern touch. Our Modern sheds come in two amazing styles. The Studio 1 Modern-Shed is a more affordable modern shed design and the Urban 360 Modern Shed offers an even more Modern looking storage shed option for your New York home.

Build Your Own Custom Storage Shed

custom shed for sale in ny

There are many more choices for your shed in NY. Sheds Unlimited has been building and delivering storage sheds to New Yorkers for 30+ years and very seldom are there two that look alike. At Sheds Unlimited, we will work with you to design and build a storage shed that will be unique for you.

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