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Beatifuly Customized Garages with Attic Storage Area

Buy a prefab garage in NJ

#10007 – 28×32 Prefab Wooden Two Car Garage Built in Smithville, Pennsylvania

3 car garage with attic in NY

Two Car Garages with Attic Storage

The Two Car Prefab Garages with Attic Storage provide extra useful space in your two car garage. When you climb the stairs to the attic area you will enjoy more room to story those in the way items!

Why choose a Two Car Garage with Attic Storage?

  • Attic Space increases storage area substantially
  • We customize your two car garage with an attic to your taste
  • Comes with a Sheds Unlimited Five Year Warranty

Rather than a single story economy two car garage, consider adding attic space to your two car garage. Request a FREE ESTIMATE now and get the full cost of a two car garage with attic storage.

#7069 Buy a 24×30 Workshop Garage Vinyl

Three Car Garages with Attic storage

Now you can have your Three Car Garage with Loft Attic Space and have it in a few days. Whatever your need, we can custom build a prefabricated 3 car garage with attic space or without.

Why Choose a Three Car Attic Garage?

  • Plenty of Space with Three Garage Doors
  • You need an extra bay for storing lawn equipment
  • These three car garages are custom designed to your taste

Get your FREE Garage Cost ESTIMATE for a three car garage with attic space and know the cost of your building, including delivery, up front. Building assembly costs are already included in the three car garage prices online.

#12906 – 28×50 Workshop Garage with Attic in White Haven, PA

Four Car Garage with Attic

Now that you have the extra space on the first floor, consider upgrading your Detached Four Car Garage to an Attic Garage.

Our Four Car Garages with Loft Space Include:

  • Wide Open Spaces with a full open span in your Four Car Garage with Attic Space
  • Have your detached garage with attic space installed within one or two days
  • We stand behind our 4 car garages with Attic Space with a 5 year warranty

The four car garages prices include a full stairway. Add other options such as higher walls and more to make sure the detached 4 car garage truly meets your needs.

Three Car Garage For Sale in NJ

11215 – 24×36 Legacy Two Story Garage – New Hope, PA

Two Story 1, 2 and 3 Car Garages

While you are at it, why not move it to the next level with a Dream Car Garage in our Legacy Prefab Two Story Car Garages from Sheds Unlimited. These spacious two story car garage solution give you more than just attic space, they provide possibilities for living space in your car garage.

Why Choose a Legacy Two Story Prefab Car Garage?

  • For a Garage with Living Space on the 2nd Floor
  • Full Sized Stairway included in the Prefab Two Story Garage
  • Two Story Garages can be erected on your site in just a few days

Our prefab car garage specialists are waiting to answer your questions so don’t delay. Call 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE or request a quote via email. Be sure to include the size, style and options you are looking for in a prefab car garage so we can better assist you.