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Prefab Two Car Garages in Pennsylvania

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prefab two car garages for sale

Prefab two-car garages are great for someone who is looking for a place to store their second car, or may even be sick of fighting with their significant other on the single garage parking spot. Whatever your reason, be sure the two-car garage that you get is built by a trusted and reliable manufacturer. 

Thinking about which prefab two-car garage you should get can be tough. Deciding which shape, size, style, color, everything that goes into your prefab two-car garage matters. Firstly when thinking of purchasing a prefab two-car garage, shape and size is a concern that may arouse.

Prefab Two-Car Garage Shapes


double wide prefab two car garage

Double-Wide Prefab Two-Car Garages

The Double-Wide Prefab Two-Car Garage follows the same style look of the Single Car Garage. With a wider frame than the standard prefab two-car garage, this garage provides a more flat roof look. Having said that, the double-wide garage is great for car space however, it cannot provide a loft or 2-story area because of the shape of the roof.

standard prefab two car garages

Regular Prefab Two-Car Garages

The regular prefab two-car garages provide a style similar to the 3, and 4 car garages. With much more variety to choose from including the Workshop Prefab Two Car Garage, the MaxiBarn Prefab Two Car Garage, and the Saltbox Prefab Two Car Garage in the regular prefab two car garage selection, which style will you be choosing?

Prefab Two-Car Garage Styles

Since the Double-Wide garage only has a single style in its selection, we will be discussing the three selections the regular prefab two-car garage holds. Once you have found your ideal shape garage, the style is a key component in this situation. Finding a style that best fits you and your backyard to complement the house. 

See our three prefab two-car garage styles below:

workshop prefab two car garage

Workshop Prefab Two Car Garages

If you are looking for the standard look for your future prefab two-car garage, then the workshop two-car garage is the one for you. This styled garage provides a modern look of what the garage of a home should look like. Customize this garage to exactly match your home for a great new look.

maxibarn prefab two car garages

MaxiBarn Prefab Two Car Garages

The MaxiBarn Prefab Two Car Garage has plenty to offer including a Dutch Barn roof and great overhead storage for lofts, and even a second story! Store your two vehicles with ease and be left with extra available space with this amazing MaxiBarn garage. What will you be storing in your MaxiBarn Prefab Garage?

saltbox prefab two car garages

Saltbox Prefab Two Car Garages

The Saltbox Prefab Two Car Garage is a garage that will add plenty of looks and value to any home. The Saltbox garage has an overhang to give your property that New England touch. If you are looking for a new and unique look to your home, consider the Saltbox garage, you won't be disappointed.

Prefab Two-Car Garages Sizes

Now that you have found the shape of your garage and style, it is time to find the size. You need a garage size that will fit all your necessities. 

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Working with Sheds Unlimited was a very rewarding experience! This is the first time we had ever purchased a shed on-line. They were recommended by my sister. Everyone was very helpful from the point of purchase to delivery. They were also very accommodating to our schedule for delivery. The shed is beautiful and we were very please with how it was set-up once it was delivered. Our church needs a shed and with the professionalism that was exhibited in our transaction, we will definitely recommend purchasing through Sheds Unlimited!

Willis & Denice Johnson from Washington, DC

I worked with Sheds-unlimited over the phone. They explained to me how to prep the site. Took about 1 day to level the ground build the base and add the stone.
The Shed showed up as promised in about 20 minutes it was off the truck and in place. What I like the best is everyone knows what they are doing at Sheds-unlimited no messing around or problems. Price was excellent and shed is extremely well built.

Mark and Japheth at Sheds Unlimited delivered an incredibly well built 10x14 shed for our backyard today. The specifications, colors, options and delivery where all as promised. Use their online instructions for creating a pad. Make sure you have clearance to get the shed to the pad. Call them with questions - everyone at Sheds Unlimited was professional and focused on me the customer. What a change! 

Mark & Kathy Landy, Montvale, NJ

Mark from Montvale, NJ

There was not a single interaction that wasn't outstanding with Sheds Unlimited. I was forced to delay delivery TWICE. That's an issue for a business wanting to clear space of the shed built for me, but they were VERY understanding. When they delivered, it was the exact time frame stated. The delivery guy was a family member the way he was concerned with proper placement. It was VERY difficult spot to manuever and he took his time, was very patient and fantastic attitude, in spite of the challenges. He wanted it to be placed correctly almost if not more than me!! He took time to talk about the shed, gave me the keys to my new structure and even allowed me to pay by credit card. Such a great person to work with and outstanding representative of this outstanding company. The shed itself is OUTSTANDING. Such fantastic quality built (12x8 Workshop). Paint is perfect, everything is perfect!! I could NOT be the price anywhere locally, even INCLUDING the additional cost for delivery, the price was still FAR lower than quotes near me. The is NOTHING you should be concerned about buying from Sheds Unlimited. I've already recommended them to a friend, who is about to order having seen the quality build. I would recommend them to ANYONE (who I liked!!). No worrys. Buy with confidence. Thank you so much Sheds Unlimited, for your quality build, your outstanding people and the pricing that you offer in these tough economic times!! All the best to you!

Had a great trip to PA and met with staff, picked the perfect shed. It was ready to be delivered in a week. The neighborhood watched the mule place the shed a lot of fun. The best part was the price, I priced the sheds for about a year. The 12x20 I bought was 2000.00 cheaper with deliver. Then any place in Connecticut. Highly recommend!!!

Pat from North Haven

It was such an easy process from when I chose my shed to the delivery. We had about a 1/2 “ clearance on each end and Nate fit it right though. We are very happy and would highly recommend Sheds Unlimited!

Dave A from Clifton Park NY

Great company to work with. Design and planning was simple and straight-forward. Delivery was prompt and set up was easy. I couldn't be more pleased with my new shed.

Martha from MD

From the assistance in Morgantown to select our shed to the guy who delivered it 2 1/2 hours away, the level of service from Sheds Unlimited was exemplary.  We got a better deal from Sheds Unlimited even with a large delivery charge than we could locally in South Jersey.

George W from Wildwood, NJ

From the beginning of the process through the completion of the building I have been consistently pleased and thrilled with the positive attitude and high level of integrity of everyone I have dealt with at Sheds Unlimited. The designer and project managers were patient, thorough and competent. This was a four car garage with space for an apartment upstairs, multiple dormers being built on a stepped foundation. The building was put up in 3.5 days. I was told all along that it would take 3-4 days and I simply did not believe that it could happen that quickly. It did. The three young men who did the actual construction were extremely professional and a delight to have with us for that week. I am completely satisfied with my new garage. It's a dream come true!!

Phil from Washington CT

Sheds Unlimited installed 3 sheds for our family over the past 4 years in two locations. Our first two sheds were delivered pre-assembled, while our most recent purchase was a build on site. All three sheds turned out great with high quality craftsmanship and friendly reliable delivery/installation. Accordingly, we'll never go anywhere else should we ever need another shed - great job Sheds Unlimited!

Ed & Lauren from Alexandria VA