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7+ Great Wooden Sheds DIY Ideas!

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A Beautiful Treehouse From a Wooden Shed

Are you a DIY person? Imagine buying a basic shed and then turning it into something amazing. I am going to share 7+ ideas that will turn a wooden shed into a project you will love. In this post, I will categorize DIY sheds into workspaces, gardening sheds, and entertainment sheds. This list is just the start of DIY ideas; if you have some ideas of your own shoot us an email

Large Wooden Sheds Make Wonderful Work Spaces

Wooden Shed for Office

Transform a Wooden Shed into a Professional Office

Do you need a home office, or are you having trouble separating work and family life? Converting a wooden shed into an office may be the perfect solution. A story I will share is about a woman named Rebecca who runs an online Etsy business and needed space for her business. She and her husband bought a basic wooden garage. Together they put in the electric, insulation, drywall, trim, and flooring. This saved them money and they did it their way. Read more about their story at Two-Story Prefab Garage.

Wooden Shed Transformed into a Studio

Create an Artist Studio From a Wooden Shed 

Do you dream of having a beautiful studio? Design a shed with the right windows and space, and then finish out the interior yourself and you will have an amazing affordable studio. Every artist needs a place to paint and sculpt. If you are an artist, you should look at Margaret's and Kelly's studios:

Margaret wanted a home art studio and she created it from a two-story wooden shed and a budget of only $5,000 to finish the interior the way she envisioned.

Modern Wooden Shed

Beautiful Studio From A Wooden Shed

Kelly is another artist who finds inspiration in painting skyscapes. She wanted something private and well lit. She selected a more modern wooden shed, and she created a beautiful studio.

Sewing Room From Wooden Shed

A Tailored Perfect Sewing Wooden Shed

If you sew, you know you could use more space. Imagine taking a wooden shed and transforming it into your perfect sewing room. We have several customers who did just that and now they have happy spaces where they can do what they love.

Alicia creates swoon sewing patterns from her design studio. She now has plenty of room in her two-story shed to work and store her materials. 

Art Studio From Wooden Shed

Beautiful Space Shouldn't Be Expensive

Mary Jane is another proud customer who wanted to have a beautiful space where she could create. But she was faced with several cost-prohibitive options until she discovered she could buy a wooden shed and finishing it. Now she has a very lovely space to work, and she is very proud of it.

Small Wooden Sheds Made for Your Yard

Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden Gardening Sheds

Do you not have enough space for your lawn equipment or gardening tools? You buy a basic prebuilt wooden shed, then you can add shelves, a loft, pegboards, and hooks for hanging tools. There are many ways you can customize the shed to make it fit your needs. Here is a post with 17 great ways to make a wooden shed into something unique and useful.

Greenhouse Shed Wooden Sheds

Greenhouse Shed

Imagine going to your garden and picking fresh home-grown vegetables. Greenhouses can help keep your plants safe from both critters and the elements. It also can be an enjoyable experience for children.

You start with a shed with the right design and add a glass-room or add extra windows to the shed. The wooden shed can provide a potting room, with your gardening tools. It will last many years and be something you will be proud to share with others. 

Wooden Sheds for Entertaining

Inside a Wooden Shed Treehouse

Awesome Treehouses from Wooden Sheds

Treehouses aren't only for kids anymore. Some amazing treehouses captivate the imagination of the kid in us. Here is a couple from Dover, Massachusetts that built a platform themselves and then had Shed Unlimited build a wooden shed on top. Then Lauren and her husband then finished the interior.

Kids Playhouse

Children love playing in playhouses or clubhouses. Choose a quaint wooden shed then added shutters, planters, a swing on the front porch, and decorative trim. Create a playhouse the kids will spend hours outside enjoying. When the children outgrow it, you can use it as storage.

Pool house From a Wooden Shed

Wooden Sheds Make Amazing Pool Houses

A pool house makes a very nice addition to your pool. It provides a place for people to change into their bathing suits. It also will keep you from having to clean up water trails in the house. And it provides a place to store pool things such as floats, goggles, fins, snorkels, balls, and other toys. Not everyone wants to swim and may get tired of being in the hot sun. This will provide a place to be near family and friends.

Start with a design like this modern shed and add drywall, flooring, and maybe an ac unit. This depends on the purpose of the pool house.

Create Something Amazing

Don't keep putting off great ideas. Contact us today. It will be our pleasure to help you get the right wooden shed for your project. Creating something beautiful is rewarding, but these projects pay deviants in how much use you will get out of it.

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We live on the Chesapeake Bay, less than 100 feet from the water. Due to our elevation our home, which was built in 1939, has never flooded. It is, however, included in a FEMA-designated flood zone. In order to add on to our home we would be forced to raise our home to current federal standards, a $40,000 expense that would provide no additional living area. Your two-story building allowed us to have the space we needed at half the cost of raising our existing space. We were blown away with the quality of the construction and the professionalism and expertise of the two technicians who delivered and quickly installed it. With increasing government regulations making it harder to build or remodel near the shore, Sheds Unlimited's quality-built structure hit a home run with THIS waterfront home-owner. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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I found you by doing research on the internet and boy am I glad I did. The quality of my shed is very impressive. We have a problem with wood burrowing bees here and there is not one inch of exposed wood on the whole shed. I am sorry winter is approaching because I have big plans to turn this shed into my work room. Your prices are very fair compared to what you get at the big box home supply stores. My only regret is that I did not get my shed slightly bigger. Thanks again guys, I am very happy and I am recommending you to my neighbors.

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My experience with Sheds Unlimited was Excellent. The shed is exactly what I ordered. Delivery was on time and the Customer Service was all excellent. I would definitely recommend Sheds Unlimited.

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I had a custom shed built on site. The workmanship was top, as was the professionalism of the workmen.  Highly recommend Sheds Unlimiited

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We had a great experience all around.
Excellent communication and customer
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Brooke B. from Newark, Delaware

Sheds Unlimited rocks! My 12 x 22 garage was delivered within one month of my initial call to the company. The entire experience was hassle-free and the company reps were courteous, honest and very customer oriented. No hidden fees and the quality of the structure is excellent. I have recommended Sheds Unlimited to several of my friends.

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I had a terrific experience Sheds Unlimited, beginning with my contact with Kyle in sales. He gave me a very reasonable estimate for exactly what I wanted for my horses. Austin handled shipping to my location on an expedited basis, and Shane delivered it- which was no easy task given the dirt road and tree limbs. And the total cost was less than if I had had it built onsite.

Karen from Cape Cod