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Poolhouse Backyard Studios in NJ

10×14 Premier Home Office Shed in PA

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Poolhouses and Cabanas

Summer is coming and as the weather gets hotter its time to begin preparing your backyard swimming area for lots of family fun. At Sheds Unlimited INC. we offer Prefab Swimming Pool House Designs for your backyard and we help those ideas take shape next to your swimming pool. Choose the Classic Expressions backyard pool house design with a double 15 lite door, a dormer, optional dining bar and posts for an aesthetically pleasing look with special features. Or check out our Pool house Cabana Prices with a large porch area for relaxing while the kids swim.

We deliver our backyard poolhouse designs all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and Connecticut and you can be assured that we will stand behind our portable poolhouses for years to come. Call 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or EMAIL US to begin designing the backyard poolhouse of your dreams.

8×12 Backyard Potting Shed in PA

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Garden Potting Potting Sheds

Welcome to the Sheds Unlimited BACKYARD POTTING SHEDS Collection. Here you will find several options for creating garden potting sheds beautify your property while serving a practical purpose. If you are looking for a portable potting shed from the Amish, then look no further.

See our Potting Shed Prices, consider your potting shed options and contact us to buy that small backyard potting shed which you have dreamed of! And don’t forget that our delivery area reaches PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond.

Please feel free to contact us at 717-442-3281 and speak with one of our professional sales reps or EMAIL US for more information.

Concession Stands for Sports or Business

buy a shed with second floor

Portable Concession Stands

Looking for an Affordable Concession Stand for a sports field, fair event or to place on a trailer? Check out our concession stands that can be either permanent or PORTABLE. We offer concession stands for a small event, for a ticket sales booth or a roadside stand from which to sell produce or other items. If you want your concession stand to be truly portable, buy a concession stand shed and place it on a trailer and move it from place to place.

Our portable concessions stands include windows, a serving window and all the good old standard features on our barns and sheds. Plus, we can deliver portable concessions stands anywhere in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and in some areas beyond.

CALL 717-442-3281 to get a FREE ESTIMATE or email us.

backyard studio office sheds in pa

10×14 Premier Home Office Shed in PA

buy a shed with second floor

Backyard Office Studio Sheds

Buy a prefab home office shed from Sheds Unlimited and have it delivered as a turn-key backyard office. As more and more folks work from home, the need for a backyard workspace is increasing. That is why Sheds Unlimited is offering the option for our PA Amish storage sheds used as backyard studios or office sheds throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and WV.

First, you can simply choose one of our Outdoor Sheds and Barns and have the windows and doors upgraded to include insulated windows plus a few other upgrades to make your shed insulation ready. Then after the Backyard Office Studio Shed arrives at your home, you have the option of finishing it on the inside. Or, you can ask about a full turn-key backyard office shed from Sheds Unlimited (Due to high demand for sheds we are not offering this in 2015). In this case we work with our customers on a design both inside and outside. Sheds Unlimited will insulate the office shed and add an interior finish that will make your backyard office shed a lovely place to spend the days. Call us at 717-442-3281 or Email Us to learn more about designing that backyard office space you are pondering over.

backyard studio for art or writing

14×24 Legacy Two Story Art Studio in PA

Home Studio Shed for Art
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Home Art Backyard Studio Sheds

Portable storage sheds from Sheds Unlimited have near limitless uses. Buy a storage shed and transform it into a backyard home art studio, a home photography studio or a home recording studio. Here you will find backyard studio ideas from Sheds Unlimited LLC. See our featured Art Studio Sheds or visit our backyard studios idea gallery for free ideas on the art studio or writing studio of your choice.

We offer you many options for a home art studio or the studio retreat of your choice. Whatever your needs feel free to call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on the backyard art studio shed of your choice. We can also design a backyard office shed or a small home studio retreat for your backyard. Simply EMAIL US with the details of your project and ask for a FREE ESTIMATE including shipping.

Finished Portable Backyard Cabin

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Small Portable Summer Cabins

Looking for a Portable Summer Cabin, backyard getaway studio retreat or a Summer Hunting Cabin? Our outdoors sheds and barns can easily be designed as a backyard summer cabin, an extra garden room or a hunting cabin for the piece of land in the mountains.

To begin with, choose one our Outdoor Barns and Sheds Collection buildings. Then request a quote for the building and have it prepared for insulating. Due to high demand in our unfinished sheds and garages line, we are not currently offering a fully finished backyard studio cabin shed option, but you can easily buy a shed from our line and do the work yourself or hire a contractor to do the finish work.

Whatever your needs feel free to call us at 717-442-3281 for a FREE ESTIMATE on the portable cabin of your choice.

Home Workshops and Studios

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Home Studio Workshop

More and more people today are working from home thus creating a need for backyard workshop spaces. At Sheds Unlimited we customize our barns and sheds for almost any number of purposes. So if you are looking for backyard studios for a work space of any type, we can customize a building to meet that need. We offer simple backyard workshop ideas for a great price and quality design. Or consider a Classic shed or a Premier Garden Shed for your backyard workshop designs and experience more cubic space on the interior.

If non of our standard and economy shed collections fit your needs, consider a fully custom built sheds design. We can take your custom sheds design and turn it into reality thus creating the perfect backyard workshop studio space for your business or hobby.

Whatever your need, you can begin by checking out our shed prices online. Then fill out a personalized quote request form for your specific workshop shed idea. We try to get the quote to you within 24 hours as much as possible. Then you can see for yourself the cost and get your workshop shed ideas into production.

14×24 Sports Announcers Booth in New Jersey

buy a shed with second floor

Sports Field Outbuildings

Whether it is Sports Field Dugouts, an Announcers Booth with a Press Box or a Sports Field Storage Unit, Sheds Unlimited has ideas and solutions for your sports field outbuilding needs. Visit the sports building ideas gallery or see our different lines of sports field buildings available.

Looking for pricing on our economical sports field buildings? Then fill out the Quote Request Form beginning with the Shed or Garage Collection that you will best fit your needs. Or simply call us at 717-442-3281 to get started designing sports field buildings for your needs. You can also email us with a plan of your field and the needs you have and we will be happy to work on estimating your custom sports building projects.

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