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The Classic Amish Sheds Collection is a step up from our Standard Economy Garden Sheds and Barns. They add a wider overhang, steeper roof pitch and a few other fancy features to make your Classic Amish Storage Shed more than the norm. If you are looking for an added touch of beauty while maintaining middle-of-the road storage shed prices, then consider our Classic Storage Sheds by the Amish.

Classic Amish Sheds in PA Design Features:

  • Steep Roof Pitch
  • Pressure treated Skids
  • 2×4 Floor Joists at 16 inches on center with 5/8th Flooring
  • Classic Entrance Doors and heavy duty hinges with extra large windows with shutters
  • 2×4 Walls and Trusses at 16 inches on center
  • Painted Wooden, Vinyl or Custom siding, 6 inch overhang and 30 Year Architectural shingles
Wooden Garden Storage Sheds in NJ

12×24 Classic Workshop Built by the Amish in PA

Classic Workshop Amish Sheds

Buy the Classic Workshop Amish Sheds if you want practical storage space combined with an extra touch of class. Our Classic A-Frame Amish Storage Sheds come standard with a wide overhang on all sides as well as special features to make it stand out above our Standard Economy Sheds Collection. Buy an Amish Storage Shed in our Classic Collection and find it a pleasure to look at in the backyard.

Classic Workshop Amish Sheds Feature:

  • 6ft 6in high walls
  • Two 24×36 windows with screens and painted Z shutters
  • Classic doors with heavy duty hinges
  • 6/12 roof pitch
  • 8in overhang all around

Classic Workshop Amish Shed Photos

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10×14 Classic Saltbox/Quaker Storage Shed from Lancaster, PA

Classic Saltbox Storage Sheds

Our Classic Saltbox Amish Storage Sheds come with a wider front overhang and wide gable overhangs to help keep your Amish Storage Shed looking good even after the heavy rains. Large Amish Shed windows combined with the heavy duty Classic Doors make our Classic Saltbox sheds for sale from PA a combination of beauty and longevity. Buy a Classic Saltbox in wood, vinyl or clapboard siding. See our Large Storage Sheds from Sheds Unlimited.

Classic Saltbox Amish Sheds Feature:

  • Back wall 5ft 5in front wall 7ft 4in
  • Two 24×36 windows with screens and painted Z shutters
  • Classic doors with heavy duty hinges
  • 6/12 roof pitch
  • 18in overhang on the front with 4in on the back

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Classic Saltbox Amish Storage Shed Photos

10×14 Gambrel Storage Shed for Sale in NJ and Beyond

Classic Gambrel Amish Sheds

Classic Gambrel Sheds offer more cubic feet of interior storage as well as more fancy features. Buy a Gambrel Shed when you want an old fashioned Amish Sheds look combined with some new exciting features. With a 72 inch wall height and a high roof line there will be plenty of space for a loft area in this backyard shed built by the Amish in PA. If you are tight on space getting into the backyard, consider a Classic Amish Shed as a DIY Kit.

Classic Gambrel Amish Storage Sheds Feature:

  • 6ft 6in high walls
  • Two 24×36 windows with screens and painted Z shutters
  • 18in overhang on the front 4in on back
  • 6in overhang on the gables
  • Classic doors with heavy duty hinges
  • Barn roof style with 18in front overhang

Classic Gambrel Backyard Amish Sheds Photo Gallery

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y shed is everything I could of ask for. I could of built my own shed but comparing the.price and the craftsmanship they know what they are doing, and I made the right choice. . The wait was worth the time as did the kids faces seeing this 8 by 16 ft house roll off the truck into our yard. As for the people I spoke to they couldn’t be nicer on the phone very helpful in a timely manner never had to wait more then a few minutes. This shed will last and be part of my family for a long time. It may seem funny I said that, but to me being in my yard with my wife n kids doing little things keep us close and a family. To look up n see how nice my yard is and havering a beautiful shed sitting there just make me feel good. Can’t wait to order my pool cabanner!!!.-Thomas Fasano from Deer Park, New York