Meet Our Amish Garage Builders and PA Shed Builders Team

Are We Truly an Amish Shed and Garage Company?
That is a great question! Thanks for asking. If you visit our Garage Builders manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA you will see both Amish and non-Amish working together. However, even though many of our employees are non-Amish, many come from a similar background and have the hard-working mentality of the Amish community. So while we are not all from the traditional Amish, we work hard to provide the quality and value you will find in Amish Shed and Garage Builders.

See our Amish Built Garages or peruse the Amish Built Sheds and Barns collections and see the value we offer.

Welcome to the Sheds Unlimited Amish Garage Builders and Amish Shed and Barn Builders team. We are excited about the great group of people who have joined our Shed and Garage Builders workforce over the past years as our company has grown and attempted to keep up with demand. Many of our employees are younger than the Sheds Unlimited brand and everyone of our Amish shed and garage builders contributes something important to the team.

Sheds Unlimited has been the Shed and Garage building industry for over 25 years. Our company started as a small family business with only a few employees. Through the toughest times in the economic downturn, Sheds Unlimited was able to tap into online marketing and grow their sales every year for about 10 years. And while the company has faced many changes during this time, we continue to do our best to serve our customers. Learn more about our Amish Shed and Garage Builders company history.

Meet Our Office Team

Amish Sheds Sales in NY
Delmar Stoltzfus
Management and Human Resources
Stephen Stoltzfus Jr.
CEO & Founding Member
Mark Longenecker
Financial Officer
Sarah Beachy
Administrative Assistant
Ben Shue
Sales Team
Austin Beachy
Shipping Coordinator

Pleasure to work with


he crew at Sheds Unlimited were really a pleasure to work with. From start to finish all were very helpful. David answered all my questions wether it be via phone or email. He was always patient. Shane did a wonderful job on the delivery/install at my home. I would recommend this company in a heart beat.
Thank you all very much for a job well done.
D.D From Cherry hill

Amish Sheds Sales in PA
David Glick
Sales and Marketing
Amish Sheds Sales in PA
James Stoltzfus
Project Management

Meet Our Amish (and non-Amish) Shed and Garage Builders Team

Steve King – Shop Forman

Steve is fourth of his family who has worked at Sheds Unlimited in one aspect or another. He comes with years of experience in shed building and in building cabinets. For that reason he has quickly made his way up the ladder to become our shop foreman. We are excited about his fine skills as Sheds Unlimited develops a line of home office sheds and backyard cabins.

Wilmer King – Garage Builder

After two Levi’s and two Steve’s we thought it best to bring on another Wilmer as well! Wilmer and his brother are find their way to work each day with a driver from the local community. Wilmer’s hard work is increasingly becoming a great asset to the growing Sheds Unlimited family. You might find him out on the job working very long days to erect a garage.

Vince Beiler – Shed Builder

Vince is another family friend whose family spent several years working with Steve Jr. in Romania. Coming from a family of ten and now having a son of his own, Vince and his wife live in Lancaster City. He has been a member of the Sheds Unlimited team on and off during the years of his studies at Faith Builders and then joined the team full time after his graduation.

Sergio – Finishing Department

Sergio is the one who adds spice to the lunchroom at Sheds Unlimited. He joined us in 2014 and specializes in exterior trim and finishing in our production facility. He loves to speak to others about the changes God has brought into his life due to his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth!

Levi (Pop) Lapp – Finishing

Levi is the other grandpa in the Sheds Unlimited family. He is the father of Bill and mostly known around the shop as “Pop.” Since he joined the Sheds Unlimited team in 2008, his grandsons have the privilege of visiting the farm and seeing both of their grandpa’s. Pop’s great sense of humor is a real sense of enjoyment for the entire Sheds Unlimited family.

Mark Stoltzfus – On-Site Setup

Marks love hard work and lots of fun began growing up on a dairy farm. Hunting and fishing are hobbies he enjoys when not out on a shed or Amish garage delivery or an on-site garage or shed setup. For those who buy a larger garage, Mark might be the one you meet on the day it is assembled. He was married in 2012 and hails from a family of two brothers and three sisters.

Amos Stoltzfus – Amish Shed Builder

Amos makes the daily trek to the manufacturing facility in a horse and buggy then spends the day working hard in and around the manufacturing facility. He comes from a family of five boys and one girl. Amos enjoys his work building sheds and garages.

Mark Beiler – Maintenance

Mark has been with Sheds Unlimited on and off. He rejoined the team in 2015 as the one to keep all the machines around the Amish Shed and Garage building facility going. His contribution in this field is a great value and allows our team to get the sheds and garages to our customers on time. Thanks Mark for coming back on board!

Chad Beiler – Shed and Garage Builder

Chad always enjoyed working with wood and building things. Prior to joining the Sheds Unlimited Team in 2012 he worked with his dad installing flooring. He lives only five minutes from the manufacturing facility and has interest in learning Greek and Hebrew. At home his life is full of excitement with five siblings in the house.

Jonas – Garage Builder

Prefab Two Car Garages and Three Car Garages have been a growing part of the Sheds Unlimited sales growth over the past few years. Jonas joined our team and has specialized in building the prefab garages in our facility. His job is to build the walls and get them ready to load onto the trailer so the building team can quickly assemble the two and three car garages on site.

Levi Stoltzfus – Amish Shed Builder

Our second Levi joined the Sheds Unlimited production line in 2010. His ready smile, quick step and previous experience working in a local construction company make him a great asset to our company. He comes from the local Amish community and spends his early morning riding to work on his scooter.

Leon Stoltzfus – Amish Garage Builder

Leon enjoys his work at Sheds Unlimited but when he is at home he enjoys his mothers home baked goods which she sells in the surrounding community. When not at work and looking for some fun he enjoys snowboarding and softball. We are always grateful for men like Leon who come to work day after day.