Classic Wooden Storage Sheds From Lancaster County, PA

  • Paint: Black, Trim: White/Clay, Roof: White - Options: Extra Windows, Transome Windows, Classic Vents and Ridge Vent

  • Paint: Black, Trim: White/Clay, Roof: White - Options: Extra Windows, Transome Windows, Classic Vents and Ridge Vent

  • E40-4202 12x24 Wooden Classic Workshop Shed Paint: Avocado Green, Trim: Buckskin/Red, Roof: Weatheredwood - Options: Extra 3' Entrance Door

  • E40-4200 8x12 Classic Wooden Garden Shed Paint: Red, Trim: White, Doors: Avocado Green, Roof: Dual Brown - Options: Trim around windows, Roll Ridge Vent and Transome window in Gable

  • E40-4203 8x12 Classic Workshop in Wood Paint: Beige, Trim: Buckskin, Roof: Light Gray - Options: Trim around Windows

  • Paint: Red, Trim/Doors: Buckskin, Shutters/Roof: Black - Options: Ridge Vent

Amish Built Outdoor Wooden Storage Sheds for PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and Beyond

Sheds Unlimited has been a builder of outdoor Wooden Storage Sheds and Garages for nearly three decades. We offer an economy garden shed in wood as our cheapest line of portable building collections. Step up from that to our Classic Collection of WOODEN STORAGE SHEDS and barns provide a building with an extra touch of beauty combined with a wooden storage building that will last for decades to come. If you are looking for an outdoor wood sided shed with a wide range of shed paint color choices, then check out the Classic Sheds in Wood. Or you can request a FREE ESTIMATE or all us at 717-442-3281 or EMAIL US to learn more

Classic Wooden Storage Sheds offer a great solution for a storage shed with class. Buy a classic shed in wood or vinyl.

Classic Wooden Storage Sheds offer a great solution for a storage shed with class. Buy a classic shed in wood or vinyl.

Classic Gambrel Sheds in Wood and Vinyl offer plenty of interior cubic feet and a special look with wide overhangs and the old-fashioned barn look.

Classic Workshop Wood Storage Sheds from PA

The Classic Wooden Storage Sheds are a step up from the economy wooden garden sheds in the Sheds Unlimited line. These quality wooden sheds come standard with a 7″ overhang on the sides and the gables. The Classic Wood Shed Doors along with the two 24″x36″ windows with Z Shutters work to provide an attractive storage shed look at an economical wooden shed price. The Classic wooden storage sheds also come with Wooden Corner Trim which add an even finer look to these small or large backyard wooden storage sheds.

Classic Storage Sheds give one more options in color combinations. Customers must choose the main storage shed paint color, door color, door trim color, shutter and corner color, fascia color and the roof color. There are hundreds of color combinations available to make your wooden storage shed truly custom built to match your house or other buildings.

We offer free storage shed shipping on our small and large wooden storage sheds within twenty miles of our location in Lancaster County, PA and deliver pre-made wooden storage sheds with our state-of-the-art shed delivery Mule. Rather than driving a truck and trailer through your backyard, the Mule will place the shed in your backyard with minimal lawn damage. Our wooden storage shed delivery area includes PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and beyond. Call us today at 717-442-3281 to find our more about getting an outdoor storage shed in wood delivered to your location or email us at and we will be glad to assist you.

The Classic Saltbox Wooden Storage Sheds

The Wooden Saltbox Classic Storage Sheds build on the standard features of the Classic Wooden Sheds Collection. Each Classic wooden saltbox includes the two 24″x36″ windows with Z Shutters, Classic Single or Double Doors, Wide overhangs on Gables and an 18″ overhang on the front, 30 year architectural shingles and more. The wider front overhang gives the saltbox storage shed model a very special look in the backyard. Buy a Classic Saltbox wooden storage shed for the beauty and the feel of olden days or compare this wooden shed with our economy line of wooden sheds and barns.

The custom wooden storage sheds are painted sheds and offer hundreds of shed customizing options. Although we have some listed on our storage sheds options page, there are many custom options which we can provide at your request. Our wooden storage sheds are truly custom built sheds. Unless you buy one of our already discounted wooden storage sheds from our in-stock list, then we allow you to design the Classic wooden storage shed of your choice.

Call us today at 717-442-3281 to learn how you can have having a Sheds Unlimited wooden storage shed delivered to your home. We deliver sheds in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond. Contact us to find out the cost to deliver your small outdoor storage shed or larger saltbox shed anywhere within 300 miles of our manufacturing facility in Gap, PA. Or email us to get an estimate of the wooden storage sheds you need for the backyard.

The Classic Gambrel Wooden Storage Sheds

The Gambrel is an exclusive Sheds Unlimited storage shed design. This Classic Wooden Storage Building combines the best of both of our other classic shed models. By adding a barn style roof and the Saltbox overhang into the Gambrel Storage Shed, homeowners can realize maximum storage space. The high roof with the overhang allow for plenty of overhead storage. Add a shed loft to the area and make it even more useful.

These Wooden Garden Storage Sheds are both aesthetically pleasing and superbly practical. Standard features include two 24″x36″ storage shed windows with Z shutters, Classic Shed Doors, wide overhangs on all sides, wooden corner trim, and hundreds of color combinations and custom storage shed options to make this Gambrel storage shed a beautiful addition to your outdoor area. Buy this wooden shed for storage, use it as a garden shed, store lawn equipment or furniture over the winter along with a bicycle or motorcycle or use it as a farm or commercial storage building.

Call us at 717-442-3281 or email us and we will be happy to assist you designing the perfect wooden storage sheds for your home. And we deliver sheds in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Northern Virginia, West Virginia and beyond. If you are looking for storage sheds and barns in any of these states, contact us today to learn more.

So Far Amazing


‘m in love. I just received my shed less than a week ago. I’m super impressed with the craftsmanship. My husband is a master carpenter. He gives the build 5 stars. 12×20 shed. Our delivery man was outstanding!!! Tip your delivery men people! They deserve it I do not see any issues in these past few days. All I can do is open the doors and say WOW! :-Bdavis from Waterford CT