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Backyard Wooden Tool Sheds, Bicycle Sheds, Garden Sheds For Sale

Buy a Backyard Wooden Shed from Sheds Unlimited and get the most economical storage shed solution in our line of buildings. With every purchase of wooden storage shed or vinyl sided storage shed built by our skilled team, we offer a 5 year limited shed warranty. Find out about our kit sheds for sale from our PA manufacturing facility and decide if you can install your own DIY Storage Shed Kits. Request a FREE Wooden Backyard Shed ESTIMATE or call us at 717-442-3281 or EMAIL US to learn more

Buy the CHEAPEST SHED in all of our line of backyard economy wooden sheds. The MiniBarn offers an old-fashioned storage shed look with the quality features of a modern shed.

The Backyard Wooden Workshop Sheds offer more cubic space per square foot of shed. Buy this wooden storage shed for great practical storage space.

Add some charm with a wide front overhang on the Saltbox Amish Storage Sheds from Sheds Unlimited. See our great Wooden Shed Prices and find out more.

The most spacious choice among all the Economy Garden Sheds from Sheds Unlimited. See our great Economy Shed Prices and find out more.

The Wooden Mini-Barn Garden Sheds

The economy Mini-Barn line from Sheds Unlimited is the easiest on the pocketbook of all the Sheds Unlimited backyard storage sheds and barns. But being the cheapest building in the line does not mean a diminishing of the quality of this wooden barn lineup. All of our BACKYARD WOODEN BARNS AND SHEDS come with the same quality guarantee provided with our vinyl siding sheds, classic garden sheds and barns, premier garden sheds and prefab car garages from Sheds Unlimited.

The Sheds Unlimited wooden barns from the Amish in Pennsylvania come standard with one window and a single or double door feature. The 30 year architectural shingles are another standard feature on all Sheds Unlimited wooden buildings. There are many paint color choices for the backyard wooden barns and backyard wooden sheds at no additional cost. And we deliver our carefully prefabricated wooden utility sheds anywhere in PA, NJ, DE, NY, CT, MD, VA and even a bit further beyond.

Call us today at 717-442-3281 and find out how we can build you a backyard wooden garden shed to meet your needs. Or visit our in-stock discount wooden sheds list where you will find the cheapest wooden sheds available from Sheds Unlimited. If you have any questions, please email us at or request a FREE ESTIMATE for the custom wooden shed or barn of your choice including delivery to your home.

If you are looking for an economical wooden tool shed, cheap wooden bike shed, wooden garden storage sheds, lean to sheds, a wooden shed workshop or a lawn mower shed, then look no further. Sheds Unlimited offers the options you are looking for in a backyard wooden sheds or backyard barns. And what is even better is that we offer 20 miles free delivery with our state-of-the-art shed delivery MULES. We deliver our carefully prefabricated backyard wooden utility sheds anywhere in PA, NJ, DE, NY, CT, MD, VA and even a bit further beyond.

Workshop Backyard Wooden Sheds

The Workshop storage buildings from Sheds Unlimited offer the most practical solution to our long line-up of prefab wooden sheds and barns. The economical prices of the wooden workshop sheds combined with a design to meet a variety of needs makes this line of WOODEN STORAGE SHEDS among our most popular. See the wooden storage sheds pricing and learn more.

The workshop sheds can be used as a wooden tool shed, a bicycle storage shed, a wooden potting shed, a cheap farm tool shed and much more. The 6’6″ sidewalls and the two standard windows with shutters combined with a double entry door make this a perfect model for a wooden lawn mower shed.If you are looking for a small wooden tool shed from the Amish in PA, Sheds Unlimited offers small wooden shed models in 6×6 and 6×8 for the smallest backyards. We also offer large wooden storage sheds up to 14×48 or 16×50 to make room for all the items you may have to store in such a large area.

The Workshop Amish Storage Sheds can be upgraded into a wooden car garage which can then be combined as a backyard wooden utility shed and a prefab car garage all in one. Or convert one end of a workshop shed into a wooden potting shed and use the front for the car garage you have been wishing for. Buy a wooden workshop shed as a swimming pool house for the backyard. This beautiful arrangement will add both spice and charm to the swimming pool area and offer practical solutions for storage and a swimming pool changing room.

All of our wooden workshop models are ready to be used as a wooden garden shed as well. The double doors (6′ buildings have a single door), two windows with shutters, a 30 year architectural shingle roof and the well-built floor will hold both your lawn mower and the garden tools that need a place to rest during the winter and off-seasons. Whatever your needs for a backyard wooden shed, call Sheds Unlimited today at 717-442-3281 or EMAIL US for more information.

Saltbox Backyard Wooden Sheds From PA

Step up from the basics of a wooden MiniBarn or Workshop and enjoy the added beauty of a backyard wooden Saltbox Shed from Sheds Unlimited. The Saltbox, also known as a Quaker Storage Shed offers an upgrade in aesthetic beauty with the wider front overhand and the wall configuration. The Saltbox storage sheds are the fanciest in our line of economy wooden sheds and barns for sale.

The backyard wooden Saltbox shed can also be used for a variety of purposes including a wooden garden shed, a concession stand, a wooden tool shed or a storage area for a lawn mower and winter storage area. Buy a Saltbox as a small wooden 6×6 shed for the backyard or go with a much larger wooden shed up to 14×50. The small backyard wooden sheds come with a 3′ entry door while the big sheds come with double doors and all include two windows with shutters to add a special touch and allow lighting into the backyard building.

Delivery is FREE within twenty miles of our location and all of our buildings are delivered with a Shed Delivery Mule to keep the front and backyard of our wooden shed customers as untouched as possible. Rather than driving a heavy truck and trailer into the backyard, we move the wooden storage sheds into place with a light weight Mule for no additional cost.

Delivery for our wooden tool sheds, backyard wood buildings, wooden car garages and two story wooden sheds is available to any town in Long Island, NY, Jersey City, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, Allentown, Harrisburg, Pottstown, York, Hanover and Scranton, PA, Edison, Trenton, Toms River and Atlantic City, NJ, Yonkers, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY and hundreds of other towns and cities within 350 miles of our manufacturing plant in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Call 717-442-3281 today to find out how you can have a wooden storage shed delivered to your backyard.

MaxiBarn Backyard Wooden Storage Barns

The MaxiBarn Wooden Storage Sheds offer the most inside storage space of any of the wooden sheds in the Sheds Unlimited economy line. The barn roof style allows for plenty of overhead storage space which will, with the addition of wooden shed lofts, give you plenty of room for the garden tools, swimming pool accessories and summer camping gear. See wooden sheds prices for more.

This line of backyard wooden storage sheds can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Add more windows and overhead lighting to convert this prefab wooden shed into a wooden garden potting shed, customize the wooden MaxiBarn to make a play shed for the children, add shelves and use the building for a wooden farm shed where you can store spray materials and farm equipment parts. Or consider a MaxiBarn building as a wood or vinyl car garage. The cheapest line of prefab garages is our economy wooden garages. But we also offer Classic prefab wooden garages, the Premier Garden garages and the wooden 2 story sheds and garages. All of these large wooden buildings have many customizing options available.

And if none of the models presented here meet your needs, you may want to consider a wooden lean to shed. We offer lean to sheds for delivery throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and beyond and they come standard with all the features and the same quality construction as our other wooden shed models. Call us at 717-442-3281 to find out the price of a wooden lean to shed for the backyard or under the deck.

Whatever you might be looking for in wooden garden sheds, please feel free to browse through our website and find the building which best suits your needs. Then give us a call at 717-442-3281 and request an estimate for delivery of our wooden storage sheds to your backyard. We specialize in making dreams come true and will do all we can to custom build a wooden barn or shed to fit your needs. Call us at 717-442-3281 or email us at

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