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Buy a 2 Car Garage with Attic Space and never run out of space! While you are in the process of installing a two car garage on your property, it makes perfect sense to add attic space in the roof area. Make use of the wasted space and store your summer garden tools, pool equipment and keep it out of the way. This means the first floor of your garage will be less cluttered and easier to keep organized. And all this for only a few thousand dollars. See our Two Car Attic Garage Prices and call our professional sales staff to get started with your own garage with an attic.

#8862 20×20 Workshop 2 Car Garage with Attic and Metal Roof in Lehighton, PA

#10471 24×24 Two Car Garage with Lean-To in Millersville, MD

2 Car Garage with Attic Space For Sale

What does the Attic Space Consist of?
Our attic 2 car garages feature a full stairway with a simple handrail, engineered trusses and a set of FREE Two Car Garage Plans for your building. These 2 Car Garages with Attic Space give you the space needed to keep the car parking area of the garage open but still have plenty of extra storage space in the garage. And best of all, your attic car garage will fit into the same area as a standard garage but just give you much more interior space.

The attic space on these garages for a workshop is usually half the width of the building and runs the entire length. So if you choose a 24×30 Attic Car Garage for two cars, the space in the attic will measure 12’x30′. The MaxiBarn 2 Car Garages offer even more space in the loft/attic area. Due to the roof designed as a barn, you will have much more height and width in a MaxiBarn Attic Garage. In a 24×30 MaxiBarn Garage, the attic area will be 16’x30′ and give you space to walk with your head up!

How much is the upcharge? You might be asking. Well, to move from a Standard Detached Two Car Garage to a 2 Car Garage with Attic Space is a small investment. On a 24×30 Workshop 2 Car Garage in Wood, the increase in cost is around $5,000.00 and for the MaxiBarn Two Car Garage with an Attic the upcharge runs around $6,000. So for only five or six thousand dollars extra you can have another large storage area in your prefab 2 car garage. Visit the pages to see the Standard Detached Car Garage Prices versus the Loft Two Car Garage Prices.

#10007 – 28×32 Workshop Garage with Attic in Smithfield, PA

#5883 28×28 Detached Garage Vinyl in Dix Hills, NY

#15124 – 24×26 Two Car Garage with Attic and Lean-To in Far Hills, NJ

#13266 – 24×28 Workshop Attic Garage in Lenoir City, TN

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